Saraswatichandra 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud shouting for the doctor seeing Saras shake. She tells Badimaa to see Saras. The doctor asks her to calm down and rushes to see Saras. Kumud cries. Guniyal asks everyone to have food. Vidyachatur says he won’t have food. Guniyal says Saras will be fine. Danny says he won’t eat. Guniyal asks shall I make khichdi for you. Danny says no. Guniyal sees everyone upset. She talks to Anushka and says for a girl, her marriage day is the biggest, I know what you are gloing through, once Saras is fine, we will do your marriage grand. Vidyachatur says yes, Saras will get fine and will do your marriage good. He says I don’t know, why Lord gave Saras this big punishment, why did this accident happen.

Anushka says this is not accidental uncle. Kabir asks what do you mean. Anushka says yes Kabir, it was a plan. Everyone is shocked. Danny says plan, whose? Vidyachatur asks what does she want to say, tell us. Kabir asks whose plan was it. Everyone ask her to say. Anushka says Rohit. They are shocked. Anushka cries. Kabir says your cousin? Anushka says yes, he is not my cousin, it’s a lie said to all of you. Kabir asks why did you not tell me before. Vidyachatur asks why did you keep quiet. Anushka says as he has kidnapped my brother. Vidyachatur says your brother, but why and when did this happen.

He asks why did he do this with Saras. Kabir says there are many question, tell us fast what is the matter. Anushka says I was happy when I came back here, I told my parents that I want to marry Kabir, everything is fine, but I went to take medicines and I saw Rohit, as he stopped my way. He came to talk to her and showed her brother Avinash’s pic in his phone, whom he has kidnapped. She confirms about her brother being kidnapped by Rohit. Rohit asked her to help him to ruin Desai house.

She says they are good people. He says I know, but I m very bad. So I was bad for them. He asks her to do as he says, till then her brother will be alive. She agrees to him, and asks is it any risk to anyone here. He says no. She says no one should be hurt. He says fine. She tells everyone she was scared but what happened with Saras today, I was shocked. Kabir says you cheated me, you risked my brother to save your brother. You should have told this before. Kusum says if anything happens to Saras then. Anushka says yes. Anushka says I did not have any option.

She says I was very scared, I did not know he has made his life killing plan, I did not know that laddoo has poison. She says that glass pieced were also laid by them, and I think I should tell Kabir, that I stopped thinking about my brother. She folds her hands and says I know you all can’t forgive me, but forgive a sister please. Kabir says never. Vidyachatur calms down Kabir and defends Anushka on why she did this. She says I think anyone would have done this in her place. Danny says yes, Kaka is right, Anushka should be forgiven.

Guniyal says yes, she is bearing this since many days, what we are bearing now. She says forgive her. Kusum says yes, she has told us the truth for Saras, anyone else would have not done so. Kabir says nothing will not happen to your brother. He says but, I will not leave that Rohit.

Everyone come to the hospital and asks Badimaa and Kumud is everything fine, as she sounded worried on phone. He asks the doctor. The doctor says Saras is out of danger now. Everyone smile. (Hurray, he is not dying, and not leaving the show hopefully!!) Badimaa asks can we meet him. The doctor says yes, don’t disturb him much. Kumud is tensed on meeting Saras. She says he got into trouble always because of me, and says what their enemies did to me. Badimaa says don’t say this, you know Saras can get conscious and will like to see you first.

Kumud cries and says I won’t go to see him. Badimaa says don’t think so, Saras can’t live without you, come. Kumud says no. Its my decision, I can’t risk his life. Kumud says I will be with Saras, but not infront of him. Its morning, Vidyachatur thanks the doctors for saving Saras and making him fine soon. The doctor says 5mins, ward boy will bring him. Saras comes on the wheel chair. Kumud hides behind the wall. Vidyachatur asks Saras, how are you son. Saras looks at them with blank eyes. They get puzzled by his reaction. Badimaa says Saras, you are fine now. Danny says yes Bhaiya, you will be fine.

Saras asks who are you all. Everyone is shocked. Vidyachatur says I m your Vidya Kaka. Badimaa says I m your Maai, I m with you, you don’t be afraid. Saras looks at them. Danny says Bhaiya, I m Danny and holds his hand. Saras takes his hand back and holds his head hearing everyone talking. He says I don’t know all of you. Everyone is supershocked. (Maybe Saras is acting to know the new enemy of Desai family, and to protect them!!)

Saras is brought Desai house and asks where is his home, can you find where do I live, so that I can go back.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. harshitha reddy

    hurrah…………saras zz nt dieng…….nooh probzz if he loses memry…….kumud hi na….nd haa happie dat anushka reveald truth nd every1 r wid her………i wish kabir understanzz her actlly….nd heartfuly…………

  2. luv u saras mene to sc dekhna hi chhod diya tha bt ab sure dekhungi

  3. ya rlly hppy saras 4 nt leaving the show…please don’t leave..luv u saras

  4. saras fan fan

    Thank god u r not leaving the show saras luv

  5. great thx ph and tar plus for bringing our saras back
    now doens’t matter what happen coz he is always on the show
    i know they will be back together just matter of time
    luv this new track
    thx guys and god bless u take care

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