Madhubala 31st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 31st August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 31st August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha asks what is the matter? Where is she? RK says Sultan took her

Radha asks he is alive? RK says for now. .but not for long..!

Paddo is hyper .. Radha asks her to calm down n assures RK will not let anything happen to her..! RK fumes..! Joshi tells Dips to spill out the truth but she says .. ridiculous..!

Joshi is called by someone and he warns Dips to stay put ..n leaves from there! Sultan forcibly brings Madhu to a car n makes her sit.. n sits by her side..!

He says..told u. .in front of RK He says.. she thot.. he wont find out ..that she fooled her..! He says.. when she breaths.. he can feel! He says biggest mistake telling RK…! Earlier wanted to take u..safely.. n quietly but now.. her mistake.. is gonna hurt..! He says.. cant bear she cheat on him for someone else.. n now that someone has to END!

Sultan says RK has to die.. in front of her eyes… ! Sultan says last nite RK talked so arrogantly ..surprised he din tell her..! Sultan says.. jo barasne ki takat rakhte hain woh garajte nahi..! Sultan puts cholorform hanky on Madhu n she faints.. n says.. want RK to see.. Madhus past life.. n his future..and their future with his eyes..!

Joshi comes and sees his men unconscious n deduces that Sultan played a game..! RK says going.. n no one will come..! Bittu says Joshi told not to. .n RK says.. protecting Madhu is my responsibility ..cant let Madhus faith break..! RK declares that.. if i find out that someone i know is helping Sultan ..will punish them.. to the extremes..!Dips is scared!

RK says sorry.. wont let anything happen to Madhu n Paddo says have faith.. go and bring ur Madhu back..!!

Sultan enters in get up of Govinda! RK is surrounded by fans…! RK walks past Sultan on opposite side…! Sultan applies gulaal on his face and goes to break Dahi handi! RK finds.. Madhus dupatta on the road..n the parking! The car driver sees RK .. Madhu is conscious and taps the car back but the driver makes her bend down forcefully ..!! Bittu comes n says found Madhu n takes RK away..! Madhu passes out again…!! The driver thinks Madhu is unconscious and leaves from the car! Madhu sneaks out of the car…!

RK comes to the stage n tells all that not to worry… will find Madhu..!Paddo says not to embarass her faith..!

Dahi handi underway. .Sultan climbing the pyramid..! Madhu enters the chawl ..tries to reach RK..! Sultan about to break the handi!

Part 2

Dips spots Sultan! Joshi asks Madhu how is she.. she says do something Sultan will kill RK ..!!

Sultan points gun at RK ..!

Part 3

RK ducks in time..! RK rushes to confornt Sultan … n he points gun at RK..! Sultan says.. he said.. Sultan started. .n RK will end. .so yes RK will end.. !!

Sultan tells RK that today RK will lose two things… his life and his love. ! Sultans bullet will take RKs life and his hands will take his love (Madhu) ! RK smirks..!

Precap — Sultan points gun at Madhu…and RK asks he cant fire on her ..He says wont ..! He shoots Joshi at the knee and takes Madhu by force..and leaves the chawl..! RK chases Sultan!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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