Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Gopi is trying to pacify a crying Meera in Gohem room. She asks her how she liked the babies and Meera stops crying. She explains that the babies are too small and they might get hurt. Ahem picks Meera and pacifies her and tells her to let them know if she wants to play with them. They will carry the babies but she should not try to carry them alone or go alone to see them. He kisses her lovingly. Gopi asks Meera to promise her and she cutely agrees and promises Gopi.

Kinjal sees a crack on the kitchen platform and gets irritated. Urmi enters asking what she has cooked and Kinjal tells her not to be stingy. She shows her the cracked kitchen platform and reminds her that Rashi broke it. Urmi says she does not have money and Kinjal argues back that she will not work in this kitchen. They argue and Kinjal tells her that she will get it repaired. Urmi stops her saying she will spend more so she will only repair it.

Meera is runnin in main hall with Gopi following her trying to make her eat. Koki catches her and makes her sit and tells her lovingly that if she finishes the khichdi she will give her laddoo. Meera laughs and agrees and Gopi feeds her. Koki tells Gopi that Meera is as naughty as Kanhaji, he wanted butter and she wants laddoo.

Meera enters Rashi’s room and Rashi puts a finger on her lips and tells her to be quiet. Meera too cutely puts a finger on her lips. Gopi is on her way to look for Meera worried that she may go back to the babies. Rashi tells Meera that babies are sleeping. She calls Meera to her but Meera doesn’t go to her. Rashi asks her if she is angry and Meera is quiet. Gopi watches them, smiles and leaves from there. Meera tells Rashi to dance. Rashi says no but Meera insists. Rashi puts on music on her mobile and they both dance. Both are dancing cutely. Rashi gets tired and tells Meera to go as she is tired. Meera looks sad and Rashi says please. Meera leaves.

Urmi is at a shop and expresses shock that the kitchen tiles are so expensive. She wants tiles worth Rs 100 and they all laugh. They ridicule her and Urmi walks off angrily after threatening the shopkeeper that she will change her name if she doesn’t close their shop. He taunts her to change her name when she comes next time.

Rashi suggests Harry and William as names for their twins but Jigar says Harry Modi and William Modi sound very odd. Rashi reminds him that if their children were born in US then they would have given them such unique names only. He suggests Nikhil and Nihal but Rashi disagrees. Koki and Meethi enter and Koki asks why they are arguing. Jigar is about to say but Rashi interrupts and says nothing important. Koki tells Jigar that Baa wants to spend time with the babies and Jigar agrees smiling. Rashi tells her to wipe her hands with sanitizer before holding the babies. Koki explains that she knows how to take care of babies. Koki tells her that she has washed her hands but Rashi insists and Koki looks annoyed. Jigar tells Rashi that she is overdoing it but Rashi insists. Koki and Meethi oblige her and Rashi thanks them. They take the babies. Koki asks if the naming ceremony preparations are done. Rashi informs her that Gopi has called up the guests and panditji. Jigar adds that he will take care of the remaining preparations. Koki asks Rashi what she has done. Rashi says she just gave bath to her kids and Koki says “bas?” sarcastically and leaves. RaJi continue arguing about baby names.

The naming ceremony begins and guests are entering MM. Urmi is with Rashi and admiring the babies. She tells Rashi that she will get lot of gifts but Rashi tells her to be quiet. Baa and Nani decide on Tolaram and Moolchand as names for the twins. NB and SB arrive and NB hugs Meera as Koki watches. She tells SB that Meera is very cute and they have decorated the house beautifully. SB is not impressed. They congratulate Hetal and Koki walks up to them. They congratulate her too. SB taunts her that Hetal has an upper hand now that she has 2 grandsons. Koki replies that she always did as she is the elder DIL. She reminds them that they do not differentiate between sons and daughters. Koki and Hetal leave to meet other guests. Gopi watches the twins lovingly as guests greet Rashi. Rashi is worried that they are all touching her babies. Urmi tells her to stop it and tells her that the kids are not decoration items that nobody will touch. SB teases Rashi that she could not give birth in US. Urmi asks SB sarcastically why is she feeling so sorry and reminds her that Rashi has been to Switzerland, not like her who has not stepped out of Rajkot. SB walks away in a huff. Meera is dancing to music and NB watches her lovingly and blows her a kiss. She repeats that Meera is a smart and cute baby and dances so well. SB tells her that her granddaughters dance better. She tells her that her granddaughters will win if there is a competition. But NB disagrees and they argue. They decide on a bet of 5000 rupees. Urmi joins in and tells NB that SB granddaughters will win. She tells them that she will announce a competition and tells NB that SB and she will pay her if Meera wins and NB will have to pay them if she loses. Urmi watches Meera gleefully.

Hetal calls all for pooja. RaJi pick their babies and sit for pooja along with Gohem and the rest of the family. Gopi asks for Meera and Kinjal replies that she saw her with Urmi. K wonders where Urmi is and tells Meethi to check and call her. Urmi is in a deserted corner in MM and offers laddoos to Meera and in return to refuse to dance. She makes Meera promise that she will not dance. Urmi gets happy that she will not win and offers a laddoo to Meera happily.

Parag asks RaJi if they have thought of names. Rashi says William and Harry. Jigar says Nihal and Nikhil. Gopi tells Ahem worriedly that Meera is not to be seen and Ahem says he will check. He is about to get up but sees Meera and calls her to sit with him. But Urmi holds Meera’s hand and stops her. She gestures to Ahem that she will take care of her and Ahem agrees. Baa announces that she and Nani have decided on names. Koki tells them that it is their right to decide the names as Rashi watches irritatedly. They says it will be Jihem’s grandfather’s names. Koki tells Jigar that their sons’ names will be Tolaram and Moolchand after his grandfathers’ names. Gohem look uncomfortable and RaJi look upset and worried.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Meera is dancing on “Sheela ki jawani” as Kohem watch in shock. Koki asks Meera who taught her to dance as Rashi shakes her head worried.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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