Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with janvi telling that her poison has come out but who removed it? Then janvi asks her that with whom was she last night and shobha asks her that where was she and tells her that last night she was unconscious and now she is not, so she can tell now. After they asks so much and doubt her, prem gets angry and tells dadi that she cant asks such questions to simar as she is a member of that family and she has total independence to go wherever she wants and so she will not answer their questions. Then shobha changes her colours and tells that she was very worried for simar so she aksed her those questions and she tells him that she cares for her and tells him that she thought that she also has rights to ask simar so she asked her. then she tells him

that prem and simar think that she is not a member of the family. Then prem tells dadi that no its not like that and tells that they have are their member and he hugs them. Then they hug him and as simar is standing behind, both smile at her cunningly. Then simar’s phone rings. Roli is calling her and simar sees it. Then she cuts the phone as dadi is there. Simar says to herself in her mind that roli must have called for the dna test and hse mus take prem’s saliva sample as fast as possible. In the bharadwaj house, mataji gets worried as simar does not pick up the phone and she tells roli that something must have happened to simar because of the poison. Then roli tells her that simar is fine and she must have cut the call because there must be someone around her. prem now gives the responsibility of caring simar to janvi and dadi. Then both go to make the breakfast. Roli messages simar that she has to take the saliva sample of prem before 5:00pm as the doctor will go. Simar sees that it is 10:00am and prem will go for the interview so she should take his sample before he goes.

Scene 2:

Dadi gives prem breakfast and he eats. Simar thinks that with the spoon which prem will eat must be taken for the dna test. When prem finishes the breakfast he goes for the interview. Then dadi goes inside as anjali is crying. Simar is picking up the plate when janvi tells her to take rest. Then she starts coughing and acts and then janvi goes inside to bring water as the jug outside is empty. Till then simar takes the spoon in the other hand and hides it behind her saree. Janvi gives her water and tells her to take rest as prem has appointed them to take her acre and if they don’t do it then prem will get sad. Then simar goes. Simar takes the spoon and in her room, she puts it in a safe plastic and keeps it in her cupboard and calls roli. She tells roli that she will be able to come only in the afternoon as prem has gone and even janvi will go to the hospital and dadi will sleep after having food. Then roli tells her that they will meet in the afternoon. Then simar sees the time, it is 10:30am and she waits in her room till 2:00 pm. Then she takes the spoon sample and then goes downstairs to go. Dadi sees her and stops her and asks her that wher she is going? Then she tells that she is having some work. Dadi asks her that what work. Then she says that she does not need to tell her. they both fight on this topic and then simar says that prem has given her total independence to whatever she wants and wherever she wants to go. Then dadi tells that she is not well and if she wants to go anywhere then she will call prem. Then simar goes back in her room and dadi gets happy to simar’s face.

Scene 3:

Simar calls roli and tells her that she cant come due to dadi. Then roli tells her that she cant come but at least I can come, then simar says that she shall not come because it will cause a big fight in the house. Roli says that she will handle all that nothing like this will happen. Then she keeps the phone.

Scene 4:

Dadi down is smiling and doing her work. Janvi sees that why she is looking so happy. Then dadi tells her about simar going out and tells that how she stopped her from going and how her face dropped down. Then janvi tells her that it was good that she did like this as from then simar will remain in control. Then she tells that if they both will tell prem always against simar by showing them his love then simars rights will go away from prem and he will start listening to them. So janvi goes to the hospital.

Scene 5:

After janvi going someone rings the bell of the house. Dadi comes to open. Simar comes down and thinks that roli must be there. So she gets scared. Then the person is roli, but she is disguised as a fat Punjabi electrician and dadi asks what is the work? Then she tells that she(he) has come to put the wires. Simar sees her and gets shocked as she is disguised.

Precap : roli(Punjabi man) is in simars room. Simar asks her that is she fine or no? she says yes and tells that before everyone get to know, they have to do their work. Simar gives her the spoon telling that it has prem’s saliva sample. Then she is just taking, when dadi sees him and asks that what is he doing there?

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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