Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says yes you are out sid, sid baharadwaj. Simar says without any proof how can we say that he our sid. Mata ji says we have concealed the truth, we have to tell them all truth now. This will ruin our family if we don’t tell them anymore. We will face this problem with all of our family. By the grace of God, we will win. Yeah pari, simar lied. but because she wanted to save lives of prem, sid and you all. For our protection she risked her marital life. She can not be wrong. Prem recalls asking simar for wed locket and taunting at her every time. Simar tells them entire truth, she says we got to know if before. and all that rajveer said. She recalls entire story maya told them. how rajveer blackmailed maya. and how maya asked roli not to tell anyone. prem says is maya alive and rajveer is doing all this? roli says jeju js right you are my sid. i did this all to save you life. I pretended to be a widow. There is nothing more than you for me.

Sid goes out, roli says sid please stop. she holds his hand. Sid shoves her and leaves. Simar says he wont stop because he is in control of rajveer.

Rajveer says maya you played a good game but you can’t defeat me, still how you dared to back stab me? You did what you could now its my turn. I will kill sid and give him so much pain that death will fear as well. he will cut his own throat. Door bell rings. Its sid. Sid says you called me? Rajveer says maya has deceived me but you will have to pay for it. I order you to cut your throat. Maya says no, aryan is about to take out his sword but stops. Rajveer says i order you to cut you neck, aryan. Aryan says maya deceived you then why should i cut my neck?
Maya says no one could stand in front of truthfulness of baharadwaj house. Girjesh closes the door.

Roli goes to temple and start crying there. Whole family comes to her. She puts her hand above the burning flame.SHe says whole family knows the truth now i am back home as well. Simar didi was never wrong, she did this all for our family and sid. She gives the wed locket to prem and says give her, right back. Prem takes the wed locket and goes out.

Prem is in his room in tears. He looks at simar’s photo and recalls their good moments. simar comes in and says prem ji.. she says dont be repentant. you know i can’t see your head down. Prem says you tried to convince me but i never listened to you. I put so many allegations on you. simar says forget it like a nightmare. no matter what happens our relationship can never break. I made a mistake as well. I should not have risked my wed locket and i want to repent over it. She takes the wed locket from his hand and says i want you make me wear it. Simar say can i ask for something? prem says yes. simar says your trust. I promise you to be always yours and you promise me to be by my side always. Prem says i promise. Prem nods and is about to make her wear, mata ji comes in and says stop prem.

Precap-rajveer is about to kill maya, sid stops his hand. He says bahardawaj said the same thing that i am aryan not sid. They had tears in their eyes when they said this and you have fierce, this means they were right and you are wrong.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. iam the first

  2. Nice nice nice episode

  3. Thanks atlast sid std sensing that bw family is right n Rajveer is wrong

  4. why did mata ji say no to prem ????? someone plz guess atleast n reply :)))

  5. U fool prem how many times u ll make sar cry. Stupid mn never trusted her. Slap him 2 tightly for not giving support in such difficult time. N taunting n complaining like a useless man.

  6. She might ask him to apologise or after sid returns den only nake simar wear. Coz he held her responsible for sids death. Eisa kuch [email protected]

  7. Always prem wil deceive simar and again she ll ask fr his trust this happens evrytym in dis soap… irritatin lost interest in watchin it…i dunno frm wer ll enemies com fr BW house alone….plz don drag it director hav sense n stop it soon waiting fr a fresh story serial

  8. So glad sid is back to his senses that means rosid track soon woo love u rosid ❤️❤️❤️???

  9. Yayy prem finally realizes his mistake soo happy??

  10. Nice episode at last Prem realized his mistake………i think mataji will tell tat, prem made simar to remove mangalsutra before everyone so he have to put to simar back before every one…..

  11. wow finally premar ka reunite hua. waiting for tomorrows episode

  12. A simar fan……

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