Saraswatichandra 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud coming to tell their problem to Prashant. He asks what happened. Saras says the society is not giving them NOC, which wants their marriage pic, which is in Ratnagiri, and his brother will send it by tomorrow. Kumud asks him to request to the secretary. Prashant says I can’t help you, he won’t give you the NOC without any proof, I m so sorry. Saras says its fine, its agent’s mistake, he should have told us. We will stay in hotel today. Prashant says you van stay here also. Kumud says no, thanks, we will manage on hotel. Prashant insists.

Saras says fine, we will keep luggage here, as I have to show my wife Mumbai. They thank him and leave. Saras tells the Prashant looks a good man, he offered us to stay at his house. Saras gets the agent’s call and he tells about the NOC problem. The agent says sorry, and asks them to go to a photo studio and make a fake pic. Saras asks why fake. The agent says if your marriage is real then why to worry, everyone does this. Sara says but, where to get marriage clothes. The agent says you woll get everything there, go and take the pic to proceed. Saras says fine, ok and ends the call.

Guniyal talks to Vidyachatur. Danny and Kabir call everyone in the hall. Danny says congrats, first bless us. Kabir says our meeting went on well, the client will give the deal to us. Vidyachatur says congrats and blesses them. Danny says we will get big order this time, Danny and Kabir give them sweets and makes everyone have it. Vidyachatur says Kumud and Saras got the new house. Danny says there should be a party. Anushka says it already started, here is the icecream.

She says I made this at home. Vidyachatur stops. Kabir says its good, else we can go to hospital. Anushka answers him. Everyone eat the icecream except Kabir. Vidyachatur makes him taste it. Kabir and Anushka look at each other. Saras and Kumud dress up to get the marriage pic. Everyone like the icecream and praise Anushka. She becomes glad. Danny says someone does not want to praise it. Kabir makes faces. Danny asks Kabir did he like so much. Everyone smile. Kabir says its good. Everyone is happy.

Saras compliments Kumud seeing her. She says wait, I have to wear jewellery. He says I did not get chance last time, but today I want to adorn you myself. She smiles and sits. Music plays……………. He makes her wear the bangles and jewellery. Kumud looks gorgeous. Mann ke dor………………plays……………..Saras smiles seeing her shy face. He sits on his knees and gives his hand. She says Saras………. He proposes and she says I will think and say. The photographer comes and asks are you ready. Saras says yes and goes.

Saras and Kumud act like getting married. The man compliments them looking so genuine. Saras says I feel I got married today when I apply sindoor and she becomes why like this. The man asks them to give a romantic pose. Kumud says no. Saras says I have to take such pic. He says please………… Saras holds Kumud and takes good pics together. Kumud says now enough. The man says him to take upwards and he will keep Saras’s pic in moon as if she is looking at him. Kumud laughs. Saras says it will be too much, leave it, thank you.

Kumud gets a call. Saraas goes to change. Guniyalk talks to Kumud and Kumud tells her that we are taking marriage pics as its someone’s marriage is society. Anushka takes the phone and talks non stop. Everyone look at her. Kumud moves the phone away hearing her loud talk. Anushka tells about Mumbai’s cool hangouts. Kabir pulls the phone line. Anushka still talks. Kabir shows her the line plug. He says do you always say or hear anyone too. He says if you are angry, go and have icecream to cool your mind.

Kumud and Saras come back to the society with pics. She hides the studio address and name so that no one can know. Saras says very smart, but the envelop falls outside and the guard gets it. He says they can’t fool us in my presence, I m an inspector in guard’s uniform. Saras and Kumud come to talk to the secretary and tells him we met in morning and gives the pics as marriage proof. The man sees it and says fine, sit here, I will give NOC. Saras and Kumud smile.

The guard comes there and tells him that the pic is fake. He says they have taken this pics at the studio and they left this proof near the gate. The secretary says such a big fraud. Saras says we are husband and wife but the agent said……….. The secretary says I hate lies, you will get NOC when you bring marriage certificate now. Saras says sorry and leaves with Kumud. The guard asks smart. Saras scolds him and asks whom do you think we are, we are husband and wife, so talk to us with respect. Saras says that foolish agent gave us this stupid idea and calls him angrily.

Kabir says I have to do something so that Anushka goes from here, only cockroach can shut her mouth, I will scare her that she will run Mumbai back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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