Sasural Simar Ka 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Both teams are with equal scores in bahu no.1. The next and the fifth round starts. Kapil says this is the time to decorate yourself. Make your self better before your husband says go and call your owner. You have to choose your favorite dresses. They all select the dresses. Simar says there are no dupattas and blouses. Raju comes with a bundle of clothes. He says I am such a hard working servant. Kapil says my servant is illiterate. Kapil says you have to find your dupattas and blouse. You have to change in 3 minutes. Simar asks jhanvi will you do this ? She says yes. Bhagti has found the blouse. SHe says find the dupattaa and let me get ready. Roli find one too.

Kapil syas ladies take a lot of time to get ready. Me and my wife never reach a wedding on time. Mata ji and bua ji what you think whom will win this ? He calls mata ji and bua ji on stage. MAusi ji says I am not that old but I am experienced too. So can I come with jiji ? Kapil says yes sure.
Mata ji says in our times there were not much stuff. It was quite simple life. Mata ji says anyone can win this. All are my daughters I will be happy for all. Bau ji says I think bhagti will win this. Kapil says wow such confidence. Roli and bhagti get ready first. He syas wow roli you look good. She says why don’t you cheer your wife. She looks good too. Simar and Jhanvi come. Kapil syas roli and bhagti have the task. They are leading now.

Scene 2
Baba is in bed room. Doctor is checking him. He say to Juwala don’t worry I have given him injection. He will sleep for 5 hours.
He says my jhumki. Juwlaa says it was concealed before who is behind this condition of my son. Just watvh what will I do to you rolin bharadwaj.
Birju calls her and says I am taking roli with me alive.

Scene 3
Kapil says we are in the finale round now. His servant raju comes while dancing. host says tell us did you like his dance ? People cheer. Kapil syas wow I have been hosting this for hours and all the clapping for him. People cheer for him. HE says a good wife should know dance. She should be entertaining. Our final round is the same. You have to dance. The one who dance well will win this. As you know bhagti is leading. If Jhanvi and simar win the there will be tie breaker round.
Bahgti says how will jahnvi dance in this round/ Jahnvi wonders how will she dance. Siamr says we will dance and we will win for sure.

Scene 4
The dance starts. Roli and Bahgti dance on ‘nagary sand dhol bajay”. They are dancing well. Everyone is amused. They stop and everyone claps. Kapil says wow what a performance. Now its jhanvi and simar’s turns. They dacne on ‘maya ya shoda”. Jhanvi has becomes the man so she is just standing and giving expressions. Simar is dancing around her. Jhanvi is helping her out in a way that she doesn’t look odd. Everyone claps for them.

the two teams come on the stage. Simar and jahnvi have won the task. SO its time for tie breaker. Kapil asks audience who will win this competition. Mausi ji says jhanvi will win this. Bua ji says no bhagti will win this. Kapil says there will be anither competition fro you supporter no 1.

Scene 5
Birju and his men reach the place. Jahnvi and bhagti have been called on stage. Roli and simar are back stage. Roli goes to get herself some water. Kapil says we will ask bhagti and jhanvi a question and you will write it on paper. You will read out the answer and audience will vote you.’
My question is what are the three things a daughter in law should do keep a family united. Bahgti reads out her answer. She says true love, and believe in God, and work for family. Then its jahnvi;s turn. She says according to me most important things are, wit, money and love. Kapil says will you explain a little. Jahnvi says teachings make us better person and education make us successful. Money is important for basic needs and last but not least, its love. People clap. Kapil says such emotional and practical answer. People start voting.
A man comes to roli and says we have found a purse in the dressing room. Roli goes to check it. Simar stays there. Roli goes and checks in the room. sHe says where is the bag? Some some comes and places a napkin in her mouth. She faints. Some other men come in to get her up.

There at the stage host gives kapil a card. Kapil says decision is in my hand. According to votes the bahu no.1 is, Bua ji says in heart bhagti will win this. She ahs won the eharst and will become bahu no 1.
Simar wonders why is roli not back yet. Kapil says bahu no.1 goes to Jahnvi. Everyone stands up for her. Bahgti is so angry. MAusi ji says bua ji congratulations. Your bahu is bahu no.1. Sima is so happy for jahnvi. The men take Roli out.
Jahnvi has been given 10 lac cheque and trophy. Kapil says this is your turn now. I request all of you to respect your daughters and wives. They are the most important part of our family.He says goodbye to everyone.

Precap-Siamr goes in the dressing room to look for jahnvi, She wonders where can she go. ..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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