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Bigg Boss 8 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 80 (continued)
Dimpy says to Gautam that don’t we know what is happening, you did all but then if you say that you don’t feel anything for Diandra then you look bad, Gautam says I didn’t take her in washroom, Puneet says but you went with her, it looks like girl is serious and you are taking advantage of it, so you will look like villain, Gautam says now I will make everything clear to Diandra so that things doesn’t go overbraoud.

Day 8:00am
Song mein Khiladi tu anari starts playing, all inmates wake up and dances on song.
Pritham says yesterday we had party now we have to wash utensils, he sings and says everything is fine.

Upen says when Puneet was dancing, Karishma said you will have to wear mic or something, Ali says that was the most dumb thing in whole party, I felt like hiding my face, Puneet comes there, Ali says we have to share a comedy, Upen says you points will cut, you are not wearing mic, Puneet laughs, Puneet says it was luxury budget task and we did well.

Diandra is talking in English with Upen, announcer warns about it, Karishma ask who is using English, Puneet you use English alot,Puneet says first listen then speak, dotn have to allege anyone like this, Karishma says I am just saying, you don’t have to be rude, its like you are threatening me, Gautam says don’t take name of anyone when you don’t know, Karishma sys why you come in others problem Gautam, please mind you business, Gautam says she is provoking Puneet, Praneet says he has become calm but why are you fighting for him.
Ali says to Dimpy that when I was captain, I used to keep eye on everyone, but Karishma just shout without seeing, Dimpy says I told this before that Karishma is not good captain and now all are saying that. Pritham says to Upen that Karishma shouts a lot.

Diandra says to Praneet that all my friends said that Gautam is cute and genuine, trust him, I was okay, then feroz sir said that god bless you both look good together, then many liked how I answered for Gautam in court on weekend Ka Vaar, Praneet says you said rightly that what is others problem, it your matter, Diandra says audience is not stupid, they can see who is fake and who is not, Gautam comes there, Praneet stops him and makes him sit, he says can I give you advise as friend, Gautam says why not, Praneet says Puneet is 56years old, he is educated, Karishma was wrong shouting on Puneet, Gautam says she doesn’t even care that he is elder, she started shouting on him without even seeing who is talking in English, Diandra says Karishma is very aggressive in captaincy, I don’t talk to her, Gautam says arguing with her is like banging your head on wall, Diandra says yesterday she didn’t allow dimpy to dance, there was no rule as such that waiter cant dance, Pranet says she was wearing waitress dress, she served all even then Karishma was hard on her, she takes one point and keep shouting on it, Diandra says she is very annoying in captaincy.

Gautam says to diandra that people must think that something is going one between us, but we know that there is nothing as such between us, Diandra agrees.
Ali and Pritham talk, they talk about Diandra being open minded going in washroom with Gautam.
Diandra says to Gautam that I don’t think that I have to give explanation to anyone, but its all weird, Gautam says people will think that there is something going on if you hug me as a friend, Diandra says its all getting complicated.

Bigg boss praises both teams for their efforts in party task, he ask Karishma which team was good and won the task and why? Karishma says after thinking much I think Puneet’s team has won the task, as there was more team effort, their food presentation was btter, their party was more entertaining so I think Puneet’s team has won, bigg boss says congrats to Puneet’s team, Puneet says this is the first task which happened without any fight.

Gautam and diandra are in kitchen, Gautam says to her that you don’t have to feel bad, but I have to behave differently but the matter is that we don’t have anything between us, Diandra say yes, Gautam says the only thing is that you are open and it doesn’t look nice, that hugging, kissing, you understand that, its not bad but its looking like relation which is not, diandra says yes it was understood, Gautam says your friend said that we are a cute couple, what was that, Diandra says I cant control, you cant control, Gautam says yes but we can control ourselves, Gautam says I felt bad when sambhavna told me that my mother is upset with all this so my mother should know that there is nothing between us, you know, we even don’t know what is there between us, leave love and all, please don’t feel bad, I will be your friend but we have to think and maintain distance, Diandra says it was all open from my side and in end clap doesn’t happen from one hand only, now guests were saying that it was all fake but you know it was not fake, Gautam says no our friendship is not fake, don’t be upset, that’s it.

bigg boss says to inmates that today is judgment day so Karishma will first give someon a gift, bigg boss says Karishma can tell two names from winning team in luxury budget who will get advantage in start of captaincy task, Karishma says first Diandra as she did efforts to make this party entertaining, then second is Ali as he entertained many guests, bigg boss ask Karishma to read letter, Karishma reads that Ali and Diandra have been chosen by Karishma to get advantage in captaincy task so to select one from them, there will be task, there are two bowls placed in garden, Ali and Diandra have to transfer water from filled bowl to empty bowl with help of straw, the one who transfer more water in given time will be winner and he or she will get advantage in captaincy task.
Karishma says to Praneet that Gautam was last in entertaining list. Praneet says Puneet made food too, Karishma says that Ali didn’t know how to make food but he helped a lot.

Ali and Diandra starts the task, they starts putting water from filled bowl to empty bowl, Ali is doing more fast, Diandra is trying too, all cheers for them, Gautam hugs Diandra for doing task good, Ali wins the task by putting more water in bowl, Bigg boss says Ali will get advantage in captaincy task.

bigg boss says now its time for Karishma’s second judgment, in this task, Karishma have to tell one name from losing team in luxury budget task, that person will be nominated next week directly, Sonali is already nominated, Karishma is given sometime to decide for it, Ali says Praneet is gone now. Karishma walks in garden and thinks. Puneet says one atom bomb was thrown by America on Japan and now bigg boss have thrown bomb at Karishma, she cant decide, she is problem now, Praneet says to Pritham that we will be nominated, Ali says she will not nominate Upen, he was good in captain, Praneet says so what mistake did us do? that she will nominate me, Ali says you slept many time, Praneet says but I did many things in party.

Upen says to camera that I will fool ali now, he calls Ali to do workout, ali says yes I have to show my body to Salman sir, Ali starts jogging on jogging machine, Upen says do everything what I say, Upen says I will push so much in workouts that you will become good, Ali says don’t push me so much that my bones break, Upen fasts the machine, Ali says I cant do it now, I will fall, I am feeling dizzy, Upen says nothing will happen, he speeds up the machine more, Ali runs on machine, he ask Upen to stop it, Upen says its about to finish, he turns off the machine, Ali sit on floor and is is breathing high.

Bigg boss says now its time for Karishma to tell the name of person whom she want to nominate for next week, Karishma says Pritham and Upen did a lot of work so I nominate Praneet, she says sorry to Praneet, bigg boss says Praneet is nominated next week, Praneet says Sonali now we are high society, Sonali says nobody can nominate me.

Gautam says to Puneet that Praneet had to get punishment, if he was in P3G, he would have been saved as then we would have been nominated, thing is that he got nominated even after changing group.
Praneet says to Sonali that Pritham did a lot of work so she can take his name and she cant take Upen’s name.
Pritham says to Karishma that your decision was fair, Praneet says I did a lot of work too, Karishma says I agree, Pritham says Praneet did less work in task, Praneet says what did you say? Pritham says you are nominated, Karishma says Pritham complained about you 5 times in task, Praneet says I washed whole chicken for party.
Gautam says to Puneet that now Praneet will comeback to P3G, when they will get to know that now everyone will be nominated so now they will not fight with us deliberately, they tried to forcefully throw you out but now they will respect you.
Praneet says to Karishma that you must be sad that you couldn’t give punishment to the one whom you wanted to give (to PUneet and Gautam), karishma says shit, Praneet and Pritham laughs, Karishma says why bigg boss.
Puneet says to Gautam that judgment finished without our punishment, Gautam says whenever she shouts just give her a pause look.

Ali is busy in workout, Upen ask him to run, Ali says I am tired, Upen says ok its done, he frees Ali, Ali is all tired, he says Salman sir I am coming, Pritham says if you remain alive only then you will see Salman. Upen says to Pritham that Ali is mad behind Dimpy, Pritham says he is crazy, Diandra says its all drama, Diandra says Ali wants everyone to talk about him and that’s exactly we are doing, Pritham says she is right, he is doing all this for content, Karishma says Dimpy use Ali everytime and Ali let her use him, he is not brainless.

Karishma reads the tas, task name “OPPO smartphone task”, in this task, inmates will be divided in three teams, team will get Oppo N1 and Find7 phones, they have to click three photos, and present a story out of that pictures, after seeing pictures of three teams, Karishma will decide which team presented story more nicely, DImpy, Gautam and Praneet’s team will tell story of one person trying to run from this house (ali’s incident), Sonali, Ali and Puneet will tell story about revolution against one captain, diandra, Pritham and Upen will tell story of a inmate who cried for her make up.
Task starts, Sonali acts like slapping Ali (Praneet is imitating Ali), Puneet clicks the picture. ptherside Pritham wears a wig and wears female dress to become Karishma, he acts like crying for his make up, Praneet acts like climbing the house to show Ali’s incident. Diandra wears Puneet’s dress to show his reaction on Karishma’s make up rant, Puneet lifts Sonali in his arms to show Gautam’s dictatorship.

pictures are shown, fist Praneet is shown as ali trying to run out of house, Then Pritham is shown as Karishma crying for her make up, all laughs, then Gautam city’s dictatorship is shown in funny manner, all claps, Bigg boss ask Karishma who is winner of task, Karishma says I think team A is winner, Praneet’s team, hampers are given to Gautam, Dimpy and Praneet. gift hamper includes Nutella, Gautam opens it and gives first to Karishma, she eats it, Gautam says enough for today.

Praneet reads that Karishma’s captaincy is finished, now time to decide new captain, there will be new task, task name is “story of chair”, there is a chair in garden area, to become captain you have keep sitting on that chair, alarm will play which will indicate that 30 minutes are left in task, second alarm will indicate that task is done and that time who will be sitting on chair will win the task and will become captain, when one person sit on chair, you have to convince him to leave the chair, as Karishma gave advantage to Ali in captaincy, so that advantage is that Ali will start on chair first, Diandra says Ali you have loose motions, Ali nods, all laughs.

Ali and all comes in garden, Ali sits on chair, he as to give him socks and shoes, Pritham says don’t give him, Puneet says to Dimpy that now ask him to show love, ask him to leave chair for you now, Dimpy says when I ask him then he will leave chair for me, Praneet says lets see, Diandra ask do you need cushion, Ali says to Pritham that I will do my task, I will not even go to loo.
Diandra says to Puneet and Praneet that Ali wont leave the chair, he has got the chance of becoming captain after many days so he will not leave chair for anyone, he is not of anyone, not even dimpy, he will not leave the chair.
Ali ask Dimpy to stay with him, Pritham says why, she will go to sleep, did she came for you, she is here to play her game.

PRECAP- ali ask Dimpy do you want to be captain, Dimpy holds his hand and says I want to but if you want to make me captain only then I will become, I was not captain for once. Pritham says to Karishma that don’t give breakfast to Ali, we have to throw him, Pritham shows Ali water and says you need it, take it, stand up, Dimpy brings red chilli powder to apply on ali’s face, Ali throws it with pillow, Ali stands on Chair to protect himself so Dimpy sit on chair, Ali tries to push her off Chair, Dimpy says you cant touch me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Love u gauti…..nowadays u r vry disappointing..

  2. firstly I will say Gauti is not fake he is really a herooooo
    And atiba we miss you yesterday
    Don’t live bb8 atiba
    Plzzzzzzzzz u only write update
    We enjoy it reading

  3. Mudita, thanks for reading my comment and replying. But i really cant vote for Gautam anymore. The problem is that he changed his stance to “there is nothing b/w us” after a third person told him and he didnt clarified in beginning itself. Felt for Diandra (though shez nowhere close to d kind of ppl i like) when she said “all my frnds liked Gautam and Firoz sir said we both look gud together.”! She wl feel v.bad to knw wat gautam’s mom said and hw her dad was happy (in interviews) after she comes out! Girls never have it easy- that’s a fact! But aftr d way Gautam randomly changed he lost respect COMPLETELY!!! i voted 4 him frm d 1st time he was nominated, dats why feel more pathetic!

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