Sasural Simar Ka 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th March 2013 Written Update
Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Viru is shocked to hear roli’s reply. He asks why viodya, and asks her not to be scared, as they rae going to their house, vidya and vikram’s. roli is unable to understand, and asks why doesnt she remember anything like that. He asks her to relax, as that is the result of her accident. She asks him where, how did they meet, and where and how did they get married, and if they are, then where’s the mangalsutra, leaving him speechless. But he says that it was lost in the accident, and says that he would tell her everything, once she goes home with him. Roli says that till she believes completely that he’s her husband, she wont go with him. But when he continues to insist, she slaps him. this gets him angry, and he too is about to slap her back, but restrains himself, thinking about the nurses who are shocked. He asks her how can she slap the person, who left the entire family or her. Roli asks what does he mean. He says that his family threatened knwoing about their love, but they ran away, to get married. But somehow her family caught up with them, and that is how they got in an accident, in trying to escape from them. And that she lost her memory. lata asks her to compose himself, commenting on what an incredible love story it is.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Naina says to khushi that its a very big crime for being an unwed mother, and if they didnt commit a mistake after all. Khushi asks her not to think like that, as this is something that they would have to do very carefully. Khushi tells her that the family cant see someone’s tears for long. And that is why, even after she did all that, they still accepted…then remembering that she is about to spill her own beans, she names roli. Khushi tells naina, that roli did so much in the garb of well being of the family, and she got forgiven for that, and hence she would too.
Seeing khushi with naina, prem is shocked. naina too is surprised to see him. He asks whats happening here. Both the ladies are speechless. Khushi says that she was explaining to naina to be in her limits, as they have taken the responsibility of her care, but not her tantrums. Just then sujata shouts for dinner. khushi fake advises naina, not to stay here too long, just to win prem’s trust. after they are gone, prem thinks that something is amiss, and not right here.

The family sits down for food. naina tells them that they have had to bear shame due to them, and she apologizes for that, as she didnt intend to hurt them. she says that she wont bother themk at all. she is about to leave, when mataji tells her not to think like that as its their responsibility. In the dining hall, Prem offers to get a check up done for naina. Both mataji and mausiji too agree. mataji tells sid to take her to the doctor, and get a check up done. naina says that she would get the check up by her doctor, as she has always gone to him only. But prem says that their doctor is also a very good lady gynaecologist, and that they would get her to check up on naina, shocking naina and khushi. naina says that they shouldnt bother themselves unnecessarily. Mataji says that there’s no worry as she’s a very experienced lady and naina wouldnt face any problem. sujata calls up the doctor, telling her that a guest has come to their house, and she’s pregnant, and they want her to do a check up on naina. she takes up an appointment for naina, two hours later. Mataji asks naina to be prepared on time. prem looks happy.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
viru says to roli that he cant understand why is she behaving like this with him, as she’s his wife, and he loves her dearly. He says that she doesnt even know what he is going through, and he feels lonely and misses her love and company all the time. He tells heer, that not for his sake, but for hers, agree to go home with him. He takes her hand, and asks her not to be scared, as till she doesnt accept him as husband, he wont exercise any right over her, nor even touch her without her approval. Viru pleads roli to please accept his statements and let him take her home. lata too tells her to do so, as she’s very fortunate to have a loving husband like him. Seeing no other option, roli finally agrees to it. Viru is very happy to find his plan working. He thanks her in his mind, for agreeing and thinking that now he would take her so far off, that noone from her family would be able to search her. The screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: As roli and viru are about to go, the doctor asks viru where is he taking roli without his permission. He says that viru would have to produce proof of his relationship with roli, before taking her with him. viru is stunned. The head nurse says that her doubt was right, and that he isnt her husband after all. Roli is shocked and viru is speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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