Friends. . Condition Apply 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chirag bumps into Police officer his bluetooth falls,,Chirag fixes it,,Security officer calls police officer he turns another side,,Murli tells Chirag not to leave Shakti alone..Chirag agrees,,Police officer tells reception to tells the names of all patients admitted,,Doctor dresses Shakti..Doctor asks Chirag how Shakti got injured,,Chirag says that Deer attacked Shakti,,Doctor says that this type accident does’nt occur..Chirag tells that it was dark and they didnt saw,,Murli tells that Doctor is having doubt,,,Murli tells he have to go,,Doctor asks Chirag to tells the truth as Shakti’s condition is critical..further treatment depends on that,,Doctor tells that he will nform the police,,Shakti listens and gets up,,Shakti and Chirag looks at each other,,Chirag tells that Shakti is a rockstar,,Shakti tells that Chirag is her hero,,Shakti tells Chirag she is alright,,Shakti asks Chirag why he came in between,,,Chirag tells he known that Shakti has feelings for him,,Chirag tells that Shakti is going right,,he cn read her face,,Shakti says that she is alright now,,tells Chirag no need to worry..
Murli tells Chirag to come fast,,Murli calls Kumar and tells to tight the security of all friends,,Doctor tells Chirag that he is shifting Shakti in another room and giving pain killer’s,,Doctor goes,,Shakti tells Chirag that he have done a great acting,,Chirag tells no gratitude,,Chirag tells atleast shakti can say thanks,,Shakti says he has not saved her from any animal,,Chirag tells that he is suffering,,Shakti tells thankyou..Chirag tells its okey..
Murli comes in and sees Police offier,,Murli goes into Shakti’s ward and tells Chirag to take shakti,,Chirag tells that Shakti is critical and he cannot take along!! Murli raises pistol and tells to take,,Doctor check’s Shakti application form,,Doctor sees the name Mukti on form,,Doctor tells that Patients’s husband was calling Shakti,,He tells that something is wrong,,Police officer listens all this,,Chirag tells Shakti is in pain,,Chirag tells Murli to do whatever he want to do with him,,but not with SHakti..Chirag tell he cannot see Shakti in pain,,,Murli tells to hold Shakti and come and not to be clever,,Chirag shows knife to Murli,,Murli shouts to keep away,,Doctor shows the photograh to Police officer..Police officer takes out his pistol and tells his officer to do tight the Security,,
Murli locks the door,,Murli tells Chirag that if he caught then he will kill all his friends,,Murli sees Window and tells Chirag to go out of it..Chirag says that it is very small,,Murli tells to manage anyhow,,Chirag agrees..
Murli jumps out of window,,One security person comes from back and tells Murli to raise his hand..Murli beats him,,Another officer Comes,,Murli beats him..Chirag gives Shakti to Murli ,,tells that stiches are wet,,MUrli tells its okey,,Chirag goes out of the window..Murli carries Shakti..Chirag and murli goes..Police officer sees two of his Security person are dead..

Precap:Murli sees Shakti and Chirag together later Murli slaps Shakti and asks At which Side she is…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Its not kumar, its omar.

  2. Thankz for the update

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