Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr and Mrs. Bhalla coming as Santa and bringing lots of gifts for everyone. Adi smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says I m your Dadi, not real Santa. Adi is very happy. Ishita smiles seeing him and claps. The kids dance and sing Jingle jingle…… Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla have a talk and why they became Santa, and call each other cute. She says Merry Christmas, lets have loaded. Ashok and Suraj come home and see Christmas party arrangements done by Mihika. Ashok says she has thrown a big party at my house and did not tell me. Mihika asks Ashok how did he like the surprise, I m your wife, can’t I keep party. Ashok says yes, you can. She says everyone is calling you Santa. The ladies ask Ashok to wear Santa costumes, and even Suraj.

Suraj and Ashok refuse. Mihika insists and removes Ashok’s jacket. Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla and does itching on her back. They see one more Santa. Its Bala and they laugh. The people laugh on Ashok for becoming Santa. Mihika thinks enjoy this Ashok, I will take revenge from you for my family’s every tear. The lady asks Mihika to dance, and asks Ashok to entertain them. She says we want Suraj to dance. Mihika smiles and says you are right, Suraj is shy. Ashok stops Mihika. Mihika asks will your brother break so many girl’s heart, can’t you do this for me. Ashok asks Suraj to dance, else Mihika will be annoyed. Suraj gets angry.

She reminds him how they have made Ishita dance in bachelors party, and threatens him. She asks everyone to come, as Suraj will dance for them. Bolo Radhe Radhe Sham…………Music bajega loud to Radha nachegi……………..plays……….. Suraj dances with the girls. Mihika smiles. Suraj gets angry and Mihika signs him to keep dancing. The man says I did not know you brothers have so much talent. Mihika recalls the bachelor’s party event, when they have troubled Ishita, and they made her apart from Mihir. Ishita asks how did he get clothes. Bala says I thought kids will be upset and u got this special dress. Raman comes as Santa, and everyone is surprised again.

Ruhi says this is my fav Santa. Raman says the real Santa. Ishita says the 4th Santa is Raman, the cute one. Bala says all our hardwork went in vain. Raman says control Bala. Ishita asks how did he become Santa, and laughs on his short height. Raman gifts everyone. Shagun sends Adi. Raman sees Adi and says your gift… Ishita says we kept Adi’s gift. She asks Simmi to see. Adi gets upset and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita kept party for him. and his mood got off, where did the gift go. Shagun recalls how she has take n the gift and kept in her bag. She is sorry to do this, but she is doing this to make space for them in this house.

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Shagun says no problem Ishita, I m sure you must have forgotten in work, I will explain Adi. IShita says I m sorry Raman, I got gift for Adi, I don’t know where did it go. Shagun comes to Adi and wipes his tears. She says when she gets a good job, she will get big gift for him. Adi says I m bad boy and don’t deserve any gift. She says we are not part of this family, you have seen they gave gifts to Ruhi and Shravan, they are big happy family, this is not our house, their love is not true, don’t be adamant. She says behave well, else they will make us out.

Raman gifts Ishita a tablet and she says I will gift wrap this, you give this to Adi, he will like it a lot. Raman smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………Shagun asks Adi to become good boy and play with other kids. Raman comes and says Santa can’t forget his special kid, and got this. Adi smiles and thanks him. He is happy seeing the tablet and hugs Raman. Ishita smiles seeing them. Raman says come, lets show this gift to Ruhi. Shagun thanks Ishita for making Adi happy. Ishita says cool, he is Raman’s son, I did very less for him till now. She leaves.

Ishita gets freshen up. Raman sees her and brings a gift for her. He gifts her tablet again. She asks its beautiful, but I don’t need this. He says this is your problem, if I do anything for you, then you don’t need it. She asks him to talk which she wants to hear. He asks what she wants to hear. She says why should I say, you guess it. He says kids guess it, and takes the x ray glasses out. She says give it to me, don’t wear it. He wears it. And she hides near the bed. He says he can see everything through. She says please remove it, and gets the glasses.

He asks what will he do now, I will wear it now. He holds her and wears t again. She says I will break this. He says you are so close, and touches her hair strands. He says I don’t need the glasses and they have an eyelock. He asks what she wante to hear. She says which you are not saying. Shagun comes to them and sees them romancing. She does ummhmm, I m sorry, actually I did not know where to go. Raman and Ishita get away and Ishita goes after Shagun.

Ishita asks Shagun does she want anything. Shagun says Simmi’s geyser is not working. Ishita says Raman will come down, you can use the washroom. Shagun says sorry to come that way. Mr. Bhalla looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla and everyone talk to Raman and Ishita to go for honeymoon, and tease them. Ishiat gets shy and leaves. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  16. Thanks amen…for fast need to watch on tv and more interesting than watching

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  18. No words…….ishra love u!!!!!!!!!!!

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