Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The woman says I am coming in, she breaks the door. Aman can’t see her face. He says in heart I need to go out. Amn throws a sheet on her and runs out. she says where will you go. Simar sees aman and says why are you running like this? He goes to temple. Simar sees the woman she is scared. she goes after aman. She goes temple, simar follows her. aman says you are in temple which means you are no a ghost then how you broke the door? She says just like I will break your neck now. She attacks him but he sits down. simar says what is this? He says simar go to your room your life is in danger. Go and lock your room. Simar runs upstairs, aman goes to. The woman grasps his foot. he says simar please go your life is in danger. She says you came here to save simar? Who will save simar? Simar says prem mata ji come out. aman says no one is coming she has mixed sleeping pills in the milk.
Simar says what will happen now. Aman says I wont let you be successful. He asks simar to throw the milk on her. Aman grasps her and asks simar to make her drink the milk. Simar does and she faints. Aman says I asked for tonight’s time to get to know who is after you. He is someone from your house. Take the veil off her face you will know the reality. Simar takes of the veil and is shocked. Its pari. Simar says why would pari do this? Aman says was there anything she was mad at? Simar tells him about surbhi. Aman says I think this is the reason. simar says she would have done this long ago why she waited so long? She threw surbhi out herself. Aman says what is it then? what was her motive?

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Scene 2
Pari says mata ji I have not done anything. shalu says shame on you, you seeked revenge from simar for surbhi. pari says I didn’t do it. Roli says why you did this? Pari says I never did any of this. why would I kill someone, I don’t remember what happened last night. Door knocks cops come in. Aman says I have called them to know the truth. Pari says I wont go to jail I have not done anything she goes to her room. everyone follows her. She locks her room. She says I wont go to jail. shalu says open the door. sujata says we are all with you. simar says opent he door we need to solve it. You both don’t remember anything. simar says this will make cops doubt you. pari says I wont open the door, I will kill myself if you try to open it. Shalu says no one will come in. apri says no one is trusting me, but you know me. I cant kill anyone and why aman? He is our guests, simar says we will solve it please come out.

Aman goes out and climbs in pari’s room from a ladder. Pari says stop there i wont go to jail. Everyone is shocked inside. She takes a vase and says I will hit you stop there. aman opens the door shalu says what are you doing? prem says how you came in? he syas I climbed from window. aman says please go down I need to talk to her.

aman says to inspector sorry for the wait. inspector says pari tell us whats the truth. Aman says it will take some time. its all not that simple. I need to solve this matter. inspector syas how can you say that they are both innocent. aman says pari broke the boor which she can’t do normally and she would have broken my neck and today when she could hit me with a vase she didn’t. this proves what she did last night wasn’t controlled by her. Aman says I need to tell this. On 17 I met simar.. he tells everyone what siamr said to him. mata ji says simar this means you knew all this? He says no simar doesn’t remember anything, I asked her not to tell it to anyone. I am 100% sure someone from outside is doing this.

Precap-aman says please trust me hypnotism is the only way to know the truth. He hypnotizes simar and says tell me what is happening its 17. Simar says I came in kitchen and I saw him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. precap- simar says i came in kitchen and saw (HIM) who’s this ????

  2. avika (roli) will be back

  3. Really mad. Can’t understand what they planning to show. Still interesting.

  4. ur right neetu

  5. the lady is the new roli.An icchadhari naagin can take the form of any human being..

  6. Please shut this serial as soon as possible If Avika Is not going to come!!!!

  7. Avika is busy with her telugu movies. Stoped watching long back..chi …total family ko koi kaam dandha nahin ek ke badh ek prob.. writers just kill simar and roli..all probs ka jhad. Chi the hell with this. No standards at all. Making fool of everyone sooooo cheap. Put an end .

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