Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says don’t ever come here. it was my mistake that I loved him. I always wanted him to be happy. I wanted God to give my happiness to him. I didn’t know that the person I trust blindly doesn’t trust me at all. What happened to you prem ji ? You accused me insulted me. You married surbhi in front of me. and you came here to listen to me. everyone is shocked. Simar says you didn’t bother to know how was I in these two years. Didn’t you wonder why I lived away from you and family. You didn’t notice my tear and pain. if you don’t care at all then why should I tell my problem to you ? I don’t wish to clarify myself in your eyes. If you’re happy in your new family you can stay there. I will never come moaning to you. You and your family all are involved in doing injustice to me. No one asked me what is the matter. why I stayed away from everyone. Now I will decide if I was the daughter in law of that house or was. roli says didi.. simar says you won’t intrude today roli. simar says a wife considers her in laws her everything. she does everything for them and the same family throws her out just for one mistake. She doesn’t get one chance to explain. They calls her daughter but never considered her. if they did they would have asked me why I did this ? but no one stopped me. I was thrown out in storm. I kept crying at your doorsteps but no one came there even out of humanity. This man helped me in that difficult time. You can accuse me of anything. I don’t want to give you any kind of justifications. You gave my place to surbhi. So today this is my decision. she goes back in. sid says stop siamr. RPem says lets her go. prem says you called me here to see all this. Roli says what have you done didi ? What are you saying? simar says I have cried a lot but I won’t beg for pardon anymore. I wont be punished for a mistake I never did. She says to prem you accused my motherhood if I have given birth to Anjali I have brought up sanju. They are both my daughter. Ifa mother’s love is a lie for you then you can leave. Prem says you broke this relationship. simar says you broke this relationship last night. my deicison is that I break up with you forever. Everyone is dazed. Prem leaves. Roli says this si wrong sid. Sid runs after prem while roli after simar. Surbhi comes there. prem says I came here because my heart wanted to give simar a chance. Simar has changed in these two years. this is not the simar I used to know. she would never talk to me like that. prem says thank God family didn’t see her like that. Sid says please give her a chance. RPem says no relationship is left. That’s what she said. now even if she wants there will be nothing between us. Prem turns to surbhi. He leaves. Surbhi follows him. sid says what should I do ? vikran says I will talk to simar roli don’t worry. He says why did she talk to prem so rudely.

Scene 2
Surbhi comes to the room. Prem says I went there because sid asked me to. Surbhi smiles and says you didn’t get me. I was there because I was worried for you. when sid called you I saw that you were worried when he asked you to meet simar. All that happened there was wrong.simar shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Prem ji I want you to promise me that you will never meet simar again. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want her to hurt you again and again. Prem says dont worry only those give the pain that are close to heart. For simar there is only hatred in my heart. Prem leaves. Surbhi says i’ll bring your smile back.Scene 3vikran says to simar please try to understand prem. You should understand. Anyone would have done the same. He leaves. Simar stands up and locks the door. Sunnaina comes out of her body. Simar faints. Sunnaina says simar forgive me. Sunnaina recalls when roli came to meet simar sunnaina went inside her body. Simar stands up and says sunnaina.

Precap- simar says to roli why didn’t you help me when everyone was throwing me out. Prem has to come here and apologise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What a sunnain rewards for simar!!! Really disgusting!!!

  2. Wat the hell is this sunaina doing

  3. what the hell going on.what did suniana want wheather her daughter future or simar ka respect back.i dont get this yaar.but one think was really superb the question of sunaiana.she is right no one from simar family support or give her chance to say the truth or listen to her.they r selfish people except sid and roli.handoff for such wonderful ques dare prem do this.he dont deserve simar.thank for update.

  4. I hv flng dat surbhi is a negative character

  5. Writerssss.!! This is not sasural surbhi ka.. this is sasural simar ka..

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