Tere Sheher Mein 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaz talking to Amaya. She says mum is so cool to not care for fees and thanks her. Amaya says mum started talking with me. Jaz asks her to tell Mantu that she will teach Chiklu and fix timings. Amaya says if she sees him, she will say, and asks her to go as she has to sleep. Jaz says she will do all arrangements. Amaya asks her not to shut window, she likes waking up by the bell sound. Jaz asks her to solve her problem with Mantu. Its morning, Amaya comes to temple and sees much crowd.

She thinks if she gets late, her temple secret will be out and waits in queue. Mantu asks people not to get in between. Amaya says she will be late. Mantu sees her. He asks her how did she come again. She says actually… He says her secret is safe with her. She says no use, till she goes home late, everyone will wake up, is there no shortcut to meet Lord. Mantu says he works in temple administration and can make her meet soon, but Lord will not bless full. She says no, I want total blessings. He says your family will be happy to know this.

She recalls Jaz’s words and he recalls Atom’s words. They say sorry to each other. They start arguing. She says she does not want to fight now and make a new start. She apologizes and says Jaz can teach Chiklu, she got admission and can teach by fixing time. He asks which school. She says the name and he says its number 1 school in Banaras. She says its best school. He says its costly, even I wanted to make Chiklu get admission there, but I don’t have money and Chiklu does not have good marks, but I will arrange money.

She says Chiklu will get good marks. He says my turn, and apologizes to her, as he got angry seeing Atom hurt. She says she has forgiven him, he helped her and fought too. She says now everything is sorted, so I think we should be friends and gives her hand. Uma comes and beats Mantu. Mantu gets angry and asks him to get her direct entry. He asks why, she wants full blessings, take my name and visit. Uma takes him along. The lady asks Amaya to move ahead.

Rama comes to meet Rachita. She says she would have come to take paper. He says he came to show ad, of proof reader in magazine. She says its perfect and asks the office address. He says he will take her. She asks about his shop. He says Shamu will manage, I know people in that office and may get help, if she does not want to go with him, its ok. She says I will come and meet at your shop. He says fine and smiles. She says thanks and he leaves.

She checks the door again and Rudra comes, asking for Sneha. Amaya says she got late and rushes home. She sees tika and thinks if she got friendly with Banaras, she will keep the tika. She gives Prasad and takes some home. Sneha tells Rudra that she is happy with Hari’s bail. Rachita says we were sure nothing wrong will happen. Sneha says now Hari will come soon to Banaras, is there any problem, tell me. Rudra says nothing like that, we will see Jaz admission first, I m very happy as its top school of Banaras, the fees will be more. She says she will pay fees and not compromise with Jaz’s studies. He asks about donation.

Rachita says school admin did not say anything about donation and just asked local reference. Rudra says they will not understand local contact things here. Sneha says he is mistaken. Jaz says head clerk was helpful. Rudra says he will be happy if her admission happens without donation, I will call and confirm. Sneha says fine, we will call and see. Rudra asks Jaz did she take number and she goes to get school form.

Amaya comes and Rudra says it looks she went to temple. She says she got late and gives Prasad. Rachita says not bad and takes Prasad. Rudra calls on the number. Jaz tells Amaya that Rudra said without donation, there will be no admission. Amaya says he did not tell us. Rudra calls the clerk and puts on speaker. The man asks Rudra to explain them about donation, and they are shocked. Rudra’s friends keep the man captive.

Rudra requests him. The man asks how to adjust and says against Rishi Mathur. Rudra asks what is this nonsense. Rudra’s friends beat the man and the man says as they make him say against Rishi, calling him a fraud and criminal, he had pity on the girl to be without father. Sneha cries. He asks for donation and ends the call. The man asks Rudra’s friends to leave him as he has told what they said.

Amaya says she will do his official complaint, see how he is saying. Rudra says yes, I will beat him. Sneha says he will not do this. Rudra asks why, he told such against Rishi. He says they have to get Jaz’s admission there and asks Jaz not to worry. Jaz asks what will he do, will he make their pasts good and clear Rishi’s name. She gets angry and leaves. Rudra asks Sneha to trust him, he will get the admission, it was his mistake to keep phone on speaker, he made Jaz upset. Sneha goes. Rudra smiles and leaves.

Amaya asks Jaz to calm down and says she will make her get admission, give me some time, I will make everything fine and hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. May be mantu can help them in getting local reference?? If yes then it will be good..

  2. very nice episode

  3. cute sister. especially jaz

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