Saraswatichandra 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud waiting for Saras. She thinks of Kusum. Kusum is on the terrace thinking about Saras’s words. She puts the kamarbandh and has a blade in her hand. She thinks of dying. Kumud says I slapped Kusum today for the first time. The kamarbandh falls down and Kumud sees it. She looks at Kusum and finds her with the blade attempting to cut her nerves. Kumud shouts Kusum…… and runs to save her. Kumud stops her and says what are you doing. Kusum says last decision, mum asked me to choose between you and Saras, and I chose you but I can’t live without Saras, why did you stop me. Guniyal is cooking in the kitchen and Saras comes to her. He says I need to go home, tell this to Kumud. Guniyal asks did Kumud tell you anything. Saras says yes, forgive Kusum,

its not her mistake.

Kusum cries. Kumud says look at me, this is not love, Saras does not love you, he is not made for you. Kusum says but I m made for him, she says when your proposal came, you said yes but I told im yes without seeing him and he saw me before seeing you. She says why, because he came here for me, not for you. Kumud says I love him, but there is a difference, as your love is one sided. Kusum says Saras has to make it two sided. She says you did the ghadi ritual with Pramad, not with Saras. Kumud says yes, as you did with Mohan. Kusum gives her some reasons why she thinks she is made for Saras and says Pramad is your fate. Badimaa hears Kusum and Kumud’s talk.

Everyone hear Vidyachatur shouting on Pramad. Everyone run to hear them. Pramad says I m requesting you, I know itshard to trust me, but its about Kusum’s life. He says I told this for her sake. Guniyal asks what happened. Vidyachatur says Pramad feels Kusum does not want to get married with Mohan. Vidyachatur asks Pramad not to tell this again. Saras says Kaka, Pramad is saying right. Everyone are shocked. Guniyal tries to stop Saras. Saras says I can’t be quiet now, its about Kusum’s life. Saras asks Vidyachatur that will you give Kusum’s hand to my brother Danny. Everyone are super shocked.

Kumud hugs Kusum and pacifies her. Kusum says I can’t forget Saras. Kumud says I understand what you are going through, bu you can’t get love by force, he can worry and care about you, but he can’t love you, if you have any hope, your heart will break. Guniyal comes and talks to Kusum. She says you are hurting even Saras. Kumud tells Guniyal that Kusum tries to attempt suicide and she saved her. Guniyal says Chandrika brought Mohan’s proposal, what will we tell her, you don’t deserve anything, see whats going on, Saras is asking your hand for Danny. Kumud says I will talk to Saras. Guniyal says I will do what I want. Vidyachatur shouts Kusum……Kumud, Kusum and Guniyal go to him.

Everyone looks at Kusum. Vidyachatur asks her whats the truth. He says everyone are saying that you don’t want to marry Mohan and want to marry Danny, is this true. Kumud says dad…. Vidyachatur says if you knew this, you should have told me, but I m asking Kusum now. Kusum says I want to marry Mohan. Saras says what are you saying Kusum, don’t lie and don’t make a mistake. Badimaa asks tell us the truth, what do you want. Kusum says I m saying the truth, I think I should marry Mohan. Saras says look Kusum, tell us what you want. Kusum says what should I say, you say that fate gives us whatever we get.

Saras says what about Danny. Kusum says Danny is misunderstanding me. Badimaa says then why do these people think that you are not happy. Guniyal says its nothing, I explained her well. Kusum says you all make the arrangements for the marriage, I m fine. Guniyal smiles. Kusum tries to look happy but is not. Saras sees Kumud silent and thinks why.

Vidychatur looks at Saras and says Saras, look you and Danny are like my children, but you should have talk to us before this relation happened, I would have been happy but now… He says it would be good if Danny does not come here till Kusum’s marriage. Saras says fine. Vidyachatur says take care of Danny. Saras greets him and leaves. Its night, Kumud comes to Kusum and Guniyal. Kusum says you have always forgive me Didi, forgive this one too. Kumud cries and says I have forgiven your mistake but I can’t forgive what you are going to do, you are compromising. Guniyal says every marriage is a compromise, I m doing this for both of you, Kusum is right this time. Kusum says yes, like your fate, I also accepted my fate. Kumud leaves. Guniyal wishes that they pass in the test of love.

Kumud comes to Danny and Saras. She asks Danny how are you. Danny says fine. She says Danny, I understand, I know but I m sorry. Danny says no need of sorry, my fate is bad. She says move ahead, life is long. Danny says I don’t know how I will live knowing that Kusum does not love me. Kumud talks to Saras and asks whats these bags, where are you going. Saras misunderstands Kumud and says maybe Kusum’s decision was yours. He says you don’t trust Danny right. She says I trust you, I am living only for you. He says then give divorce to Pramad.

She says you know we are not having any relation. He shows her the Pramad’s trust fund papers and says he has done everything on your name so that you can fulfill your high school name. He says I spoke to some doctors in the US and Pramad said he won’t undergo that liver transplant as he wants to die in your arms and does not want to leave you if he stays alive. She says what are you saying. Saras says you go to him if you care about him, let me be with my brother as he needs me. He says we are going back to Dubai forever tonight. Kumud is shocked.

Saras gets angry. She stops him and he says no need to stop me, I saw you marrying Pramad, still I was alive, I don’t this to happen with Danny, Kusum cheated him, she should have talk to Danny before taking the decision. Kumud says Kusum does not love Danny, she loves you. Saras is shocked.

Kumud and Saras have a talk about Kusum. She says Kusum loves you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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    Kusum is good and she love saras any expectation this is defferance of kumud

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