The Buddy Project 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Kiya is in classroom, writing something on a notepad. Panchi comes there, all lost in her thoughts. Kiya calls her out and greets her. Panchi comes over and asks Kiya what is she up to? Kiya excitedly tells her about the admission in the music institution. Panchi is genuinely happy about it and demands for a party. Kiya chirps that she was going through the preparations for it and teasingly tells Panchi that if she wants to invite someone special, she can inform now. KD comes there and sees this exchange. Before Panchi can reply, they see KD and Kiya happily calls KD over and asks if he wants to invite someone as well? Panchi excuses herself and leaves from there.

KD goes to the back of the class and sits alone. Kiya goes to him and asks what’s wrong? She

says he should be happy for and proud that she has gotten such a great opportunity. KD stands up and holds Kiya’s hands saying he is happy for her and she shouldn’t misunderstand her regarding it. It’s just that she will go so far away for such a long time. They will be so far apart and this long distance relationship just won’t work. Can’t she choose to go to some institute in India? Kiya says she can understand but- KD cuts across her saying he is just worried about the both of them. Kiya can’t stand it anymore and she bursts out saying she is tired of all this now! He isn’t saying this for them, but he is doing this all for his selfish reasons! She can’t base all her decisions on what favors him and what not? So please, he should just let her be and get a life. She storms away and KD is all left shocked (I LOVE it when Kiya roars in her Chicklet mode! You go girl!! Clap)

Piddi comes in the class and sees a lost KD. He STTC that he thought his master plan will make everyone happy but here everything is happening the opposite. Nothing worked out (you can say that again LOL)

Kiya is in the canteen and she is visibly disturbed at the confrontation. Piddi comes there and sits beside her but she warns him not to say a word about KD’s case or whatever. Piddi is confused but Kiya keeps telling him to lay off and not say a word in KD’s favor. She will go to the music institute and nothing will change her mind! Piddi can’t understand a thing which is going on so he feels it better to just leave.

Piddi is sitting in the corridor and STTC that it feels like today is Band Bajao of Piddi day. RV made him run a marathon and Kiya blasted him off for no reason. Just what the hell is going on?! He sees VeeNi coming his way and he disappears seeing them.

RV is saying to Rukmini that he is sorry and he wants things to be back to normal. Rukmini says she too wants to forget everything. RV brightens up a bit at this and says they’ll have a fresh beginning now but Rukmini cuts across him saying that he is misunderstanding her. What she means is that from now he has to choose between her and Panchi. RV is shocked. He asks her what does she mean by that but Rukmini is adamant. She says she knows it’s the toughest decision of his life and he can take his time to think this through. But whatever decision he takes, girlfriend of best friend, she’ll make sure he doesn’t back out of it. Rukmini goes away and RV is still shocked. Then he sees Panchi standing nearby and it seems like she has overheard all this. Before he can do anything, Panchi turns around and leaves.

Night time. RV goes to Panchi’s house to meet her. Panchi is surprised seeing him there but she lets him enter. They are standing in silence and Mrs. R comes there. She greets RV and senses the silence in the air. She asks did they fight again? On what issue (she says, “kiss baat pe ladai hui hai?” the expression on RaHi’s face were priceless LOL) and that if she can help them sort it out? Both are silence so she gives up and leaves them be. Panchi looks at RV and silently goes upstairs.

Piddi and KD. KD is full on drunk and singing sad songs about a lover’s disloyalty and Piddi is just looking at him in an annoyed way (which was hilarious ROFL) Piddi scolds KD for acting like this and asks what’s wrong with him? KD slurps nothing is wrong with him but something happened to his friend (Oh yeah, the famous, “mere dost ko ek problem hai…” trope LOL) KD tells the whole situation of “his friend” scolding his gf to get a life and now to pursue her career, she is going to USA without discussing it with anyone and now he wants her to stay back. Piddi says the gf isn’t at fault here, she is the right one in the situation. Rather, it’s the bf who should act more considerate of her dreams and ambitions. He thinks that KD’s “friend” should be supportive of his gf and do something for her which will boost her career rather than stopping her from pursuing it. KD becomes happy at this and in his drunk manner, compliments Piddi for being his true friend.

RaHi are at the terrace. Panchi asks him if Rukmini said something and RV says she didn’t. Panchi walks ahead and turns her back to RV. She says whatever happened was just a mistake and it shouldn’t harm their friendship (boy! her choked voice and restrained tears killed me Cry) and they did apologize to Rukmini so..RV sighs and says in a thankful manner that Panchi didn’t push it and termed the kiss a mistake (gadha kahin ka Stern Smile) but Rukmini is being weird now. She is telling him to choose between her and Panchi and that if he chooses to remain a boyfriend to Rukmini, he would no longer be able to meet Panchi. Panchi is devastated hearing this but she puts up a front of normalcy. RV turns her around and tells her to talk to him face to face. Panchi asks what’s the problem then? He thinks the kiss was a mistake, right? RV nods and agrees that yes, the kiss was a mistake. Panchi turns around again and says then nothing is left to discuss. She doesn’t want to be the reason for their breakup, it’d feel terrible. She tells him to choose his love, not his best friend. Rukmini has more right on him anyway. RV gives her a slightly hurt and offended look at this.

Panchi faces him again. RV says fine, if that’s what is decided then that’s how it shall be. Panchi nods and says she’s tired and wants to sleep. RV looks at her and leaves saying she should rest.

When he’s gone, Panchi sheds off the mask of normalcy and all the hurt is now evident. She is crying and STTC that she agrees the kiss was a mistake but she did apologize to Rukmini. Should the punishment of a mistake be so drastic that she can no longer meet Nonu now?
(excuse me while I go and bawl my eyes out in the corner Cry)

Precap – Rukmini says to RV that if he wants her to remain his GF then he has to follow certain conditions. He won’t talk to Panchi, go to her house or participate in anything where she is involved. Basically Panchi is banned from his life. RV is shocked and he looks at Panchi who is at a distance from them and is looking at them. Rukmini asks does he agree and the screen splits on the three of them (oh, this stupid girl LOL)

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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