Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kaira entering the DM and she talks about how the interior has changed in the house. She says she has come after a long time.

Sheila asks her why she has come and that all of a sudden. She says why? can I not come back it is not only yours and your son’s house specifically.

Then Anuj asks your exams are starting soon then you should be there. She says with attitude so? Rubel says whats wrong with you why are you always so rude. Then she replies what is your problem? You always talk in between. I am talking to mom and dad. You always have a habit to interfere.

Latika buts in saying it is not like that we are only worried for you?
Kaira asks who she is?
Rubel says she is Latika my fianc. Kaira walks towards her in attitude and says oh she is the one.

Sheila intervenes and asks her why she left there before her exams and you should have informed them.

Kaira answers back rudely saying you wouldn’t have come there to get me anyway. She sits down on the sofa and says that I have been thrown out of college.

Everyone is shocked.

Sheila starts her natak wont got into much details asking her what she has done. She is her useful self saying what are you doing?

Kaira says the whole world has changed but your melodrama hasn’t changed one bit

She says I haven’t done anything bad. Latika is happy with her attitude and is laughing in between.

She says I just showed some boys there place that’s all and sent them to hospital! Sheila is shocked.

Preeti goes outside to find Nanu sitting there alone. She says “Dad you are here?” she says she has been looking for him. She asks him what he is thinking. He says about a charitable hospital. He says it was his wife’s last wish and he wants to complete it at any cost. Preeti agrees and says they will complete it. Then she talks about how Harish is bankrupt due to his illness and he has no job.

Then she says Avantu has given up everything as well. She feels they should help them and support them. Nanu disagrees. He doesn’t want to hurt their self respect. He says that Avantu has never felt she will lose any battle and now she has her family harish and paya with her. They will together fight and solve every problem successfully.

Scene moves to Sheila and Co. She is shocked that Kaira hit some boys. She hit them because they were teasing her and she put them in their place.

Anuj complains about how she has become more naughty and rude. Kaira says what difference does it make. You threw me in a hostel so I had to come back to remind you that you have a daughter too. She tells her not to ask any questions and give her freedom to live how she wants.

Sheila says it is fine but this is india. She adds girls have to be careful here and she is shocked that she hit a few boys what if something happened to you. Kaira says so what if something happened to me?! She says she doesn’t care… she knows Rubel is her favourite but she doesn’t care

Then she asks for shanky. Sheila is shocked that she doesn’t think of anyone else.

Nanu and Preeti come and they are shocked to see her. She just looks at them. She replies rudely to Preeti saying I have said why I am here I am not repeating it! Still Nanu says Welcome Home and Nice to See you after all these years.

He moves closer to her but she feels strange and runs to her room. Nanu is left dejected and Sheila tries to cover her up.

Adi and Pankhu are cuddling and are in bed together. Adi wakes up and stretches he sees if Pankhu is awake. He kissed her cheek and she wakes up they smile at each other. She jumps up looking at the time and shouts at Adi for not waking her up on time.

She stresses saying she has never woken up so late. Adi stops her and puts his finger on her lips and says its okay. He cups her cheeks and says “do you know the best thing in my life… its you! he smiles at her. He says she is the best thing that has ever happened to him and know he knows the importance of a life partner and how you feel complete. Pankhu is crying and he says he will never let anyone between us not even tears.

He says his famous dialogue… “Its not that I cant live without you… its just I don’t want to live without you Pankhuri!” she smiles. They hug and then he says aren’t you getting late you talk too much, go and do your work. Then he rests his head on her lap. He stops her again and she puts the duvet over him. He shouts her but she is gone.

Kaira is talking on the phone to a friend and they will meet shortly. Then Anuj walks in she talks to him rudely and tells him not to interfere in her personal life. They continue to fight. She throws something on the floor and shouts at him in anger.

Kaira has something wrong with her family it is really interesting to watch.

She walks off in anger leaving Anuj angry.

Avantika in the kitchen and she burns herself. Pankhu comes to her and asks her if she is okay. They say something about the milk about it going to waste and Pankhu says they will make Paneer her mom has taught her. Avantu says to her that she looks happy. She adds she wants her and adi to be happy and they hug in happiness.

Guptas talk to Naman and his dad. They talk about Holi and then her dad says to Pushkar that they can keep neha at their house for a few days. Neha is upset and she looks at Naman saying no he looks away.
Ambika is happy because she will get to spend some time with the family.
Adi is getting ready and humming something. Pankhu wets Adi by accident and says sorrry he says you look happy today. He hair dryes her hair and they have some fun. She cant undo her necklace due to her hair and Adi does it for her. He complains about girls and their jewellery. Pankhu crosses her arms.

They share a cute argument about belongings. He adds she looks like a tomato. He tries to get close to her but she throws a towel over his face.

They discuss about controlling Nanaji. He says he will entertain Adi because he has taken a day off.

Latika tells her mom everything is under control and they will succeed in their plans.
He calls adi to come to office but adi gives him a fitting reply. Rubel tells his mom that he will give a reply to adi because he wont let his nanu’s dream come true.

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