Hello Pratibha 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunidhi shows her dislike for Namrita to her mother, her mother calls her an idiot and says she must take Namrita to boutique and earn from her. Sunidhi comes to Pushpa’s room, introduces herself as her younger bhabi and asks Namrita to come to her boutique, she will give her a discount.
Pushpa enjoys doing Holi’s preparations with Pratibha. Kaashi comes to Pratibha and asks she has put zeera in dough, who will put ajwain in it. Kaashi asks her not to do the talking. Pushpa asks Pratibha to have tea first, work isn’t running away. Pushpa says Kaashi can do some work as well, it will turn the food tastier. Kaashi leaves curtly. Pushpa takes Pratibha aside for tea. At tea, Pushpa asks Pratibha about Namrita, Pratibha says she is a bit efficient. Pushpa asks what does she mean, concerned. Pratibha says she reminds me of my childhood, but in our country weddings are between families, she just needs to be told about this a bit, nothing else. Pushpa says Namrita doesn’t know the difference about the two families, she has brought her back to India so that she can view the relations here; the world there is all together different. Pratibha asks who is the guy Namrita is going to marry. Pushpa says his name is Rishi, both met in US. He belongs here so they thought about marrying them both in India. Pratibha asks about the family, Pushpa says his father is Professor Shivanchi Gupta. Pratibha chokes at the name and asks if his wife is Sumitra. Pushpa asks how does she know, while Pratibha was so happy hearing this. Kaashi spied on them both. Pratibha says she is talking about Risho, he is her first maternal uncle. Pushpa asks really, both are happy. Pushpa says she was really worried how the family would be, but they are their owns. Kaashi wonders what a connection has taken place, she must do something now. Pratibha and Pushpa talked happily to each other.
Kaashi tells Sunidhi to come home if she has robbed that foreigner. Sunidhi says it seems she has robbed her time and peace, she didn’t like anything in boutique, she likes dresses like Pratibha. She is a traditional Indian by nature. Kaashi asks Sunidhi to come home soon, she has to say something important to her. Sunidhi asks what does she want to talk about, Kaashi tells her the whole story. Sunidhi enjoys and says this is a marvelous idea.
Mahen asks what is she saying. Kaashi says she was saying about the kids, it is house of wedding. She will make her heart understand but this party is important. She thinks she will now see in party who wins and who loses.
Pratibha tells Anmol that his Namrita bua is marrying Rishi. Sunidhi comes making an announcement about the Holi party. Anmol says he will upload a status. She sits and asks Pratibha to invite her maternal uncle and the boy Namrita is marrying to the Holi party. It must be a great surprise for Namrita, she leaves to invite her friends to Holi party. Pratibha takes the phone, thinks about what Sunidhi had said. Sunidhi peaks from the window, saying there will be an enjoyment only if they come.
Namrita comes to the Holi party, and wishes Pratibha a happy Holi. Pratibha was about to put colour on her face, Namrita says she didn’t do right, Mahen bhaiya is still not coloured and takes her to him. Mahen bends as Pratibha puts a tikka on his face and says Happy Holi. Mahen also wishes her. Sunidhi shows to Kaashi what Pratibha and Mahen were doing. Anmol asks about a selfie, Sunidhi says they have took selfie without her then cheers it is a golden chance that she must catch and takes a bottle in her hand.
She goes to the bar and sends the man away. She mixes the powder in a glass and take and watches Namrita smiling evily. She thinks why should Pratibha not taste it, and makes a glass for Pratibha as well. Sanjeev comes to her and asks what is she doing, Sunidhi says she was serving the guests and was waiting for him. He says she looks even more beautiful when she becomes responsible. The bottle still lied on the table.
Kaashi comes there, spots the bottle and says this is her chooran, someone has taken it. She takes the other tablets on the bar. Sunidhi brings two glasses to Namrita and Pratibha, Namrita asks what is it. She says this is thandai, special for Holi. She must taste it too. Namrita is about to drink it, then asks is she sure. Sunidhi says she must try it, it is delicious. Anmol strikes Pratibha, her glass fell off. She was about to drink the rest but Namrita snatches the glass from her and finishes it. Sunidhi says she will get to see the drama of the new friend of Pratiba.

PRECAP: Namrita dances in the Holi party. Mahen watches her dance with men and go to save her, slapping a man. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Sunidhi ,you and your monster in law are so evil.Ca n’t you two nothing else more than spike drinks.Do you both sleep at nights. Do you both pray?I cannot believe this—–You are trying to hurt innocent people but remember what goes around will come around.There is a pay day coming .

  2. Negativity can spoil pratibha relationship with member of d families…but ya. Its a show…a serial cant be without negativity in it..i don’t think they both will improve…,,they would be always after pratibha…

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