Madhubala 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tries to get up from bed..and manages to stand with great difficulty ..! He looks at himself in the mirror

He worries for Madhu ..n decides she should not find this out..

Sikky comes to him …and is teary eyed.. ! He expresses his grief on his condition!

He seeks forgiveness

Media are at RKs home lobby ..! Security ..asks them to leave but they refuse! Madhu comes..they ask her all sorts of questions..!

Security pushes them away …and Madhu hears last words that .. what do u have to say about RKs condition??

Pabho is pacing in the hall n says.. what magic has she done on RK? He only wants her? And she is such a manhoos.. she is always causing problems for RK..she rues..dunno why its like no one exists between Rishbala!

She turns n sees Madhu enter.. .n she stops her n asks how did cops let u go free? Madhu says wanna meet RK .. n Pabho says wont let u meet him ever.. u have snatched all from him .. his luck.. his success.. his destiny ..! Madhu says ..dun say this.. i love RK .. can do all for him! Madhu asks to let her meet him..!

Pabho says never.. ! Madhu requests Radha. .but she turns her face away! Pabho asks Madhu to get lost! Madhu says RK needs me! Pabho says.. never.. she has destroyed RK ..n the more she stays with him. .he will be more destroyed.. will throw u out of this house n RKs life today! Madhu says no.. no one can separate me from RK . .n no one can separate me from this home either! Pabho says.. i will throw u out right now..! Pabho drags Madhu ..n RK says ENOUGH! RK says Madhu wont leave this house n go..!

Pabho tells RK that Madhu has to leave today at any cost..! RK says.. woh mujhe kya barbad meri zindagi hai..? He says..if u care so much..throw out the real culprit! Pabho asks who is it? RK calls Sikky ..!

Dips says what crap? RK says the truth of ur hubby! Sikky confesses..! Radha – Dips fumes on Sikky ..! Sikky seeks forgiveness ..! He says others are part of this plan..! He takes Kuku n Amars names! Kuku turns around! Sikky reveals all .. Kuku keeps denying all ..!

Part 2

Kuku tries to convince Radha n she says enough.. is enough. .big mistake that i married u.. n let u stay here.. !

She rues that thot i gave RK a father by marrying u but .. this is what u did? RK din accept u as a father but u too din act as a father!

Cops arrive!

Part 3

Kuku asks for another chance from Radha. .n Radha tells take them away! She turns to look at RK but he is gone!

All leave the hall .. n Madhu watches..!

Precap – Madhu back hugs RK n says..what is this.. like a bad u get well fast..! She asks RK to speak.. and turns him around but he loses balance n falls on the bed..! Madhu notices his right part inactive..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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