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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar holding Tara’s bracelet. He keeps it back and wears his sunglasses to hide his tears. Chand sees him. He observes silence for Tara. Abhiyankar meets Mohit Sharma, one of the best expedition leader in India and introduces him to Ramesh. He asks did he come alone, and not get Mrs. Abhiyankar. He says when we met in Lukla, you promised her that you will get her everytime, and she said yes, I heard she did a summit. Abhiyankar says yes, she did a summit, for the first and last time, as she died while getting down the Everest. Everyone is shocked. Chand holds Abhiyankar. Mohit says I m sorry Colonel, I did not know this. Abhiyankar asks is he going or returning. Mohit says returning, we could not do the summit. Mohit says its very tough, we cancelled the camp thrice,

the weather is very bad. Abhiyankar says the weather man is Gupta.

Mohit says he is best, we also tried, but felt why to take life risk, we will come next year. Ramesh asks about anyone doing summit. Mohit says very less, many accidents happened and many people died, every mountaineer wants to go Everest, they forget Everest is a big challenge. Abhiyankar says right. Mohit says few climbers are ready for Everest. Abhiyankar says my team is ready. Mohit says I m sure of it, many teams are back and some are stuck waiting for weather to get fine. Abhiyankar says we will try to complete it, but if weather is same, maybe we won’t complete the summit. Mohit says all the best to you and your team, and leaves.

Ramesh says Colonel I m very sorry, I did not know about your wife. He asks the expedition chances. Abhiyankar says 50-50. Ramesh says its not good enough for me. Gupta says you have good luck, if Colonel is with us, then summit success is with us. Abhiyankar says I wish this good luck worked for Tara. He says if we have Nima, nothing bad can happen, his four siblings died before his birth by some black magic, and then he was born and he is named Nima kokali, which means son of a dog, and wherever he goes, nothing happens to him, and black spirits stay away from him. They joke about him and laugh.

Chand says I did not go to Everest after it, I did not have courage, and you… Abhiyankar cries. He says she regarded you her son and even you have loved her as your mum. He says you also regret about her death as me, I know it Chand. Chand says she was not only a mum, but my everything, she saved a 12 year old kid from hell. Abhiyankar says I feel its my mistake, I should have not brought her here, Sharma was right, not everyone who goes on Everest is not ready for it. Chand says no, don’t think this, life and death are uncalled guests and no one can stop it. He says it was none’s mistake, not yours, not Tara di’s and not Everest. Abhiyankar says no, I will not forgive Everest like this.

He says I m fine, I m finding hard to forget. Chand says you took her to Everest peak, she might be happy. Abhiyankar looks at the mountains. The team walks ahead. Abhiyankar asks them to walk faster. Anjali asks Akash is he fine. Akash says yes. They all get tired of walking. Chand sings and plays guitar. Ramesh says can we take a break and they stop for a while. Abhiyankar says I know everyone got tired, the destination is near. He says you guys will go for date, and you forget everything when you see your GF after waiting for hours. They all laugh. He says its more happiness after reaching base camp.

Chand says Everest is not seen from base camp. Ramesh says what? Abhiyankar says just a shoulder of the peak, everything else is covered. Chand says Everest is not an easy thing, if its seen from base camp, why will they go on top. Anjali says I will be glad reaching base camp, imagine I will be at the base of Everest and see it, touch it. Abhiyankar says come on, lets move. They start walking again. He says we reached the base camp, and shows them. They all are happy seeing the base camp. Anjali looks on. Arjun says wow, Akash take a pic quick. Akash clicks his pics. Ramesh says yes, finally.

Anjali calls Sarita and Jagat asks her to come home, as Vidhaan’s family is coming to fix the marriage date. Shikha Maa asks Akash not to get late in admitting love. Sarita talks to Jagat about Anjali. Akash takes Anjali’s pics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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