Sasural Simar Ka 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baa says she figured about karthik’s hospital. she wanted to go to police so i shoved her off the cliff. What could i do ? She says she even didn’t stay calm after death ? didn’t she come with you ? i heard she became your friend and stays with you thinking that you will get her justice.
how can a sould get justice ? What did you thought you will bring thr truth in front of world with sunnaina’s ghost and we won’t do anything. We are so goo in the eyes of the world. Baa says after that mirror incident i got that sunnaina has came back to scare karthik. We arranges everything and when sunnaina was writing with that pen sunaiana was so happy that she was about to get done. I went to that room with Gandhi ji and he pushed her to vanish. She says to karthik we don’t have to do much effort so kill her.She will die easily. now you will never meet sunnaina again. You don’t have to cry for her. We are sending you there. baa says karthik take her where we killed sunnaina. They take simar in the car.

Baa says act normal vikran shouldn’t find anything unusual in the hospital. Vikran tries to call simar but her phone is not reachable. He says where is she ? She asked me to come to parking. Simar says to baa and kathik please let me go. baa says think about your family. What will happen to your daughter without. Vikran says simar where are you ? He says she would have answered if she was here ? he says i should look inside maybe she went in to seek help from karthik. he goes in. Baa asks siamr to get out of the karthik. Simar starts screaming vkiran’s name. karthik asks ward boys to bind simar”s mouth. baa says you know i like talking to you but you have to keep quite now. I have to surprise my son.

Scene 2
roli is so worried for simar. She says simar and sunaina’s phone are out of reach and vikran;s is not picking my call. what should i do ? Prem comes and says did you find sunnaina ? roli says vikran has gone to fins her. He says give me vikran’s number maybe he need my help. roli says in heart didi is so near to expose the truth. Prem shouldn’t go there. roli says you should stay with anajli i will ask sid to go there if vikran needs help. prem says okay but do let me know when you figure something. Its late i am going to sleep you should sleep to. roli says i can’t tell you jeju that your siamr is in trouble.

Scene 4
karthik and his men are hauling simar in. Vikran asks guard if he has seen karthik or sunnaina ? he says i went on round i just came back. He asks where is karthik’s cabin ? guard directs him to karth’s cabin. Karthik along with ward boys is pulling simar inside a room. Vikran says karthik is not in his cabin. He comes to the same corridor.
There, roli is praying for simar’s life. She says i think didi’s life is endangered.

Precap- karthik and his man have abducted simar in a room. Vikran sees kathik and baa but they pretend like they don’t know anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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