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The Episode starts with doctor giving Durga a surprise, of Payal’s drawing. Durga sees Payal, Nitya and Durga’s pic and smiles. Everyone clap for Payal. They bring the cake. Durga says cut the cake by blowing the candles Payal. Payal thinks about her last birthday celebrated with her family and thinks it’s the same cake she always had, her favorite one. Everyone think happy birthday to you. Payal wishes Nitya comes soon. Payal makes Durga have the cake and says Nitya Di. Durga says Nitya will come soon, I promise. She hugs her. Suchitra sees Dev looking at Durga’s pic and asks why are you doing research on her.

Dev asks was she in US, I feel I met her before, I know her. The doctor asks Durga to think again, as Payal is happy, why does she want to take Payal from here. Durga says people are after Payal which you don’t know, I m very sure we have to shift Payal soon. He says fine, I will make the arrangements. Suchitra talks to Dev and says you explain me. Dev says its Payal’s birthday today, I was missing her and went to make a similar cake. She smiles and says no one can have such cake. He says when I went to cake shop, someone ordered same cake, and for Payal.

He says it was Durga who ordered it. She says its coincidence. He says she came there and I followed her, I missed her. He says there is some connection between Payal and Durga, once we get Payal, we will get Nitya. Suchitra asks him not to dig the past as his family will be upset. He says don’t worry, the good news is I m not going back to America, as I want to be with my family. She gets glad and says I wanted this to happen. She says I m afraid if you stay here……… She says I won’t think anything and hugs him.

He thinks he won’t break her trust, but he has to find Payal and Nitya and maybe Durga can help him. Durga dances in her room. She thinks about Payal. She brings anger in her dance thinking about Dev and the Goenka family. She thinks Dev is a liar, why as he following her and on whose saying, which trap is he making. She gets Akash’s call. Akash says good news, there is a lead in Ganguly’s video about Nandini, she is his student and I found out they are having an affair.

He says he is using Nandini. She says yes I understand, I know Ganguly is what kind of man, he is a creep, I can’t expect anything from him. She asks him to expose Ganguly.

Shaurya plays squash with his friends. Rishi gets tired and stops. Karan says great Shaurya, you are playing like champions how. Shaurya acts heroic. He is shocked to see Dev there. Dev smiles and comes to them. Shaurya asks you here, did you come to play squash. Dev says no, you all play, actually I want Durga’s number. Karan smiles. Shaurya says Durga? But why? Dev says I have some work. Shaurya says fine, you made me lose in rifle shooting, lets have a squash game, if you win, I will give you the number, if you lose, then I m sorry.

Dev says I could take the number from anywhere, but I don’t want to turn you down, so lets play. Karan says Shaurya is in good form today, all the best. Shaurya says all the bets brother. They start playing. Karan says Shaurya will lose. Rishi says Shaurya can hear this. Shaurya loses to Dev. Dev smiles and says last point, show me your talent. Shaurya steps back. Dev asks what happened, are you accepting defeat before the game ends, come on. Shaurya says no, I don’t have the mood to win today, take Durga’s number.

Dev thanks him and says your excuse was very good. Dev leaves smiling. Karan says Dev was excellent. Shaurya gets angry and says why does he want with Durga. Sagarika is a good woman who works for women welfare and solves their problem. Her mum asks her not to get involved in this matter. Sagarika says you are lucky to have a husband like Ganguly, he taught me to fight against injustice. Sagarika takes the woman to the police station. Durga and Akash sees this on video.

Durga says Sagarika is a righteous girl and completely opposite of her father. She says I m feeling bad that I have to break Sagarika’s heart, as she is proud of her dad not knowing his truth. Akash says how to expose him. Durga says we have the weapon to use against him, its in his house. She says you have to find out when will Ganguly and Nandini meet next and where. He says fine, I will find out and leaves. Durga gets Dev’s call and is shocked.

She thinks about him and says fine. She ends the call. She says I will meet you Dev, I have to find out why are you following me. Dev comes to meet Durga at her home. She asks whats the important work you have with me. She says I have meeting today. He says I want to meet Payal. She is shocked and looks at him.

No Precap

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