Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shikha asks god why only her fate is bad that she cannot attend her brother’s funeral. She prays god to do a miracle and let her attend her brother’s funeral. Sunaina explains Mohanto that though that family did wrong to us, they have lost a young son and we should go and console them. Mohanto agrees and takes Samaira and Sunaina to Avinash’s home. Once Sudha sees Mohanto and Sunaina, she stops them from entering in and says she lost her son because of them, she does not need their fake concern, so she cannot let them in a. Samaira/Shikha comes and requests Sudha to let them in. Sudha hugs her and lets them in. Vineet’s body is taken then to perform final rituals.

Aditya gets a letter at his office by someone. He shockingly reads that Samaira is Shikha and she is present at Vineet’s funeral. Aditya asks receptionist who gave this letter. She says it came via regular post.

Aditya reaches home and does not find Samaira. Vineet’s body is set ablaze by Avinash at a crematorium. Aditya reaches there and sees Samaira there. He angrily asks her how can she come here. Mohanto comes and says he brought her. He apologizes Avinash’s family for his and his daughter’s mistake and asks for their forgiveness and leaves. Shikha apologizes her parents that she cannot hug her and cry in front of everyone. Avinash says she should think of her revenge. Shikha sees Neeraj there and apologizes her for her mistake. Neeraj says Vineet was like his brother and she alleged him to kill his brother. He says it is better to go from here now and leaves while Samaira pleads him not to go.

Aditya gets an envelope from his servant. He checks the letter sent by someone, pointing suspicion on Samaira. Aditya asks Mohanto, why they went to Shikha’s family. Mohanto says, Shikha’s brother was killed and Samaira insisted us that we shall go there. Sunaina also agreed so we went there. Avinash talks to Samaira and asks her to come home soon. Samaira asks him to take care of himself. Avinash says, Sudha isn’t eating and drinking. He asks her to come soon. Samaira says, she will come soon after getting Manav’s legal custody. Aditya hears about Arnav’s legal custody and asks what are you talking about. Samaira says, she got a call from abroad and was talking about Arnav’s custody. Aditya asks, do you have any relation with Arnav. Samaira tells him that she loves Arnav very much. I wants to become his legal mother. Aditya says, I am so happy that you takes care of Arnav so much. She doubts her.

Aditya asks the servant if he gets any letter on his name. He says no. Aditya thinks to wait. Aarya asks, what? She shows him the gift. Aditya thinks, the welwisher knows so much about him. He tells Aarya, from where she gets the parcel. Aarya says, she received by courier. Aditya opens the box and finds Shikha’s father pics with and without moustache. He thinks Shikha and Samaira can have similar face, but their fathers can’t have same face. He thinks to find out.

Samaira tells Neeraj that he is her friend. Neeraj says he is not great and whatever he did is for the love. He confesses his love for her.

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