Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla comes to Nettu’s home. Gauri is shouting and Nettu is trying to get her injected. Gauri falls unconcious suddenly kamla comes in and asks I heard her shouting why was she screaming ? Nettu says not at all. She is sleeping. You should go she won’t feel good there in chowl. Kamla says no she is my responsibilty I can’t burden you. Nettu says Poki was my responsibilty but you helped me. Kamla says she feels better in the chowl. Nettu says I feel like she is a rich lady. She can’t live in that chowl. She feels good here she has all the facilities here. We have nurse here for mummy ji. Kamla says okay for a few days I will keep her here. Nettu says yeah until you get free with Kalpi’s wedding. Pakhi comes . kamla asks how are you ? she says I am good. Kamla says tomorrow is Kalpi sakar pura(some wedding ritual) you have to come. Pakhi says thats my home as well. Kamla leaves. Nettu says to poki focus on Raghav. Pakhi says don’t tell me what to do. Nettu says to nurse she should not leave the bed after 15 days.

Scene 2
Kamla comes home Vitthala asks where is tai ? kamla says I left her there at Nettu’s home. She doesn’t like noise and people. she will feel better there. Kalpi s about to get wed so there will be a lot of people here. Vitthal says are you sure about your decision ? She says i think so. Kamla says we will but an AC after wedding for her.
Pakiya comes in and says Sammy has come with his parents. Kamla says they should have informed. kamla asks Vitthal to bring thr refreshments. kamla starts cleaning the house.

Scene 3
Kalpi is with Raghav in the car. She asks where are we going ? Raghav says Sammy is going to your home with his parents your baba wanted to meet some elders.So Sammy went there with them. Kalpi says but you should have talked about it first. Raghav says you know how uncomfortable am I with all this. They will talk in a better way. kalpi asks how will he handle ?
Raghav says you don’t know him he can handle everyone. He knows how important you are for me.

Scene 4
Sammy comes in with his parents. Sammy says sorry i came without informing. Vitthal uncle wanted to meet my parents. Kamla introduces them to Pakiya. she says we have brought Kalpana up with so much love. I think I should tell you that I was a maid before. But now Vitthal works in a factory and kalpi works with Raghav and Sammy. Sammy’s mom says no work is small or big. His dad says the most important this is the character. Sammy and Raghav respect you people a lot. Vitthal comes in. Kamla introduces him to them.
Vitthal sits with them. He says sammy is such a good friend of Ragahv. His dad says Raghav is like our son as well. Kamla says why didn’t Raghav come then ? Sammy says he was busy with something. Now the relationship is made he will keep coming. They are leaving. Kamla says we liked him a lot and now after meeting you we are more than happy. His dad says all the rituals will be done simply. We will come tomorrow. Kamla asks Vitthal to give the shagun money. Kamla gives it to sammy. Sammy is dazed. Vitthal says this is for Shagun don’t say no. Sammy takes it. They leave.
kamla says our Kalpi is getting married. kamla says we have to distribute sweets. pakiya is in tears he says when did Kalpi grow up. Vitthal says have you gone mad ? he hugs him. Vitthal says stop it everyone is seeing you. Pakiya says look am I a good actor or not ? Vitthal salps him with love. He says i am going to give audition for a competition.

Scene 4
Kamla says i can’t believe that ourKalpi is about to get wed. There is a lot to do. We have to buy clothes for Kalpi and Sammy and a gold ring. Kamla starts collecting money from whole house. She gives him a miney box. Vitthal says we have been saving in it for her. She has grown old so we have o break it for her.

Scene 5
Kalpi comes in a shop with Raghav. Kalpi says here ? He says oh please I went to street shopping for you. We have to buy a ring for wedding come on. Kalpi says we can buy it from somewhere else. Raghav says we will buy from here. SAmmy calls him and tells him everything. Ragahv says so am i getting engaged tomorrow. Pakhi comes in the shop. She sees Raghav with kalpi. Raghav is making kalpi wear the ring. Pakhi wonders what are they doing there ? Suddenly rings falls off Raghav’s hand and goes to Pakhi’s feet. Pakhi asks you guys here ? Raghav says we came here to buy Kalpi a ring. Come and help your friend. Tomorrow we are going to buy a dari for engagment with sammy and his parents.. Come and help us. Pakhi says so Raghav is helping sammy. Kalpi is choosing a ring for herslef. He goes on the other side with Pakhi and choose a ring for Kalpi with Pakhi. He wonders how ot figure out the size. He asks Pakhi to show her hand. he makes her wear just to check. Pakhi thinks he is buying for her. Raghav sasy i bought it for the lady I love the most. Ragahv says Kalpi will be so happy with the ring.


Precap-Kamla goes to temple to prau for Kalpi. She places the ring the basket and asks to place it in the feet. Gunjan comes there for paryer and the baskets get exchanged.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi! Mon! my daughter is 32yrs old/her kids are 5 and 3.they settled in belgium

  2. This is copy and paste from EK Mutthi Aasman -RAGHAV And KALPI/ message from:Ria Bhowmick:
    Lets try contacting them and bombaring them 4 Repeat–
    Djs Creative Unit,Andheri W
    Bunglow 173, Mhada Svp Nagar Four Banglow, Andheri W, Mumbai – 400053,
    MS Deeya Singh
    [email protected] gmail.com
    Company Profile
    DJ’s is a well known TV Serials Production House run by Tony Singh.
    Contact Details
    Company Name:DJ’s A Creative Unit
    Website:Not Mentioned
    Executive Name:Shivangini Ramchandani
    Address:Not Mentioned

  3. My kids r 5&2

  4. What’s going on? Caaaaaaaan sooooooommmmeeeeeooonnnneeee tteeeellll mmmmmmeeeeeee…….. wwwwwwwwhhhhhyyyyy is sahil and neetu not getting caught??????? And why would raghav marry paakhi?? If he does im quitting EMA

  5. Hi Mon…. How r you…….?..

  6. Good morning Ragna Fans,

    So the Mahasangam is beginning today!! Excited??

    Have you all see that on cable they are showing Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke for 1 hour from 7 to 8? No mention of EMA? Whats happening?

    1. Yup noticed

  7. gd morning guyz finally mahasungsum is begining 2day…with loooootttttttzzzzzzzz of twists…turns….mu’s….mysteries…..confusions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bla bla bla……

  8. So it
    Like Raghav will not leave kalpi in the mandap and they will get married!

  9. hope so it happens…..baaki cvs knws…..

  10. waise guyz sslk(sapne suhane ladkpan ke) k din mei do repeat telecast hote hai ab jab iska sungum hamare EMA k saath hai….toh kya EMA ka b repeat telecast hoga??????????

  11. Hi chocopie, mon & all ragna frnds
    Waise sslk ke 3 reapeat telecast aate hai

  12. Hello raghna frnds good morning
    Anshu angel,litt sis chocopie,Angie,ap, Girija ji, Tatiana
    I m not excited about maha sangam
    Just worry & tension

  13. Hope raghna stays 2gether forever

  14. hi mon…. A2(anshu angle)..waise y r nt u telling ur twitter id….hmmm…

    1. I m not active on twitter
      Havnt open my account on fb for the last few months last tym i just opened it to see mynfarewell pics
      & i m not sure to reveal my fbid here becoz it has been hacked 4 times earlier & since this is the public forum i m scared to reveal any of my personal kd here … but i promise after my exams i wil s3nd u f4nd request on fb

  15. Choco be honest I don’t have twitter id
    Pawandeep kaur twitter is open 4 anybody so I can c if she have any news or pic and I saw ap there ,
    Today I was when I open my twitter acc I give u my id 101%

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    When I open my twitter acc I’ll give u my id

  17. ok mon A2…..i cn understand………luv u guyz…..

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  19. But u can take twitter id becoz no informayion there

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  23. it is simple ya when u use it continously u knw everything about that…..waise i understand wht u had wrote above….

  24. Hi my Ragna friends,

    Looks like at least Raghav and Kalpi are getting engaged – dont know about marriage. Check out the following link


  25. There hav been many spoilers till now but i was nt sure whether to believe them or nt but 1 thing is sure confusion will be cleared on engagement that its ragna not sammy & kalpi but guys sammy is looking smarter than raghav
    🙂 🙂

  26. i think all spoilers wld b true….bt ragna’s marriage suspense remain till 9 may…..means till mandap

  27. Hi I m here raghna frnds
    So how was your weekend girls?
    Confussion will remain till engegment
    I think so engegment me pata chal jayega ki ,sammy nahi raghav hai

  28. As soon as possible plz try to update today’s ema

  29. Pls updat us noww….. waiting

  30. sooooooooooooo boring episode


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