Piya Basanti Re 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kabeer coming home and seeing his whole family present at home. Neeta and Savita ask him why did he do that, baa also backs them. Kabeer says a girl’s dress was torn by him, so he bought her a new dress. Savita asks if he is telling lie. He says no. Neeta asks to make an oath on her. He says why should he. Mahesh asks if Priya Patel is his girlfriend. He says she is not even my friend, says Savita and Neeta if anything like that would have been there, he would have informed them first. They both apologize him, he says okay. He then reminisces Priya not accepting his dress and says if a drama can happen in my house, then it would have been a bigger drama at her home. Mahesh and Savita’s husband taunt both Neeta and Savita for their mishap. Geeta silently watches the whole drama.

Geeta reaches home and sees Priya stitching her dress. She sees Geeta tensed and asks what happened. She says she is worried about her as Shah family was talking about her and tells her the incident happened. Priya says it is not a big issue. Geeta says they are rich people and a big issue is small for them and for us a small issue is big, so she has to be careful. Priya asks if she does not believe her. Geeta says she believes her more than herself, but not on her fate. She asks her not to do anything with which she should feel ashamed in front of the world. Priya says she will not do anything and will make her proud in front of whole world, says after next year she will work and let her rest, will return the happiness she sacrificed for her. Geeta gets dizzy and is about to fall, Priya holds her and takes her to rest. Geeta says she is fine and nothing to worry, she asks her husband to tell their daughter not to worry about her and concentrate on her studies. Priya says she will prepare food and informs about her interview in college for internship. Geeta gets happy hearing that and says she will celebrate after she gets job.

Geeta gets dizzy and falls on the road while walking. A biker runs over her leg and runs. People gather around her. Kabeer who is traveling in his car identifies and takes her to the hospital.

Priya gives interview. Interviewer asks why she wants to do internship. She says it will serve as a pillar for her career. She gets a call, but ignores it and continues with her interview. Interviewer says maybe with this internship, she may get less marks in her exams and may not get permanent job. She says whenever she will feel like that, she will leave the internship. She comes out of interview and sees her mom’s miscalls, calls back and is shocked to hear about her accident, runs to the hospital.

Geeta wakes up in the hospital and sees Kabeer standing in front of her. She sees her leg plastered and asks what is it. Doc says her leg bone is fractured and she has to rest for 1.5 months at least. Kabeer says 1.5 months will fly soon. Geeta asks Kabeer to leave for his college, else she will feel bad. Kabeer hesitantly agrees and asks doc to take care of her. Priya hurriedly comes searching her mom while Kabeer walks out, busy with his mobile. They both don’t look at each other.

Priya reaches Geeta’s room and starts scolding her. Doc says she is telling right and says she has low BP and if she would have rested, this would not have happened, asks Priya to let her rest for 1.5 months and to give her medicine on time. Priya asks where to pay the fees. He says a boy who brought her paid the fees. Geeta says Kabeer brought here here. Priya gets impressed with Kabeer.

Precap: A mysterious lady comes to Geeta’s house.

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