Code Red 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

August 2013, Kaithal, Haryana
(State Level Boxing Championship 2013 – Chandigarh):
The girl in blue dress wins the championship.

Vijendra Chaudhary’s House:
Kabir comes to meet his friend Vijender. He has become a father. Kabir asks him if he came late but Vijender tells him that no one celebrates the birth of a baby girl in their state. I have made all the preps but it is ok. You are here and that’s the best thing. Kabir wishes how everyone could think like his friend. We wont need stuff like Beto Bachao then! Kabir meets the baby girl Kalpana. Vijender wants to make Kalpana a boxer as he is a boxing coach after all. Our village is called Mini Sudha. There is a boxer in every house in our village. Kabir is amused. They decide to explore the village tomorrow.

Next day:
Kabir comes to Vijender’s academy. He keeps guiding his students all along. Kabir recalls their college times. Vijender had played very well back then as well. He too remembers all his past dreams but he had to give them up because of family responsibilities. Kabir is still proud of him as he is busy in fulfilling other people’s dreams. Vijender notices the girls. He asks for Ritu. A girl tells him that she did not come today as well. Vijender is angry. She has been missing it since last 10 days. The girl had gone to Ritu’s house but she still refused to come. Vijender is angry as the championship is near. The girl says maybe Ritu doesn’t want to meet you. Vijender vows to teach her a good lesson once she meets him again. Kabir tells him to calm down. What happened? who is this Ritu Chaudhary? Vijender replies that she is state champion. The only champion from all the 21 districts of Haryana! She is going to present our state in national championship. She won the Chandigarh State Championship six months ago as well. She was completely ready for it.

6 months ago:
Vijender guides Ritu well before the championship and her opponent (Poornima). A guy (Ratan) comes to inform Vijender that Ritu’s dad passed away. They feel that now Ritu wont be able to fight. Their names are announced. Vijender tells her about her father. Let’s go back. She still wants to play to win. It will be a true adieu to him. Vijender looks at her proudly. She wears her gloves and is emotional as she thinks of her father’s words. He had pushed her to go for the championship.

Ritu wins the championship. She is all teary eyed when she is announced the winner. She finally cries her heart out. Her father’s words echo in her head (Be a winner!).

Present: Vijender says this is the problem in our country. Success gets in people’s head. Kabir wants to finish a few pending words. He turns to go when he overhears the same girl talking to another girl. How can I tell coach sir what Ritu’s real problem is? Who would not want to play national championship after winning a state championship? Her condition is such that I cannot even tell it. Kabir asks her about Ritu and her problem. Maybe I will be able to help her as I am a reporter.

Ritu’s House:
He meets a lady in the house and asks about Ritu. She points out to a girl who is cleaning utensils. Kabir asks her if she is Ritu Chaudhary, the boxer. She nods. The lady tells her not to waste too much time as there is still a lot of work to do. Kabir gives his intro. Ritu agrees to talk to him in a while.

Later, she tells him that she lives her with her younger brother on rent. He wants to know the reason as to why she is doing this. you should be preparing for your nationals as of now. She says a lot was supposed to happen but it never happens in reality. What’s the use of such a game which cannot even help us in arranging for our meals? School fees, uniform! Life became tough for us. I started doing cleaning work at my landlord’s place. Atleast now we get enough food to eat. I would have been begging by now otherwise. Kabir says I could not imagine you getting in this situation. State champions have a very good scope in life. She too had heard the same but life turned out a little differently for her. it would have been better if I would not have met coach sir at all. Mamta and I were returning from school one day.

3 years ago:
Two guys follow them on the bike. One of the guys (Raunak) likes Mamta. She refuses to reciprocate his feelings and he gets down the bike and walks close to her. Ritu intervenes and beats both of them badly. Raunak apologizes to Mamta. I wont do this from now onwards. But the very next moment he takes out his knife. Vijender has been observing all this and saves the girls. Ritu thanks him for his timely help. Vijender is impressed with Ritu’s talent. Come to my academy. You will do well. It is a promotional camp only. Ritu is hesitant and doesn’t promise him anything. I will see if I want to do this or not! Vijender is hopeful that he will finally find the talent he has been waiting for.

Ritu comes to the academy the next day. Vijender is happy to see her. She is wearing suit. He teases her about it as it wont be comfortable. She turns to go but he allows her to try it the way she wants to. She starts the practise. She performs average with her gloves on but performs amazingly when she takes them off. Her name gets in the list. Vijender is happy to have found such a gem. It is a game. One has to wear boxing gloves. She wonders if these cotton can hurt anyone. He wears them and hits her. She falls on the floor. He tells her to come here from tomorrow onwards in the morning and evening (2 hours each). On her way back, Ritu shares with Mamta that she too will become a Mary Kom one day. Those cotton gloves hurt me badly though. They both smile. A lady informs Ritu about her mother. She had a fit. Ritu’s family is having a hard time taking care of Ritu’s mother. Ritu too rushes to her side, leaving the gloves behind on the ground.

Ritu’s father asks her about the gloves. Ritu tells him about her day in the academy. Coach sir says I have strong hands. I too want to become a boxer. He is against it. Girls are not supposed to fight. Plus you have to take care of your ill mother too. Ritu’s brother (Rajesh) supports her. Take your gloves and go to practise. We will share the work at home. He too asks the same question about the gloves. She hits him and he is taken aback. They both start fighting cutely. The duo share a hug.

Ritu’s starts her practise from next day onwards. She gets new clothes too so she doesn’t have to wear suits anymore. Rajesh shares her workload at home. Her father too observes everything. He gets happy the day he reads a news article mentioning it that Ritu has been selected for state championship. Rajesh shows the article to her. She is happy for a second but then her smile fades away. He notices that the gloves are torn. They will cost approx 4k. She tells him to focus on his studies. I will manage it. her father has heard their convo.

Present: Ritu says parents may be facing lots of problems but they will never think bad for their kids. My father made up his mind regarding something that day. But I was so lost in the news that day that I could not see his love. I was busy in my practise but his health started deteriorating.

Flashback: Ritu and Rajesh gives medicine to their father. They notice that the medicines are over. The kids leave from there as he falls asleep. There is a blood mark on the duvet too. Next day, Ritu’s father is still unwell. She refuses to leave his side but he gives her his swear. You will have to go for the championship or you will see my dead face. He next gifts her new pair of gloves. I got a chance to give you something once. You will have to do. Be a winner!

Present: Ritu shares that her father had got those gloves with the money he had saved for his TB treatment. Ma too left home once he died. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find her. we registered a report too but in vain. Survival became tough for us. Rajesh left school and started working at a grocery shop. You have to eat to live and to maintain your mental balance. Kabir wonders why she dint share anything with Vijender. He might have helped you. Rajesh comes there. What should she have told? You belong to a good background it seems but you cannot live by talking good / big only. He shows him Ritu’s medals and trophies. My sister has won it but what will we do with it. she will only gain another medal if she wins this championship too. no one will even give us Rs. 10 for all this. Kabir suggests them to be positive. Did you share your problem with anyone from the sports authority? Rajesh says we approached everyone but we only got assurances in return. We even went to National Games Centre too one day.

National Games Centre:
They approach the concerned person for help. The guy says government gives Rs. 2000 to a state championship every month. She agrees. The expenses are more though. We only want the money to be transferred in every month in our bank account unlike getting it in the end of the year. This will be a big help for us. He talks about rules. We cannot change our rules for only one person. 6k boxers are registered in our centre. People survive by working in other people’s house too. fight with the circumstances and win!

Present: Rajesh agrees with the centre head. People like us are good enough to do these small works only. We are atleast able to live now. Spare us. Kabir understands the injustice that they have been through. No one can give you the exact value of these medals are they are invaluable. You should not give up. No one will make a joke of you if you return to the academy. You will actually become an inspiration for other players. Your father also wanted this only. I agree you have to do all this even after becoming a champion. If you still don’t give up then your name will be written in history. He leaves from there.

Sakshi (host) asks him if Ritu will be able to return to the academy after what all she is going through. He had to do this or no one will be able to help her otherwise. Her self confidence is broken. It was important to motivate her this way. If she wont play then the centres, who are responsible for her condition, will be able to stay scot free. Sakshi agrees with him. a state level boxing champion is working like a maid in other people’s houses. Make sure that her hopes are not broken once again. It is your responsibility. World should know about her situation and so should the sports authority. They should make changes in their rules after understanding the conditions which the players have to face.

Vijender is upset with himself that he couldn’t understand Ritu’s problem. He thanks Kabir for his help. I wouldn’t have found out all this otherwise. Kabir tells her to make sure Ritu’s confidence is not broken this time. Ritu comes there with Rajesh. Vijender gives her example to all the other students. I am proud of the fact that I am her coach. Ritu and Rajesh feel better. Ritu has to leave for nationals in the evening. Make preps. Kabir and I will take care of the expenses for now but we will take it back with interest don’t worry. He goes to confirm her name in the list. Kabir wishes good luck to Ritu. He in turn thanks her for listening to him. this is a golden chance for you. give your best. Don’t think that you are alone. We all are very proud of you.

Ritu vs. Navjeet:
Vijender tells Ritu to fight for her better tomorrow. Ritu loses the championship. She is badly hurt by the end (bleeding actually). Vijender and Rajesh rush to her side immediately. She is rushed to City Hospital, Kaithal. Rajesh cries holding his sister’s hand. Doc tells Vijender that Ritu is anaemic. She dint have proper diet so the glucose, haemoglobin is down. She could have lost her life. How could you do that! Vijender feels bad. Kabir calls him. Vijender says I made a very big mistake. She couldn’t fight as she was very weak. She has not eaten since many days maybe. I wont be able to forgive myself. Kabir denies. we all are responsible for Ritu’s condition. This fight is ours now. Vijender knows no one will do anything except telling them rules but Kabir decides to fight for Ritu now. He ends the call.

Kabir meets the concerned person from the Games authority. He tells him about Ritu’s case. He meets other people too but no one is ready to pay heed to him. On the other hand, Rajesh and Vijender are taking care of Ritu. People read Kabir’s article next day – we will have to shake the sleeping games authority from slumber! Ritu gets discharged. She gives byte to media as well. Her story is brought out in the open. Minister orders the authorised people of the sports authority to give Rs. 1 lac to Ritu asap. She should get her grant every month.

Ritu gets the money authorised by central and state government. Ritu and Rajesh are overwhelmed.

1 year later:
(National Boxing Championship 2014, Punjab)
Vijender thanks Kabir for everything whereas Kabir appreciates Ritu for showing courage even though she was all broken up from inside. I couldn’t have done anything if she would not have shown such courage. Ritu wins the championship against Navjeet this time. Vijender, Kabir and Rajesh are very proud of her.

Haryana’s Ritu Chaudhary became the national champion. This victory was of that player who couldn’t get the basic necessities in life yet never gave up. Our country lacks in delivering the resources to the right people on time. If Ritu could get her monthly expenses every month instead of getting it in the year end then maybe she would have won this competition for the second time this year. She got help from central and state government once the news was made public. Games authority is thinking to make changes in their rules.

Rishu MIttal of Haryana, the state boxing champion, is surviving by working in other people’s houses. MP’s Sita won bronze medals twice yet she is compelled to open a snacks stall so she can earn money to live. 40 year old Shanti Devi (former Kabaddi player) can be seen selling vegetables in one of the markets in Jamshedpur. 21 year old archery player from Jharkhand is also forced to do something like that only. The faces are different but their pain is same. they lack basic necessities. If this continues then no parent from our country will even think of sending their kids to participate it such games. It is a serious matter. We all have to look around to make sure no player is forced to take up small jobs just so he / she can arrange for two meals in the day.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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