Saraswatichandra 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud talking to her mother, saying she will hide her mistake from everyone, but how can I hide it from myself, she says why don’t you give me any punishment, she says you are feeling sorry for yourself. You and Saras will going to be husband and wife soon, but you are my daughter, you should have had this in mind. Ghuman overhears this and smiles. Her mother pacifies her saying you freshen up. Ghuman got a big reason to be happy.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Vidyachatur says Laxminandan that he cannot win over him. Laxminandan says he needed a home, so he came back to him. He has becomes his relative now. They join hands, and are happy. Vidyachatur says its such a happiness, that my dream is fulfilling, but Kumud will go away from me, I cannot think about it. Laxminandan says be alone for few years. Vidyachatur says you are taking him for the entire life. Laxminandan says we have a big house there, but we could not make good relations. When Kumud comes, we will have a perfect family. He says you take whatever you want. They both have a light talk and laugh.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kusum and Sunny ask Kumud where she is going, to meet Saras? Kumud says no. Kusum says see something happened, she asks what happened. Kusum says Saras was upset, Sunny asks her what is the matter. They can see both of them upset. Kusum asks did you both fought, Ghuman comes and taunts Kumud. Kumud says there is nothing like that. Ghuman says I have seen you going somewhere, did you fight with Saras that night. Kumud says I was at home, Ghuman says ask anyone, you were not hear at the wedding night. Ghuman smiles and says what happened that our lovely meeting turned into a fight. Sunny says Kumud to atleast tell Ghuman if there is any problem. Ghuman says I will support my son, and you will be left alone. Kusum says my Didi is always proud, thats why maybe they both fought, I will help them patch up. They both leave, Ghuman smiles.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumari is making plans to meet her dad, and she will ask Umesh about it. Badimaa comes there and thinks maybe she is annoyed with her, she has to deal with her with love. Badimaa talks to her sweetly, but Kumari is upset with her. Badimaa asks where are you going, Kumari says nowhere. Kumari asks Badimaa about her dad indirectly, Badimaa raises her voice and Kumari leaves. Umesh is asking Kumari’s dad to let him marry Kumari. Umesh says he has said her that he got some news about her dad. Her dad is waiting to meet Kumari. He wants to show down Badimaa.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is tensed thinking about Ghuman’s words. Vidyachatur comes to her asking for his wife, he sees her tensed. He asks her what happened, is she fine. She tells yes. He asks her to sit, and says when Laxminandan told about you and Saras’s proposal, he was happy as Saras is his son, and when he asked for your hand infront of everyone, he got more happy and contend. He says he had a life based on love, and your and Saras’s life will be like that only, he will give you happiness. During Sejal’s marriage, Vidyachatur ate four jalebis, he says Kumud not to tell this to his wife. He says I trust you and I know you won’t break it. Kumud cries.

Kumud thinks about her and Saras’s relationship, and about her mum’s words, that they are soon going to be a couple. Kumud writes a letter to Saras, about the night they were together. She says she should not have regarded it a sin, and this thing has hurted Saras a lot. She writes that she is angry on herself, and she trusts his love completely, thats why she broke all the limits. But she has broken her parents’s trust, thats why she is ashamed of herself. She says maybe I won’t be able to come infront of Saras, thats why she is writing the letter. She asks for forgiveness to Saras.

Kumud comes to Saras’s room with the letter. She keeps the letter near his bed and leaves. Ghuman comes there and takes the letter. She reads the letter and smiles. Ghuman says you have done a mistake writing this letter. Kumud comes back to her room, Kusum comes to her and talks. Her mum calls her and she leaves. Kumud says I did not know I had to see you in this way. Ghuman comes and taunts her again, saying did you think you have won Saras. Kumud says he asked my hand to my father. Ghuman says then why are you regretting about yesterday night, maybe because its your fault.

Ghuman says you went to him so that he does some mistake, and should not break the relation with you. Kumud says I don’t need to do anything like this. Ghuman says I m talking well despite you being so down. Ghuman says your family has not respected me, but today you have given me a chance, and they will not be proud of you. Badimaa and Vidyachatur’s pride will break. Kumud says I have not done any such thing, Ghuman shows her the letter. Kumud is shocked. Ghuman says you should have not written it on paper, I have the proof you to show it to your family. Ghuman says I will make you dance according to my wish. Ghuman smiles and leaves. The Episode ends on Kumud’s tensed face.

Laxminandan says that Saras and Kumud’s marriage date should be fixed soon. Saras smiles and Ghuman looks on.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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