Meri Bhabhi 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha talking to Papa and telling him that she is ready for remarriage and wants some time to think. Papa is happy. Kunal and Shraddha dance on the song Kahin to hogi wo…. Kittu is happy and tells Papa that I will tell this to Mummy. Shraddha asks many questions to Kunal about Kamini and how did she agree for their marriage. She asks how did you convince your mum. He says lets go out and talk, I can’t hear you.

Shraddha and Kunal come out. Shraddha asks him what was Kamini saying. He says don’t you think we should marry now. Kunal jokes and Shraddha smiles. Kunal says you look thinking about something, what happened. She says I was thinking about Dhruv. Kunal says even I m missing him. Shraddha asks how important is Dhruv for you. Kamini calls the servant and scolds him. Purshottam comes and asks whats burning. She says he burnt the dish. She says what happened to you, do the work properly. Kamini gets Kittu’s call and Kittu says Papa is happy with this proposal and Anand is also fine with it.

She says once Shraddha is ready, we will final everything. Kamini says why is it required to ask her. Kittu says we need to talk to her about it. Kittu says Shraddha is out of her old memories and will start her new life. Kamini says let Shraddha meet Rohit. Kittu agrees. Kamini is happy and speaks sweetly to Kittu about Shraddha. He asks what is the matter. She says its a good news. She turns sweet to the servant and asks him to make sweets and tea. Purshottam asks what is it. Kamini laughs and prays that everything happens as she planned.

Kunal says I come to your house only to meet Dhruv, what do you think, I came to meet you? I love playing with Dhruv, I don’t know why I like him the most and why I want him to be with me always. Shraddha smiles. Kunal says every relation can’t be explained. He says Dhruv is very much innocent ad I felt my heart is clean and I m not lie you. He jokes with Shraddha. Shraddha says stop it Kunal, I m not like you are saying. Kunal says tell me. She says what. He says fine, don’t say. He sits on his knees and proposes to Shraddha.

He opens his arms and says I love you Shraddha, will you marry me. Shraddha is shocked and smiles. He gives his hand to her and she laughs. She says you are very filmi. He says can’t you tell me, like Dhruv. She says Kunal, my world is Dhruv. Kunal says give me a little space in your world. Both of them have an eyelock. The next morning, jaya comes to Ashish and says lets go for breakfast. He says I will talk to Kamini, we should thank her for bringing the proposal. jaya says she did not do it for Shraddha, she is doing this for Kunal. Ashish asks what are you saying. jaya says Kamini thinks there is an affair between Kunal and Shraddha. Mummy hears this and gets angry.

Ashish asks is this true Mummy. Mummy says jaya is saying rubbish. Mummy scolds jaya. jaya says I was saying what Kamini told. Mummy says go and help Kittu in kitchen. Mummy leaves angrily. Ashish asks when Shraddha says yes for this proposal, then everyone will be tight lipped. Shraddha looks out for Kunal. Chaya comes to her and says I thought you left. Shraddha says yes, I was leaving. Chaya says leave then. Shraddha hugs her and says bye. She sees the gift which Kunal gave her. She looks at Kunal in the mirror with Suzanne and gets upset. Shraddha gets angry and leaves. Kunal runs after her with his bag.

He says we came together and have to go together. Shraddha smiles seeing him run. He comes and sits in the car. She says you were with Suzanne. He says jealous. She says go and kiss her, who is stopping you. He says is this love. Shraddha says don’t dream. He says I want you to be with me all my life. Shraddha smiles. They look at each other.

Kunal talks to Kittu and Kunal and Shraddha are happy thinking about their marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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