Sasural Simar Ka 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli starts blowing trumpets.Fake roli’s head hurts and she starts fainting. she says if sid gets to know my truth i will have to remove his memory. i know that if i clean memory of someone twice their life is endangered. she covers her ears. Sid is already fainted. fake roli says stop it. roli says you wanted my husband i told you you can’t even touch him. you have given so much pain to my family now its your turn. fake roli says i will come in my real face if you don’t stop it. Roli says i don’t care i already know your real face. and you have vowed you can’t kill anyone. Fake roli says please stop it. roli breaks remote of music system. Fake roli says please stop it. Roli says go find the music system till then i am going to my husband.

Roli goes to room and sees sid faint on the bed there. She is in tears, she recalls her time with sid. she locks the door. she touches his feet. Roli lies down with him. She says sid, its been long. I am with you after so long. I will come back to this house and your life. i will get my spot back. everything will be like what i used to be. In this room their will be picture of you and your roli not this snake. everything will be okay. roli will be with her sid. I am promising you.

Fake roli is sick of the music. simar along with the whole family is watching her. She turns in to the snake, everyone is shocked. they are all hidden behind pillars. Everyone is scared.

roli lies down with sid. the snake is roaming in the living area, everyone is scared. She looks here and there. Simar says she will see all of them i have to stop her. she goes in the living area and says stop here i am. Snake goes towards simar. Everyone fears for her. simar is stepping back. simar turns off the recording of trumpets. The snake turns back in to fake roli. She throttles siamr and says i wont leave you sisters. Prem is going to save her but amar stops him and says it will ruin entire game. She will leave her, she has promised. Simar says your promise, fake roli leaves her and says i am bound due to that vow otherwise i would have killed you. simar says you are mad? still you can’t kill me. btw, how does it feel being bounded? this is how we felt when you played games with us. To be honest i feel so bad for, you still have time, leave our house, that is better for all. She says i will leave but i will take my sid with me. I will leave forever. simar i don’t think this is easy for you to win, because you have to fight from us as human, and God always supports the righteous one. after a lot of effort you couldn’t even touch sid. and my sister roli is with her husband right now. Fake roli runs upstairs.

Fake roli goes in and sees roli sleeping with sid. she says what are you doing here? get up from here. Roli ignores her. Roli recalls how sid held her hand in sleep. Fake roli says get up from here. roli says he is my husband. you can see the proof. first time i am seeing a snake calling a human her husband. i know his love. get me up if you can. fake roli says nice try but you can never be successful. let me remind you your real worth. Fake roli wakes sid up. Sid is shocked to see roli in his arms. She sits bewildered and says what are you doing here? how dare you to come in our room, don’t you know. what were you doing here? why you always try to come near me. fake roli says u gave her place in this house and saved her life but she came to our room. i don’t know whats going in her mind. She smirks at roli. sid says why are you quite? why don’t you answer me. why you did this.

Precap-simar says for our family, this is time of test and we will all face it. sid says like always. They hold each others hands. simar says her time is over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. today’s episode awesome

  2. Ya nice after long time at last entire family came to know fake roli’s reality

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  11. Shocking News Sara Khan is in #SSK till the end of the show

    i am going to stop…seeing ssk..i dont care from now…from 3 months i am irritated to see sara..worst face.. after hearing this news..i am totally.irritated…i cant see her any..more..this many days i thought…they her ..i wont see how..they end nagin..tarck..but what ssk.planning…if any news i see rosid..then i see only..rosid..not more..good bye..ssk..

    1. means rosid unite vl not be there till end of the show ah?

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  13. What???then is tis total ssk gng to end with tis nagin [email protected]

  14. some one said longback dat ssk gona end bt now in d wiki page its’nt shwng nythng as such..

  15. if sara is der till fr end of da show… it means dat is der no reunion of rosid ? but as fr da 15days chalnge if she loose she hav to leave sid and fmly… as fr tdy episode roli win da chlege definetly famly also know dat… den hw after 15days and till da end show… if incase it hapn means da ssk is endng… but without rosid reunion dis vl ssk nt gng end … but wt cvs are plng dnt no… its my opinion…. any one agry wit me…..

  16. supper

  17. very nice

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