Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Viru confronts the doctor as to what happened to him, as he went completely out of connection, as his secret is with him. The doctor assures him that roli is dead for sure. Viru says that who could that person be then, if roli is dead. the doctor assures him that roli is dead and not alive, and somebody is impersonating her at home. Viru leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house and on the road
Khushi is very happy when she hears what viru told her. They decide a plan to concoct a plan together, for which he would have to go to the place where prem and simar went for holidays after roli died. when viru excitedly asdks for the name of the place, emphasising its importance, but khushi, for her life, cant remember which plac eit was. She decides to hang up, think in peace and then tell him which place it was.

Prem asks simar if what they are doping is right, and if their plan would succeed. simar says that he shouldnt bother, as the step for family’s well being cant be wrong. But they neglecting one person in all this, who is in great pain, and thats sid. Simar tells prem, that for sid, jhumki is his roli only, and therefore its very wrong for them to put him in this spot. She says that he has thought that roli has come back, and wants to get close to her as much as possible. She says that she has decided, thinking about what would happen when he finds out the truth, that she would tell sid the entire truth. Prem says that he too feels bad, but they cant do anything, as viru and khushi are after jhumki, to find the truth about her. but simar is adamant that they would tell sid about it.

As jhumki wakes up, she finds herself surrounded by the family members, who ask her about her health. She is confused but says that she’s alright. Seeing mausiji tensed, jhumki asks what happened. mausiji says that she’s doubtful if she can do the next puja. Jhumki asks which puja, expressing excitement and eagerness to do the same, and what would she have to do, for the wellbeing of her family. mausiji hesitatingly tells that she would have to fast all day, without any fruits even, to compensate for the bane that she brought upon today, unintentionally. Jhumki is surprised.

as simar and prem come in sid’s room, they find sid tensed. Prem tells simar not to be tensed, as when they have thought of telling him the truth, they should muster the courage also to do the same. simr, while walking towards him, is boggled as top how to put it in front of sid. They reach upto him, and nuzzle him. sid wakes up surprised. prem says that they need to talk to him about roli. As simar begins, sid says that they shouldnt bother themselves over him, as he’s alright. She might not be recognising him for now, but soon she would recognise his love. He says that its enough for him that his roli is alive and in front of his eyes, and nothing can beat this feeling, as he can sleep peacefully at nights, contradicting to how he used to spend sleepless nights before. He assures them that he’s fine. Prem hugs sid, while simar motions that they shouldnt talk. mausiji, looking for them comes towards her, and says that she just looked at roli, and she’s completely fine now and they should relax.

In her room, simar and prem are very tensed. prem says that he couldnt see sid like this, and he is pained to see him like this, and therefore cant tell him the truth, as it isnt known how would he react to this. Simar too agrees that sid isnt in a place to hear the truth, and they would have to wait, till they prove that she’s roli, and can get the papers signed. prem too agrees saying that they would have to make jhumki practise roli’s signatures, as they are running out of time.

Jhumki is very upset at the fact that she has to fast, as its practically impossible for her to do this. she is nervously pacing around in the room. Simar comes in and tries to make her learn roli’s signatures. Jhumki says that she cant do this fast. Simar, not knowing what she’s talking about, asks at which she tells what mausiji asked her to do. Simar tries to make her understand, but jhumki doesnt agree. Simar asks her to do what she feels like then.

The next morning, the whole family is waiting for roli. karuna sees her coming down, and tells everyone. Jhumki stealthily comes and joins them. At the aarti, while everyone is praying, jhumki cant shake away the thought of the laddoos lying in front of her, as she’s very hungry after having been hungry the entire morning. After the puja, when mausiji gives prashad to everyone, but when jhumki stops her, mausiji reminds her that its her fast, and she cant eat. Jhumki dejectedly looks at simar, while simar is tensed. Simar thinks that she’s in a dilemma, as to what to do, for the sake of her family. She cant tell her fam,ily, not to do what they are doing, nor can she force jhumki to keep this fast. The screen freezes on simar’s face.

Precap: Khushi finds jhumki eating away, while simar watches, and is shocked that this is the way the fast is being kept. She tells her that they can eat all that they want, while she watches this video with the rest of the family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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