Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi is sitting in the cafe sad for her lost laptop. She remembers Vitthal giving him the laptop. When she looks down she finds her laptop right there on the table. Paki is sitting in front of her. She says how can you be so careless. a guy was using it and abandoned it when he saw me. Kalpi says thanks to her. Paki says oh i can’t believe you are thanking me. I should freeze this moment.

Scene 2
The guy who took kalpi’;s laptop comes to prem and says that his work has been done. He hacked the final exams paper and saved it in Kalpi’s laptop.
Prem says good job and gives him the money. His secretary calls the principal of the college and informs him that some of the students have hacked the system and got the papers.

Scene 3

is sitting in the class realizing her mistake. A man tells her that principle has called her. Principle says to her do you have a laptop ? Kalpi says yes sir. He asks can i use it ? Kalpi says sure sir. She asks what wrong ? He says you’ve disappointed me a lot kalpana i never expected this form you. He shows her the paper in her laptop. He says i will keep this laptop and will investigate. Kalpi insists that she has not done anything. He calls kamla and asks her that he wants to meet her. He asks kalpi to wait outside.
Kamla asks mummy ji that kalpi’s principle has called her can she go ? Mummy ji says yes I’ve called the car you can go. Ask me if you ned some help. kamla leaves.
Paki meets her friends. They says how can you stay with kalpi ? Paki says how can you say like that about her she’s the daughter of kamla maa. They say yes she’s your everything. Paki says if i close my eyes and ask kamla maa to come she’ll. She closes her eyes and kamla is right inn front of her. She tells Paki that principle has called her. Paki says let me show you the office.
Kamla gets in the office of principle. He asks her are you kamla yadav? What do you work ? Paki says that she is my governess. Principle says that maybe your daughter got admission here in this college on scholarship but she proved she never deserved this seat. She has been doing top in the college since two years but now its shown how. She stole the question papers. kamla is dazed. Paki says this is impossible kalpi can’t ever cheat. Kamla says you must have misunderstood things. Principle says she has been caught i will rusticate her once the accusation is proved. Kamla says this isn’t possible. Paki remembers and tells the principle that she saw someone using her laptop he left when he saw me. Principle says how can i trust you ? Kamla asks kalpi to apologize. Kalpi says that i won’t apologize i have not done anything. Kalpi leaves. Principle says this is your daughter and i am sure kalpana won’t give exams this year. Kamla says i apologize you please don’t waste her year. He says then you will have to submit the apologizing letter with her signs over it. kamla says i will give you the letter i assure that.
Kamla is moving in the college corridor in tears while kalpi is sitting alone in the class room. Kamla remembers the rector saying that she won’t be able to give exams this year. Paki gets to kamla . Kamla asks her where is kalpi ? Paki says i don’t know i was looking for that guy. I am sure kalpi can’t do this. Paki says let me tak to dad he knows the trustees of the college don’t worry everything will be all right. Kalpi sees them and says here my future is at sake and my mom is all busy with her Paki baby.

Scene 4
Vitthal argues with kamla that paki won’t apologize. Kamla says this is the life of poor people we have to apologize even if its not our mistake. Vitthal says wow kamla amazing. Kamla says to kalpi that pardon doesn’t make anyone higher or lower. Our dreams won’t shatter. Paki says and what about me shattering if i apologize it will prove that it was my mistake. Kamla says stop it you will give the apologizing letter and that’s final. These are our dreams too and you’ll do what i will ask you too.

PRECAP- Prem says to Nettu Ragahv is so fond of helping kamla’s family now see what will he do now. He gets a call and asks who is this? He then says oh Raghav Singhaniya.. Nettu is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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