Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash coming to his home and asking for Prathna. Prathna meets him and Akash lifts her in joy, as her marriage got fixed, he congratulates her and brings sweets for her. Mamaji comes and says even he likes the sweets. Akash tells first Prathna will have it, then you have it. Akash congratulates Mamaji also. Akash tells I did not know people were coming to see Prathna, and how come they said yes to her suddenly.

Kannu tells Jai that she is the eldest bahu and I should be involved in the house’s matter, what might she told to the groom’s family. Dadi and Akash’s mother are having a discussion, she tells Dadi about what she said to the people. Akash’s mother and dad spoke about the demands to the people, they have given them a gift as Shagun and the proposal have been fixed. The people say now its no need to see the girl. Dadi is tensed, Akash’s mother says I was not getting any other way. She sais when it comes to the girl’s marriage, the world halts.

She says I did not feel helpless, but when people were rejecting Prathna, I was afraid and I had to take this step. They had to buy the groom. Jai says Kannu we should be happy that her marriage got fixed. Kannu says I have the right to know how her marriage got fixed. Jai says itw waste to talk to you and leaves. Kannu says she has to find out the truth.
Dadi tells Akash’s mother not to hurt yourself, she says don’t blame yourself and don’t be sad. The dowry system was earlier also, don’t know when it will end. She tells Dadi not to tell this to Akash. He will not feel it right.

Akash comes there, and says he did not want that someone come to see Prathna again, but you have done it, I came to say you thanks. Dadi tells a mother can do anything for the child’s happiness. Akash tells I wants to meet the groom’s family as today we won’t see such good people. She tells you can meet later, you do the arrangements for the marriage. He tells I will do my best so that everyone see.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s family:

Gawtham is happy to see that his mum is sending haldi to Poonam. His dad comes in a Hanuman getup. She tells you dad is doing work in the drama company. They do the puja, she asks Neel to wait. She mixes something in the haldi. Gawtham does not know what she is doing, she sends it to Poonam by Neel. Gawtham says I will drop you, as I m going to my coaching centre, his dad also leaves.

Scene shifts to Poonam’s house:

Kiran asks what should Poonam wear, her mum says she can wear old clothes as the clothes will spoil by Haldi. Akash and Chandru comes, and Vandana says Akash has started the arranegments. Vandana asks why the sweets, Prabhunath says because his sister’s marriage is fixed. Vandana congratulates him.
Akash gives them the sweets. Neel comes and greets everyone, he says he brought the haldi. Vandana is happy to get the haldi from Gawtham’s family. Vandana asks Neel to sit, and Akash offers him sweets.

Neel looks at Suman. Kiran comes with the shagun and Vandana gives him the shagun. Neel leaves. Vandana asks Poonam to pray and do the puja. Akash looks at Poonam. Vandana says now we will start the haldi preparations, she asks Suman to mix the haldi. She asks Suman why she is sad, she says I was thinking to make Poonam ready, and now I m confused as what to do now. Akash tells he will make Haldi ready, its part of my work.

The guys who used to stare at Poonam come and apologize to Prabhunath, they ask him to forget everything, as they want to help in Poonam’s marriage, they say they forgot that Poonam is like their sister. Prabhunath forgives them, as they are regretting. Prabhunath tells Vandana that we should forgive them, Vandana also agrees. They ask what work they should do. Prabhunath asks them to ask Akash as he is the incharge. Vandana tells Poonam will be applied Haldi, and she has to inform in the neighbourhood. Chandru and Akash makes the haldi for Poonam. The guys says its good we said sorry, else our image would have ruined. Akash asks them did you complete the work, they say we are going. He asks them to keep the haldi somewhere else, the guys get angry on Akash.

Gawtham’s dad says Poonam will find itching after she applies the haldi

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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