Meri Bhabhi 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 5th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone asking Kamini to have dinner at Kittu’s house. Anand requests her and says I have full right to stop her. Kittu insists and Kamini agrees. Everyone sit for dinner. Shraddha serves food to everyone. Dhruv asks Shraddha to serve Kunal. Mummy sends Shraddha and serves Kunal. Dhruv asks Kunal will we play video game. Kunal says after we have food. Kunal looks at Shraddha and tries to talk to her. He makes cold drink fall on his clothes and says it was my mistake. Purshottam asks him to go and clean it. Papa asks Shraddha to go with him. Kamini says I will go with him. Purshottam says he is not a kid, he will do it yourself. Mummy sends Dhruv with Kunal.

Ashish asks where is Ishaan. Papa says I will go and see him. Kittu says Shraddha will go and call Ishaan. Kunal cleans his clothes. Kunal sees Shraddha while talking to Dhruv. Shraddha comes to Ishaan and says everyone are calling you for dinner. He says I will have food after everyone leaves. He says Kamini was looking at you angrily but it was Kunal’s mistake. Shraddha asks Ishaan to come. He says I won’t. Shraddha says lets go Dhruv. Dhruv says I want to play with Ishaan. Kunal says let him play, he will dine later. Shraddha leaves from Ishaan’s room and Kunal goes after her.

Kunal stops Shraddha and says sorry for coming in middle of her puja. He says actually I did not know you was doing a puja. She says its ok. She says it was not your mistake, I was not doing puja, I was just teaching Dhruv, so don’t feel bad. She starts going and he stops her again. He says actually I had to tell you something. He says don’t you think there was some other reason why i came in the middle. Think why I came on that time when you were seeing the moon. He says think about it. He says the stars and the moon made my timing perfect. She says yes, you are right, but it was your watch’s timing and it was wrong. She leaves. He says now its fine. She stops. He says when we are together… this timing is perfect.

He says I want to tell you that…. She asks what. He says that… I….. Kamini asks Kittu to see where is Kunal. Purshottam says he might be here and there, Papa says its his house. Kittu says I will go and see. Mummy is tensed. Kunal asks Shraddha to tell something. She says everyone are waiting for us. He says I was saying that the time is right. She says shall I go now. He stops her again and says the thing is very simple, I wanted to tell you that I…. Kittu comes and interrupts and he stops. She asks him to come. Shraddha leaves. Kunal says the time is not right. Kittu asks what. Kunal says you don’t understand. Kittu says lets go, mum is very angry.

Kamini sees Shraddha coming and is angry. Papa asks her where is Ishaan and Dhruv. Shraddha says Dhruv is playing with Ishaan. Kamini scolds Kunal. Shraddha talks to Papa about Dhruv. Dhruv is with Ishaan playing video games and Kittu comes with sweets. Dhruv says I will go and call Kunal. Ishaan says I m playing with you, don’t call Kunal. Kittu asks Ishaan to have sweets as they have not taken dinner. Kunal meets Shraddha in the kitchen. He says my talk was incomplete. She says don’t bore me. He stops her and says now no disturbance, only our talk. Kittu comes there and Kunal says wrong time again. Kittu asks Kunal what is he doing here. Shraddha says he was going to play game with Dhruv.

Shraddha leaves and Kunal goes after her. Mummy tells Papa that I will go to my room with Kamini to have some talk. Papa and Purshottam agrees and says we know you will be backbiting about us. Mummy laughs and takes Kamini with her to her room. Mummy talks to Kamini about Kunal and Shraddha saying there is nothing like you think. They hear Kunal talking with Shraddha in the garden and are shocked. Kunal tells Shraddha that I want to talk to you. Shraddha says you are not saying anything, stopping me everytime. She asks what is this. Kunal says you might have understood what I want to tell you. Mummy and Kamini are hearing and looking at them.

Shraddha asks I understood that I won’t listen to anyone, and I have many problems in my life which I have to tackle. She says you don’t increase my problems. Mummy is proud of Shraddha seeing her leave. Mummy taunts Kamini and says did you see what happened. She says you told me that Shraddha is after Kunal, but the fact is Kunal is after her which you have see. She says my daughter and I won’t listen anything against us. She warns Kamini and asks her to stop her son. She says my daughter wants to live with pride and I won’t bear anything against her. Mummy smiles.

Kamini cries talking to Kunal. He calls Shraddha and says I love you Shraddha.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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