Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Uma is so happy. chachi ji asks her why is she glad today ? She says because mata ji has allowed pari to manage the shop. She will surely add my sweets in her menu. Chachi ji says get the dinner ready it can be demanded anytime.

Scene 2
Simar asks roli what happened there ? Why are you so late? Sid comes and says that i will tell. she impressed my boss in first meeting. When he leaves she tells mausi jia d simar that meghna and shaureya arrived there. And i said yes for wedding. Mausi ji says don’t worry this was all our plan. She did our help all we need now is to be careful.
There shaureya and Meghna are celebrating this wedding approval from soniya.
Simar says that now janvi will tell all the people in wedding place that what shaureya did to her.
Mausi ji says that i ma so worried after listening about this real soniya. Who knows whe will meghna go there.
Roli gets a call from meghna mausi ji receives the call. Meghna says i wanna talk to soniya. It is urgent. She gives her phone to Roli. Meghna says that we have to do all the rituals i am planning about roka. Tomorrow at your house. Roli is out of her mind after listening this. Meghna says that you don’t have to be worried i have done all the things ready. I know you are a traditional woman. We are coming your home tomorrow along with my brother for Roka.
Roli says what will we do now. Roli says i can’t do this anymore i can’t cheat on siddhanth anymore. We planned that we won’t be in some wedding rituals. Mausi ji says we are all with you don’t worry. Mausi ji says we want just a place to enter soniya’s house. simar will plan the rest. Simar says how will I.

Scene 3
Sid is looking for Roli in his room. Roli comes in and she hugs sid. Sid asks are you worried about something ? She says no. Roli remembers mausi ji telling her to ask his and soniya’s schedule. Roli asks how is the new job? He says hectic. We have three meeting tomorrow. With a lawyer and that one is most important. We will be leaving for it early. roli thinks her mind that sorry sid ji i have to tell you a lie once agian but i know how much you love janvi. you won’t bear what happened to her.

Scene 4
Next morning everyone is on breakfast table ? Sujata asks Roli why is she looking worried ? Roli says no nothing is like that i just woke up earlier. mata ji asks where is pari ? Paro comes up and says to mata ji that its her first day she needs her blessings for it. Pari says i have searched on internet all night about my work. Uma says wow you are talking like professionals on the very first day. She says i have made your favorite bread. She says i am getting late. She takes one and is about to leave but achna stops her and says have this lunch for your day.

Scene 5
Sid says to Soniya that they have to talk to the previous project head who is his your uncle. She says no we won’t talk to him. Sid says we should be professional in this matter. We will never talk to him, says she. Sid says but we have to think fro mind not from heart in these dealings in order to minimise the loses.
Butler gives the phone to soniya and says that here is a call from lawyer’s offices. its actually mausi ji she says that they have a meeting today at 8 o’clock. Soniya says that the meeting was cancelled. mausi ji says yeah but now his other meeting is cancelled so you have the chance i mean he wants to meet you now. Soniya telss sid that they have to leave now they just have half an hour.

Scene 6
Uma is waiting for pari to get back home so she can talk about her recipes. Pari comes and uma asks how was your day ? Pari says working there was hard.Uma says i can help you by making different sweets for your shop. Pari says can we talk about this later i am so tires. Uma says okay go i will make you a tea.

Scene 7
Soniya and siddhanth leave and Mausi ji, janvi, simar and roli enter there. Mausi ji asks roli why is she so worried? Roli says that i lied to sid last night and i don’t feel good in this. Mausi ji says that we are doing this all for janvi and her future. he will understand and appreciate if he gets to know that.

Precap – Mausi ji and janvi hide behind a bush and janvi and simar are on drive way when they see Soniya obroye’s car coming towards them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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