Balika Vadhu 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 28th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pasha snatching the plate from Ganga’s hand. Jagya thinks he is mad. Nandu says he knows him and goes to Pasha and talk to him. Nandu asks him whether he found the place. pasha says pichola talaab. Jagya says it is in Udaipur. Just then Pasha sees the goon and runs away. Jagya wonders why he left suddenly. Meanwhile the Shekhar are doing the havan in the mandir. Panditji asks Shiv to keep the havan ingredients in the havan kund. Shiv is hesitant but Anandi signs him to do. Panditji asks them to pray to God. Ira prays to God to give her this family in her every birth and Alok’s support and childrens like Shiv and Saachi. Panditji says havan is completed.

Daddu tells everyone that they will enjoy the food. Anandi says she will get sweets. Ira says she will go to the orphanage and gives them sweets and gifts. Alok says he will go and check the winter jacket and they are leaving for Kashmir in the evening. Shiv is driving the jeep and recalling Panditji and Ira’s words. He feels uncomfortable and stops the jeep. He tells her that he is restless to know the truth. He says I am not related to Shekhar’s and I can no longer act as their son. Anandi says she can feel his pain. Shiv says they shall search for the other proof and determines to find it.

Ira is buying sweets from the shop. Sarla is passing from nearby. Someone asks Sarla whether she is going back. Sarla says she is going back as can’t stay without kids. Sarla sees her and thinks Ira is asking for her house address. She thinks she can’t lie to her. She gets hit by the truck when she was crossing the road in a hurry. Ira comes and sees her. She asks the fellow passerby to help her sit in the car.

Anandi comes to the hospital and asks about superintendent. But he is told that he is on leave. The hospital staff tells him that no one saw the record after Anandi sees it. Ira takes Sarla to the hospital. Sarla says she wants to tell something important to her. Ira says first you recover. While Doctor is treating her, Sarla tells Ira that she knows that her last time have come and wants to tell her something. Shiv checks the record and gets disappointed to see nothing. Other staff person starts sweating, Shiv suspects him and thinks this work might have done by the staff members. He spills about the CCTV cam. Shiv says, we will go and check the footage.

Pasha is sitting beneath the tree, three goons come in jeep and sees him. Pasha runs to save his life but they hits them by the jeep. They calls their boss and says they killed him. He asks them to check whether he has died. Jagya is going somewhere and sees Pasha in unconscious state but still alive. He takes him to the hospital. The goons see him taking Pasha and thinks they have to get Pasha anyhow.

Jagya is sitting by pasha’s bed side. Ganga is standing there. Pasha regains consciousness. Jagya tells him that he was wounded severely but got saved by the destiny. He says you will be fine soon and asks how the accident happened? Pasha recalls everything but couldn’t say. Ganga asks about his name. Jagya asks him to give details of his family so that he could inform them. Pasha feels helpless.

Injured Sarla tells Ira that Shiv is not her real son. On the other hand, Shiv and Anandi sees on the CCTV footage that Alok taking the register page by bribing the hospital staff. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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