Balika Vadhu 31st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 31st August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 31st August 2013 Written Update

Same scene from yesterday – Jagya leaving Mangalore. Bal feels Ganga needs his support and he will give her full support. He laughs.

Jagya comes to Udhaipur. Anandi opens the door and is surprised to see him. She takes him in and Daddu is surprised as well. He calls everyone out. Jagya greets everyone. Ira says, so you’re here. It feels very good seeing you here. Anandi says in her mind, so maa knew Jagya is coming. Why did she hide from me? Sanchi comes and hugs him and says, finally you came. Anandi says in her mind, Sanchi also knew about it, then why they didn’t tell anyone about it? Everyone sits down to talk. Ira says, I and Sanchi knew that Jagya is coming, but we wanted to give you a surprise, that’s why we didn’t tell anyone. Isn’t it a good surprise? Daddu says,

yes.. that is why I think why our sleeping beauty woke up so early. Sanchi says, your sleeping beauty is now early rising beauty now. I wake up early every day. Daddu credits Jagya for this change in Sanchi. Jagya asks Sanchi how’s her wound. Sanchi says, it’s fine, but it will be better if you check it. Jagya says, I will check in a bit. He gives gifts to everyone. Sanchi says, you came here.. that’s the biggest gift. Ira asks Sanchi to take it. Sanchi opens it and it’s a saree. She, of course, doesn’t like it, but says it’s beautiful and she will wear on special occasion. Anandi watches everything very carefully and remembers how Sanchi reacted when Mahi gifted her a saree. Jagya is giving gifts to everyone else now. Shiv tells him to give later. What’s so rush.

At Badi Haveli, Bhairo is leaving without eating, but Dadisa makes him sit. Sumitra is serving to him, but he decides to take food by himself. Sumitra leaves from there.

In his room, Jagya is thinking about Ganga and Mannu. Ira comes there and asks him for food. Jagya says, you all just made me eat so much. Ira says, it’s our duty to take good care of our son-in-law. She then says she wants to ask something and asks him to think carefully before answering. She asks whether he is happy with his rishta with Sanchi. She asks him to answer with full honesty, no matter if it’s a no. Jagya is quiet….

Jagya says, aunty.. I mean mummy ji.. maybe I don’t how to express myself, that is why you had to ask me this question. I understand how painful it must be for you to ask me this question. I agree that I didn’t take care of Sanchi after engagement like how I should have, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about Sanchi’s happiness. I apologize to you for that, but I promise you that I won’t give you or Sanchi any chance to complain now. Ira is over the moon.. very happy. She says, I will feel very good if you clear Sanchi’s doubt just like how you cleared mine, but not by talking, by doing something. Jagya says meaning? Ira says, like taking her out for dinner. Jagya says, will do. Ira says, but you will have to take lunch with us. Jagya says ok. Ira leaves asking him to rest.

Mannu is with Ghanshyam kaka. Ganga comes and says she is going to college. Mannu hugs her and doesn’t let her go. Ganga explains him that Ghanshym kaka gave him so many toys and all that, but Mannu holds her hands and doesn’t show any interest in the toys. Ganga now sees a book and tells Mannu, your mum will tell you a story about Rani Laxmibai now. Will you let your mum go after that? Mannu smiles. Ganga tells him the story. She says, Rani Laxmibai was very brave, but she had one weakness – her son – who was of just your age. Rani didn’t give up and tied her son and fought with everyone. Her son didn’t scare at all, didn’t cry. I am not any Rani (queen), but I am still fighting in my life. You will support your mother like Rani’s son, right? Mannu takes the book from her hands and puts her bag in her hand. Ghanshyam kaka and Ganga both get very emotional. Ganga kisses him and he also kisses her. Ganga then leaves.

At Sanchi’s house, everyone is having lunch. Some guests are there as well. Seeing Jagya’s empty plate, Anandi tries to serve a puri to him, but he says no. A guest comments that he is son in law of this house and Anandi’s brother in law so she has right to force him. Jagya lets her serve now. After Anandi gives 1-2 puris, Jagya says, that’s enough Anandi. The guests get shocked. One guests tells Jagya, we don’t call by name in Udhaipur. Call her bhabhisa. Everyone is uncomfortable in front of the guests there. Sanchi seems to be happy. Ira now goes to the guests and says, you’re just paying attention to our son in law.. you also take something. Jagya and Anandi look at each other. Anandi gestures Jagya it’s okay. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Precap: At a restaurant, Sanchi goes very close to Jagya and gives a card to him saying she made it by herself. Jagya opens the card and it says, I love You Jagdish.
Later, both are walking on the road. Sanchi loudly says, today I am announcing in front of you all (but no one is really there) that I fell in love with Dr. Jagdish Singh. I love you Jagdish. Jagya is walking. She holds his hand and stops him, and then asks him to sit with her for a while. Jagya is uncomfortable and expressionless.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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