Nadaan Parindey 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sameer seeing Balli giving the haldi to Nimmi. Sameer thinks how to mix the haldi now. Meher comes and sits upset for the haldi. Sameer takes the haldi and Nimmi scolds him. Sameer mixes the shagun haldi and Meher looks at him. He signs her Bebe touched this and she smiles happily. Her mood becomes good. Sameer smiles seeing her happy. Everyone apply haldi to Meher. Meher imagines Bebe infront of her and is happy.

She then sees Bebe disappeared and becomes upset. Everyone dance in Bebe’s house as its RV’s haldi too. Sameer comes home and sees Bebe upset. Balli tells Sameer that he has some plan to put the haldi on RV. RV comes and sits for the haldi making sure to everyone that he has allergy with the haldi and only his clothes should be applied haldi. Sameer sees Balli putting haldi on RV from the terrace and goes to stop him. Everyone put limited haldi on RV. Sameer tries hard to stop Balli but the haldi falls on RV. RV shouts on Sameer and scolds him.

RV gets annoyed and leaves. Bebe looks at Sameer. Bebe slaps Sameer. Sameer says listen to me once. He says I did not do anything. Bebe says I saw you with my eyes putting the haldi on RV. She says you insulted RV. Nimmi comes there and blames Bebe for everything. She taunts Bebe. She creates a big scene and asks why do you come to our house when we don’t call you. Sameer asks her not to drag Bebe in between. Nimmi calls Sameer a fool and blames him for putting haldi on RV to break the relation. Sameer asks are you drunk.

Nimmi says you won’t accept your mistake. Balli says stop mum. He says I did that, Sameer was stopping me. Everyone are shocked. Balli says Sameer was telling me not to put RV as he has allergy. He says I thought to teach RV the lesson and the haldi fell down. Bebe feels bad for slapping Sameer. Sameer says I was stopping him. Nimmi feels ashamed and leaves.

Sameer comes to RV and says thank Lord you are fine. RV scolds him. Sameer says I did not do this, it happened by mistake. RV says you broke my trust. RV’s mum comes and calms down RV. RV asks Sameer to leave. Sameer leaves. RV says what if I died. His mum scolds him and says you will die if your truth comes out. RV says my body is itching. She asks him to be calm till he gets married as they need Sameer. She asks RV to apologize to Sameer. Purab talks to his boss about Sartaj.

Sameer is upset. Bebe comes to him. She apologizes to him. Sameer says RV is strange. Bebe says foreigners are different, they don’t know our culture, did anyone tell you something. Sameer says RRV shouted on me. Bebe prays for Meher’s happiness and leaves. Sameer is worried about Meher and her future, will RV keep Meher happy or not.

Meher and Minty see a guy horse riding and Minty tells Meher that he is her prince charming. Meher smiles. Meher returns her childhood memories to Sameer. Sameer tells Bebe that Meher asked him to forget her and is angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasn

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