Saraswatichandra 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum getting mad thinking about Saras. She writes Saras’s name all over the wedding card over Mohan’s name. She hears someone coming and tears the card. Pramad comes to her and she hides the pieces of the card. He says you here, everyone are waiting for your haldi. Saras comes to Kumud with a gift for her. She says I m hungry. He says even me. Pramad explains Kumud to think over again and if she has any doubt then don’t marry. Kusum says what do you mean. He says when relations break, it pains a lot, look at me and Kumud. We got married, but she still loves Saras. Kusum takes Kumud’s side and says Kumud married you to keep up the marriage but you made her lose. He says even I could not win, so don’t play games with life where everyone has to lose, think again as life is valuable and we get it only once. Kusum says lets go, everyone are waiting.

Saras opens the gift and touches the clothes which he brought for her. Saras says sorry Kumud, I know our relation is unbreakable but don’t know why I got so much angry on Pramad. Kumud smiles and he gives her the gift She accepts it. She says its difficult for me as it is for you, don’t be annoyed with me, what will I do, support me, don’t go away from me. He says Kumud, I m always with you. Guniyal is worried about Kusum. Kusum runs in the corridor crying. Danny sees her and goes after her. He asks her why are you crying. She says I don’t want to marry, I don’t know what to do. Danny says stop crying first. He says are you sure about this. She says yes, you were right. Danny misunderstands and says don’t worry, I will talk to Saras and you talk to Kumud, everything will be fine, I wanted to know whats in your heart, now I will take care of everything. He asks her to smile and she smiles.

Guniyal comes to Kusum and asks her to get ready and come as everyone are waiting. Kumud comes with Saras and says I got a new saree, I will wear this in Kusum’s wedding. Kumari likes it. She takes it from Kumud and runs. Kumud says I won’t give you this. Kumud asks Kalika where are you going and what are you hiding. Kalika says nothing. Kumud asks Kalika not to go near Pramad and scolds her for taking wine for him. Kalika says I can’t think of bringing wine in this house. Pramad comes there and takes the parcel from Kalika’s hand.

Kumud taunts him saying I can’t trust you. He gives her a green saree as a gift. Pramad says its for you Kumud. He says its from my first hard earned salary. He says I wanted to bring gifts for everyone but did not had much money. He says this is last gift, I asked Kalika to bring a good saree for you. He coughs and Kumud takes the saree from him. Saras looks at Kumud holding both the sarees. Kalika apologizes and Yash takes her side. Kalika says Pramad did a lot to you but now you can’t refuse to him. Vidyachatur asks everyone to go to their rooms. Danny tells Saras that I need to talk something important about my life.

Saras talks to Danny about Kusum. Danny says today Kusum also told me that she don’t want to marry Mohan. Danny says Kusum is with me today. He says I love you a lot, please help me. Kusum talks to Kumud and asks Kumud to promise that she will support her. Kumud says yes, I will, tell me whats the matter. Kusum says I don’t want to marry Mohan. Kumud is shocked. Kumud says what but why. Danny says I don’t know when I fell in love with Kusum, and even Kusum is…. Saras says you tell me what to do now. Kusum tells Kumud that she loves someone else. She says I tried to keep it to myself but I can’t. I can’t marry anyone else. Kumud asks who is he, whom do you love. Kusum says no, I don’t want to marry Mohan. Kumud says its not a crime to love anyone, tell me who is he. Guniyal comes there and stops Kusum from uttering another work. Guniyal says Kusum, come with me. Kumud says we are talking something important.

Guniyal says everyone are waiting and takes Kusum. Kumud says how could I not know about Kusum loving someone. Saras talks to Danny and says look, think and tell me. Do you really love Kusum. Danny says I m sure about her. Saras says how can I tell this to them, look Danny, it would have been a good news if you told this earlier. Kalika comes and says I was looking out for both of you, it looks like you were talking something important. She says I came to call both of you. Saras says we know when to come there, you don’t need to come here. Kalika says Danny, you come soon, you know Kusum needs you. She smiles and leaves. Saras says she also knows this. Danny says yes she knows. Saras says whats all this. He says if Kusum does not want to marry Mohan, then she won’t, you don’t worry.

Kusum sits for the haldi ceremony and everyone looks at her. Guniyal expects Kusum to be patient. Saras and Kumud talks and Saras says Kusum loves Danny. Kumud is shocked. Kumud goes to apply haldi to Kusum. Pannaben asks Kumud to apply haldi with Pramad, as its good.

Guniyal slaps Kusum scolding her. Kumud comes there and sees that. Guniyal is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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