Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul seeing Dhara cry and leave from the hall. She comes to Dhara in the kitchen and talks to her about jai’s marriage. Dhara hides her tears. Parul says what about you, look at me and tell me are you happy. Dhara says yes, I m really happy. Parul says you are not happy, this is not easy to see your love becoming someone else’s. She says even I can talk to Ansubaa now. Dhara says you don’t need to, whatever is happening is for jai’s good. Parul says and you?

Dhara says I told you that jai is my Lord, and I can;t be his life partner. Dhara says forget that you saw something in my eyes, let it happen whats happening. She says jai is going to start his new life, I don’t want to come in between. She says you won’t tell

anyone about it, promise me. Parul says why did you make me promise. Dhara says you have to keep up the promise. Dhara requests her. Parul and Dhara cry. Ketki hears all this and is shocked. Parul says now I won’t be able to do anything as you made me promise.

Ketki says I won’t let this happen. She says Dhara would have become the bahurani if Dipika did not come here. Nanku and Aarvi talk about her birthday. Aarvi says no one remembers my birthday, even jai forgot it. She says everyone are in Ansubaa’s room discussing something. Dhara brings laddoos for Aarvi and Nanku. They ask her why did you bring the sweets. Aarvi says see everyone forgot my birthday. Dhara says everyone remembers it and we will celebrate it well like you say. Aarvi looks at her.

Dhara says trust me and have the laddoos. Dhara thinks jai remembers the birthday but what about others. Ansubaa is happy and talks to everyone about jai. She says I m very happy but I m afraid of the happiness. Will jai feel that we have forgot Bhoomi. Parul says yes, jai said yes for our happiness, but he cannot forget Bhoomi, we don’t know whats in his heart. She says we should give some time to jai so that he accepts Dipika. Ansubaa says Ketki explain to Dipika that she has to win jai’s heart and make him come out of the past. Ketki says she will do it easily, don’t worry, they are friends. Everone talk about Aarvi’s birthday and Dhara hears all this. Dhara says it means jai is not doing this marriage by his will.

She says I have to do something that jai starts liking Dipika. Ketki comes to Dilip and he is busy in his work. She says I have a good news. Dilip says I know it all. Ketki sees him busy on the phone and gets annoyed. Ketki says you are not listening to me. Dilip gets angry. Ketki says everyone are happy because of me. Dilip says I will talk to you when you stop praising yourself. Ketki argues with him. He says you are selfish and scolds her. Ketki tells him to come home soon as its Aarvi’s birthday tomorrow.

He raises his voice on her and gets very much angry. He says how can you think that I will forget it. He says you are not a good wife. Ketki is hurt and cries. Ketki sees his phone getting messages and checks them. Dilip comes and takes the mobile from her hand and says how dare you touch my mobile. He leaves angrily. Ketki is shocked. Ramila hears all this and says what happened to Dilip, he is changing, there is some problem.

The next morning, Dhara is giving prasad to everyone. Aarvi comes there and says I need to talk something important and asks them to do what she says as its her birthday tomorrow. Ketki says it means you will order us. Aarvi says yes. Parul says let her say. Aarvi says Dhara will make halwa for me. She asks everyone to decorate the house well and jai will brig the gifts for her. Everyone laughs. Ramila says who will bring the cake. Dhara says Dipika can bring the cake. Ketki and Dipika smile. Dipika agrees and jai says whats Aarvi’s fav. Dipika says I don’t know this place, from where will I get the cake. Ketki says I will help you.

Ramils gives the address of the shop. Dhara thinks of something and says the market is huge and Dipika won’t be good to go alone. Dhara says jai can go with her. Dipika smiles. Ramila says its good if jai goes with her. jai is hesitant. Dipika says we will go now. Aarvi is upset and talks to Parul about Dipika becoming jai’s wife. She says I like Dhara more than her. She says I will complete my mission and make Dhara jai’s wife. Parul says now there is no gain in that as everyone likes Dipika. Aarvi says what about you. Parul says even jai said yes. Aarvi says I don’t care, I will do my mission, tell me ae you with me or not. She says I got it.

Nanku comes to Aarvi and Aarvi asks for his help. Both of them make a plan. Parul says I wish we all were honest and selfless like these kids. Parul sees Aarvi and Nanku making a plan and smiles. Parul does some shopping and brings sarees for everyone as its Aarvi’s birthday. She gives everyone the sarees. She gives a saree to Dipika and Dhara also. Dipika and Dhara thanks her and touches her feet. Ketki is upset with Dhara getting the gift and Parul being nice to her. Dhara likes the saree. Aarvi comes there and talks to Dhara. Ketki plans something.

Ketki puts acid on Dhara’s saree.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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