Sasural Simar Ka 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
A man calls soniya and says what is your reaction on this fake soniya obroye news isn’t it because of your hidden face. Butlers tells her that the press is calling over and over again. And some people are standing out. She calls Sid but his phone is off.

Scene 2
Rajhinder asks pari why she did that ? All the decisions in this house are taken on mutual interest. Chachi ji says you weaken the unity of our family. Pari says believe me i asked them to write daddu ji halwai. Achna says i asked them to change the name. Sujata says how could you do that on your own. Karuna says she even didn’t bother asking her daughter. Achna says i can’t even do that for mu grandson. Daddu ji halwai is so old fashioned so asked them to write. Rajhinder says loyalty doesn’t

change with time. Daddu ji is attached to our life. Everyone is the city believes on his name. He is the identity of our family. Mausi ji says you’re right rajhinder all power lies in the roots. Achna says that people will start believing in aarav sweets and I’ve got a gain in your business. Shalu says I’m sorry mummy ji but there are so many people to think about business it was better for you not to interfere. Sujata says you have forced me to say that if you stay here anymore then it won’t be good for our relation. Achna says only this was left. I can’t understand when the shop is on aarav’s name what’s wrong in naming it. I won’t stay here for a moment I’m going right now. Pari tries to stop. She follows her to the room. Pari says what are doing mamma first you made such a decision without telling me and now this. Achna says now you’re blaming me as well. Achna says you’re so innocent they all consider this shop their property and will keep on doing that. They will ask you for the shop.
Shalu says to the family that i apologize you all. Rajhinder says no shalu this isn’t your kistake. He says i couldn’t let it happen if i knew. Sujata says says you don’t have to say all that we know our shalu can’t ever do that. Simar says we need to stop Achna ji from going. Mausi ji says what an attitude, Pari says better call it an insult. The wasy you all have insulted my mom is not bearable. Sujata says and what she did was justified ? Pari says she did that i love of her grandson. If my mom leaves this house then i will go along her with Aarav. Shalu says are you spoiling this matter more. Simar and Roli tries to stop her. Mata ji loudly says no one is going anywhere. no one will ever talk about that shop in this house. Its name will remain Aarav sweets.

Mata ji says I don’t want anyone to forced with the name of Daddu ji. Rituals are practiced with heart and love. Mata ji says says to pari without telling anyone you have hurt my hear a lot. Just know that we all have no problem with you, you have all our prayers. Its okay if one shop doesn;t have daddu ji’s name one it. His name is in our hearts. Until his family keeps recalling he will be alive between, together. Mata ji says everyone must be tired go to rest. Simar says to Roli one after our house is hovered over with problems but the most important issue is of Sahureya and Jhanvi. Roli says we should ask jahnvi about her bruise. Simar asks Jhanvi how her accident occurred. Jahnvi says i was providing Shaureya help in fixing the punctured tire. Roli asks are you saying truth ? Jhanvi says I’ve got the meaning of your question. I won’t tolerate anything against Shaureya. He’s my husband. Jhanvi leaves.
Shaureya comes them and says are you satisfied now ? If you still don’t believe me then let me know where you wanna see a cut hand feet or throat. Roli says stop this lame thing. I know you can’t hurt. He says just wait and watch what i do to her.
Simar says we can’t wait to see if he’s lying. Roli says I have a plan. Simar says but Shaureya is such a clever guy. We have to be careful. Roli says we have to try I feel like he’ll be caught in our plan by himself.

Precap- Shaureya says to roli and simar such a big occasion it is, Jhanvi’s birthday. Don’t wanna know what I am gonna do for her. Maybe make it her last day too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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