Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st August 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st August 2013 Written Update

Everyone is telling Rachana’s parents not to leave. Gunjan and Mayank come there. Gunjan tells Shayl that Rachana is his sister, why would he think anything bad for her? He says he just doesn’t want Shayl to rush for Rachana’s marriage like this. Rachana’s parents say that they don’t to talk with anyone right now and ask them to leave.

Vihaan’s mother is talking on the phone with someone and says that she heard there are some problems in Mayank’s house and it will be fun this time in Janmashthmi competition. Vihaan comes there. His mother talks about the competition and says that she will become Yashoda and asks him to become Kanaiya. Vihaan in thoughts..

Seema wants to participate in the competition without Shayl and her family. Rachna

is hiding and hearing their conversation. Seema says that she will become Radha and is confused who will play Kanaiya’s role. She looks at all the men, and in end tells Sangeeta to become Kanha. Sangeeta says how can she become Kanha.. she doesn’t know dialogues or anything. Seema says she will teach him. Mayank asks Seema how she can think about entering competition without Shayl. She is the one who handles everyone and takes care of everyone’s happiness. He says festivals are festivals if entire family is not together. Seema is not happy. Mayank leaves.

Gunjan follows him and says they will have to do something to bring everyone together. Mayank says them two should leave the house. Gunjan asks him to let her think. She comes up with a plan and asks Mayank if problems come in our family, then won’t they step up to help each other? Mayank says that Seema is not bad either.. if she sees Shayl in some problem, then she will help.

Rachana’s father asks Gopal to help to list requirements, but Gopal is not in mood. He says to do whatever and just get over with this competition. Mayank comes and tells them that they have to win the trophy for Shayl and make her happy. Gopal now gets interested and says that they will win and surprise Shayl. They all get into the preparations.

Seema and Sangeeta are rehearsing. Sangeet can’t remember dialogues. She suggests Seema to take help from Shayl. Seema says no matter what she won’t apologize to Shayl. Gunjan hears their conversation and is happy as everything is going the way she had thought.

Rachana’s father returns and tells Shayl that they will shift to a new house after Janmasthimi.

Rachana brings costumes to Gunjan and then says that she is going to leave after Janmashtmi. She asks if she will miss her. Gunjan says no and says you will leave this house, but after your wedding.

Gunjan calls at some acting place and says that she wants some fun after the competition and asks them to send 2 goons who can scare her family a lot.

Next day, Shayl is moving some stuff. Seema is sitting there. Gunjan comes and says happy birthday. Gopal and Rachana’s father also come and say happy birthday. Seema gets mad. Rachana’s father says he is just wishing Krishna God. He goes in. Gunjan gives sweets to everyone that she brought from the temple. She goes to Shayl and wishes her a happy birthday. Dholu comes and wishes Shayl a happy birthday and gives her her favorite chocolate that he brought from his pocket money. Shayl gets emotional.

Sangeeta and Seema are practicing. Gunjan brings costumes, but Seema doesn’t take it as they are designed by Rachana. Gunjan says she always designs them and they are lucky for us. Seema now takes it as all she wants is to win competition.

Everyone is leaving for the competition, but Sangeeta is having pain in her stomach. She says she will join them later. Seema is nervous and asks her if she will reach on time. Sangeeta says yes. Seema finally leaves.

Neighbors come to take Shayl to the function, but Shayl says she is not feeling well. They force a lot. In end Shayl tells Rachana to go with them and she will join them later.

Vihaan’s family comes on the stage. Vihaan searches for Rachana. Vihaan’s mother taunts Seema and says their trump card is missing today now have to see who is new Kanaiya. Seema gets mad.

Rachana comes there. Gunjan is very happy to see her. She asks if Shayl came as well. Rachana says no.

Competition and celebration is going on. Seema is looking around for Sangeet. She tells Gopal to call her and bring her here. Sangeeta is hiding there. She is very nervous. Gunjan sees her and scares her even more. Sangeeta says to herself that she shouldn’t have come here.

Rachana is sewing Dholu’s costume. After Dholu leaves, Vihaan comes and asks her to sew his costume too. Vihaan’s mother comes and taunts Rachana and asks why she is always behind Vihaan. Rachana tells her that she can ask who came behind who, and leaves. Vihaan tries to go behind her, but his mother stops.

It’s Vihaan’s family’s turn now to perform. While Vihaan is performing, Rachana imagines herself to be on the stage and there is dance of Vihaan & Rachana. They both realize it was just their imagination and keep looking at each other. Vihaan stops dancing and his mother blames Rachana for spoiling their performance.

Seema is calling Sangeeta, but she is not picking up. It’s her family’s turn now. Seema says whether anyone comes or no she will give her performance. They come on the stage and everyone is shocked as Shayl is not there. They say they come to see her performance only.

Gunjan and Mayank are explaining their performance. They say that there is someone like Kanaiya in their family whose heart is very soft and that person has place for everyone in her heart. Shayl is there in the crowd and gets emotional hearing this. Mayank says our performance is dedicated to that person. Gunjan asks everyone to clap for Shayl. Everyone does, including Seema. Dholu takes microphone and says that this show is for Shayl.

Their act starts. Everyone is loving it. When it comes to Kanaiya, everyone says that they want Shayl only. Backstage, Seema tells her husband that she will go alone on the stage. Her husband says how she will do Ras Leela alone and everyone will throw tomatoes. Everyone is calling Krishana out. Seema comes out alone as Radha and everyone starts booing. Vihaan’s mother is loving it as there is no Krishna with this Radha. Sangeeta apologizes to Seema in her mind. Before situation gets worse, Shayl comes on the stage being Krishna. Everyone is happy now and Seema is relived.

Precap: Garg family wins the competition. Everyone is celebrating. Seema is very happy. Rachana’s father asks Shayl to join them on the stage as well.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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