Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Pari says that the opening of my shop should be like the film of Salman khan. Achna says why don’t you call all your friends. She says okay let me call evreyoene She starts calling her friends and says yes i have done so hardwork. I have handled evreything single handed. Pari gets a call from and says him that your sweets are all ready we work in a professional way. Uma is listening to all this.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes down and to roli and simar and says i wanna talk to you both i know you both are my well wisher i can’t pay for what you have done but why don’t you believe that shaureya has changed. I have felt that change. Its his goodness that he listens to all this and ignores. Roli says that he’s impersonating it so good that no one can doubt him. Jhanvi says please roli bhabhi. She leaves in anger.

scene 3
Next morning mata ji, simar and mausi ji ar looking at the clothes. Pari comes angry on the call mata ji asks whats wrong ? She says that cook i hired for the order is leaving. He disconnected the call. I don’t know what should i do. Simar says that uma bhabhi can help you. Pari asks uma to make her the sweets. Uma says that i only make the food for house like you worked alone for all you can make the sweets as well. You don’t need anyone. Simar says that pari is repentant over all this. Uma says you don’t know she has hurt me a lot. Pari says okay i will ask the client that we couldn’t fulfill their order. Simar says that the name of daddu ji attached with this order. Uma says okay simar i will help pari but i am just saysing yes for the name of our family. Pari says thank you bhabhi.

Scene 4
Roli is in the room of jhanvi looking in their closet for some proof that can show that shaureya is here deceiving them, Shaureya comes in the room.He says to her that he’s got jhanvi hand cut. She won’t tell anyone he’ll kill her.
Roli goes running in the kitchen to jhanvi the cut is bleeding. Roli says oh God what shaureya did to you. Jahnvi says but bhabhi shaureya didn’t do this. Roli says stop lying to protect him jhanvi. She takes her in the living room .
Roli shows everyone the cut on jhanvi’s hand saying that shaureya wanted to kill her. Sujata comes in saying what are you saying ? You know how she got this cut. Roli says shaureya told me that he cut her hand. Sujata says she was working with me in the kitchen that’s when she got this bruise. Why are you putting wrong accusations on him over and over again. Sujata says think before you speak. Why will he says this to you when he even doesn’t know about this. Shaureya comes running from the stairs and says what happened to you jhanvi please give a first aid box. He dresses her bruise. Shaureya says you act like a kid. Jahnvi says don’t worry its just a small cut. Shuareya says this isn’t small you won’t work onwards. Sujata says look roli he loves her a lot still you think he’d hurt jhanvi. Shaureya says why are you all so quiet. Mata ji says it was a little misunderstanding. Roli says no it wasn’t a missunderstanding. Sujata asks her to be quiet and asks simar to take her. Mata ji says to uma lets go and make the sweets we don’t have much time.
Roli says in the rom why isn’t anyone believing me. Sid says because of all his everyone is considering you wrong. Roli says di tell sid the real face of shaureya. Mausi ji comes in and says i trust you but digesting the changed shaureya was hard for me. Simar thinks that she has to differentiate between what is truth and what isn’t

Precap- Shaureya asks to play antakshiri. Roli and shaureya are singing sarcastic songs for each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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