Rab Se Sona Ishq 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 29th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with ranveer thinks about his dream… He is worried… He starts his car and decides to go home…water starts filling in the washroom.. Sahiba is struggling to get out of the washroom but the door is stuck… Ranveer is driving very fast… Family and mehak r talking and starts dancing to celebrate happiness… Rnveer stops the car and sees there is an accident.. He starts running… His phone deops nd breaks… Sahiba is struggling.. Daljeet is worried about what ranveer was telling about mehak and his dream.. He calls sahiba she doesn’t pick… He calls at home sahibas father picks the call he asks about sahiba then ranveer reaches there… He screams sahiba… Daljeet listens this and gets worried… Ranveer asks about sahiba.. His mother says she is taking bath..,

he goes upstairs… Everybody is worried… Daljeet also gets worried nd left the house to reach sahiba… Ranver calls sahiba banging the washroom door.. But nobody answers.. Sahiba is drowning… Water is filled in the washroom… He goes outside and goes inside the washroom through the pipe.. He jumps inside through the window and helps sahiba to get out of the water… He struggles to open the door.. Both r drowning but ranveer opens the door and get her out… Sahiba is unconscious… Mehak says her pulse is gone… Ranveer is shocked… He thinks the same happened in his dream… Daljeet reaches there… Ranveer screams sahiba u can’t leave me.. Plz getup… Everbody is crying… Sahiba starts vcoughing and water comes from her mouth.. Kernel calls the doctor… Sahiba is in the room… Daljeet is standing near the door… Ranveer is sitting next to shova holding her hand… Doctor saya everything is fine… And baby is fine s well… Sahiba mother tells ranveer that becoz of u my dughter is safe with her baby…sahiba father says sorry to ranveer that i didn’t trust u.. Ranveer gets up and goes outside the room.. And says nobody trusted me… Not even sahiba… Daljeet asks what u saw in ur dream… He tells them everything… Ranveers mother says its hard to believe but its possible… Bebe says that ur love is strobg thats why u can see if any trouble comes to sahiba… Sahibas mom says thats maybe its was test of ur love for sahiba… Ranveer says if its a test.. I will pass it i don’t care if i dies for sahiba… Mom says we don’t know that its over or is there more things gonna cone… Daljeet is in his house.. Chachaji says daljeet now u hve to understand that sahiba is not in ur destiny… He says she is mine but i m thinking about sumthing else right now… Whatever ranveer said it can b the truth… There is sumthing beyond science… Sumthing supernatural.. Chachaji says what u r saying maybe true… There is GOD an we believe it… U r sensible… U need to take decision about right and wrong… He goes from there… Sahiba is sleeping and ranveer is watching her… He thinks i hope i u will always be in front of me… And i will tke care of u… Sahiba wakes up and looks at ranveer… She says u saved me and our child… Ranveer says how r u feeling …she says protected… She says did u take medicine.. He said no… Sahiba gives him medicine… He says i feel weird when i takes this medicines… He says to take it… She sleeps again… Ranveer says i took medicine becoz of u but now u have to do sumthing for me… She asks what… He holds her hand and says go to sleep… She asks what happened.. He asks i m holding ur hand becoz if u go sumwhere… Sahiba says i will never ever leave u… Ranveer says i m scared… Still scared…

Precap… Ranveer sees sumthing in newspaper and worried… Sahibas father says that there is a professor an same thing happened with him as well… U should meet him… Ranveer says i don’t know whats happening with me how can he tell me the solution… Sahiba says to do this for me…

Update Credit to: camjs

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