Bandhan 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everything settles down. darpan and raghav do the rituals of wedding. Raghav makes her wear the wedding garland and so does she. Kajal joins their clothes, Raghav makes darpan wear the wedding locket. He says because ganesh is here don’t think i will leave you. I will ruin lives of you brother and sister. darpan says your power can never weaken our relationship. Raghav says lets see who teaches other. Darpan says yeah lets see. He fills sindur in her hairline. Everyone claps, Pandit ji says now stand for the rounds. The groom will promise that he will protect her. Raghav says in heart i vow i will do so bad to her that no one will come to protect her. darpan says in heart i vow i will given them both so much pain. Raghav says i will give her so much pain that she will wish she had died 10 years ago. darpan says in heart i vow i will take your sleeps away. Pandit ji asks darpan to come forward. Darpan says in heart i vow i will give justice to my parents. I will ruin life of raghav and vishwas rao. raghav says its your welcome in your hell. Darpan says no good news will enter that house after my entrance. Pandit ji says its done. you both are husband wife now. Kajal hugs darpan and says congratulations. you both look so good together. Raghav says to darpan your worst time has started. Darpan says time will tell who is gonna cry.

Raghav touches bhao’s feet. bhao says you belong to my heart. you have started a new life from today. Ria is the new blessing of the house. she is your responsibility. you have to protect her. ragahv says yes ria is my responsibility, Everything she does will be taken care by me. As a husband i will assure that i become reason of all her glee. Bhao says final. Now my daughter in law will come to me. darpan recalls her parents, and the last time mahesh left. She recalls vishwas rao says i killed your dad and then your mom came in between and got killed. Shubha says ria go to him and touch his feet. Darpan smiles and bows down, she touches his floor instead of his. Bhao says long live. Raghav says you didn’t touch feet of my dad, i will bring you in his feet. Ria says baba pray that whatever i have prayed for this family gets fulfilled. Bhao says you will have it all.
Bhao asks a guy where are you taking this crops to? He says that brahmin kid. Bhao says what? He sees many men going in that direction. He says what kid is that? its ganiya.

Darpan and Raghav touch feet of shubha and her wife. darpan says you have taken a lot of care of me. I am leaving this house but i will always be yours by heart. Her dad says from now your new house i that. Raghav please pardon her if she ever makes a mistakes. Raghav says what about the mistakes i can never pardon and forget? They get shocked. raghav says i will give her everything, all the happiness. she will never come back to you. Shubha says why? He says i will give her so much happiness that she wont come back to you people.

Bhao asks his men who are they? he says you asked us to bring brahmin kids to pray with. two are done but this third kid is too heavy. He is so fat that we can’t balance him with food. Ganiya says i am just a little healthy not fat. My mom said vishwas rao has so much money and food that they can equal anyone. but i think she was wrong. Bhao says keep sitting there. there is no derth in vishwas rao’s house. We will balance you with food. Bhao’s men start adding more food but it doesn’t balance.

Precap-Ganiya says sometimes revenge burns everything. Think if you want revenge or justice. God is with good. maybe you have answers in front of you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Revenge really burns.Raghav and Ria /Darpan are playing a dangerous game and some one will get hurt.O ne can never get justice when revenge is taken.

  2. u r right rosey

  3. soon they’re gonna fall in love 🙂

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