Baawre 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra thinking about Yamini’s words, that he has stopped Azam and Shaheen’s engagement and she is ashamed of him. She will lead her life herself now. He says what did I do and realizes his mistake. At the haveli, Azam is irritated on her poverty. Nikumbh comes and asks whats going on, its your engagement re planned tonight. Azam says because of your villain, everything is not planned. Nikumbh says he has done everything, don’t worry. Azam says I did not buy the engagement ring, I don’t have money. Nikumbh laughs and says I got the advance from the minister and you are director of my company, you can come with me to buy the ring. They leave.

Raghavendra comes to Yamini’s room and misses her. He gets her diary and Yamini always caring for him and always agreeing to her dad’s words and dreams. She did not care for her wishes and desires, she did not had any friends. She writes many things about him, how she followed him always, suppressing her feelings and only caring about him. He feels bad and understands Yamini now. She writes her belief in her dad, he thinks the best for me. He cries reading her diary and looks at her pic.

Shaheen asks Yamini to help her in her engagement dress selection. Yamini says I m sorry for what my dad did. They have a laugh. Raghavendra comes to meet Yamini. She asks him not to create any trouble today, I told you don’t have any right on me. Nikumbh asks her to hear her dad once. Raghavendra apologizes to her for not understanding her, he is a bad father. He speaks his heart out and admits his mistake. He folds hands and apologizes to her and Nikumbh. He asks them to understand him, and make him a part of their life.

He says he was always wrong as he did not identify a person by his goodness. Everyone is happy. He says he wants to give some happiness to them. Nikumbh says its fine. Yamini thanks him and smiles. He hugs her. Everyone smile. Raghavendra welcomes Shaheen’s dad happily. He thanks her for understanding Yamini. He says I heard Nikumbh is a very nice guy, he will keep Yamini very happy. Nikumbh teases Azam. Everyone look very happy in the engagement. Azam’s mum thanks Shaheen’s mum for honoring Azam by selecting him for Shaheen. Shaheen comes and Azam says your bahu Shaheen came. His mum likes her a lot.

She blesses Shaheen. The engagement is done as they exchange the rings. Raghavendra talks to Nuikumbh and apologizes for his bad behavior with him, I don’t think you can forgive me, but please try. Nikumbh says he will also worry like this when he gets a daughter. He touches his feet and hugs him. Yamini smiles. Raghavendra sees Yamini happy. She hugs him and thanks him. Raghavendra calls Sumitra and Nikumbh touches her feet. They take a family pic. Nikumbh holds Yamini’s hand and says he has to show some surprise. He takes her closing her eyes and shows I love you written by candles aligned. She smiles loving it.

He confesses his love once again. He sits in his knees and proposes her with a rose. Music plays………………..He says he wants to marry her and he promises he will always keep her life bright, I love you Yamini. She takes the rose and accepts his proposal. He says he does not have words to express his love. He says you complete me, don’t go anywhere. She hugs him and says you taught to hear my heart, I love you Nikumbh. Bhatak Le Baawre………………..plays…………………

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