Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Maat ji tears the cheque. apart and throw it on face of juwala ji. she says we don’t humiliate the guests ut you don’t deserve the honor. Juwala shouts. Mata ji says dont be loud this is my house and i rule here. You don’t have enough money to buy this house. This isn’t just a house Its a blessing for us. This is the proof of our unity and my family can never be bought. Neither will we bow down. Before your presence ruin our purity we ask you to leave. Juwala says this will be so bad for you. I will take the revenge. She leaves.

Scene 2
Juwala enters her house in anger. she recalls what simar did to her first. She recalls mata ji tearing the cheque. She shouts in anger. She says i will make your life hell. You will leave that house by your own.
Mausi ji says to maat ji wow you made her shut up. You are so brave. She will never ever see our house. i think you should participate in elections. Mausi ji says where is roli she shoudl come back there is a lot of hotness here. Suddenly power cuts. Sahalu and satu go to check. Mata ji says invertor should work. Prem says it was not working, i asked for services. Shalu comes and says there is no problem with the fuse. Prem calls to compalin . he says we can’t do anything for now. The techincian will come tomorrow. Everyone is so worried. Mata ji its just about one night dom’t worry that much. she asks simar to bring hand fans and candles.

Scene 3
Juwala asks birju to go bharadwaj house and check how they are putting up with out electricity. She says i will attack them before the recover from the first one. Go i want every detail of theri pain.

Scene 4
Everyone is so fed up with the hotness. uma says look we brought everyone the ice cream. Sid is making some signs at roli. She goes to him. He stands with her back. Roli is trying to go but sid is not letting her. roli asks her to let him go. he says make me eat. Roli says everyone is here. He says you have so what you have to make me eat and with interest. Interest is what i wanna hear from you. Mausi ji sees them and says look no one knows whats going on there. Sattu says sid eat from us as well. Everyone laughs.
Khushi comes in and says i have to stay here. that verma threw me out. Karuna asks her to sit with them. Simar says lets do something and spend the night well. pari says yeah lets play antakshari. uma starts with ‘kabhi khushi kabhi gham’, Shalu sings ‘hum ko hum hi sy’. Everyone smiles and claps. Pari sings ‘kajra re’. Prem sings ‘ bholi si surat’. Birju is looking in an is dazed that they are still so happy. Sid sings ‘ishq bulava’. Roli sings ‘zehnaseeb’. Roli says let me bring limopani. Roli feels like someone is there. She asks who is there. Suddenly someone places hand on her mouth. She is so scared and tries to take it off. He shows her the lighter. Roli is so scared. Its sid. she says you scared me to death. He says my breaths are with your life. Roli says whole family is waiting you lemonade. he says your you deserve an award. I am so proud of you. He gives her a juice with joint starw. She asks did you make it ? Sid says no juwala made it for you. They are drinking it. Simar comes in and coughs. They both get nervous. Simar says everyone is waiting for the lemonade.
birju calls juwala and tells her that they are still so happy.

Precap-juwala says these people of electricity corporation work as i direct. You still have time leave bhaeradwaj house. Roli says do whatever you want we don’t bow in front of injustice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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