Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli and aditi are at the house. The door is locked. Aditi says I have been here before. There is a way from backyard. Lets see if w can go in from there. They see a window Aditi says we can try from here. Roli picks up a stcick and starts thing the glass. They break it and go in. Some guy sees them and calls Karthick. He says I asked you not to call without any emergency. The guy says someone has gone in. Karthikc is with simar and other family. He says keep an eye on the patient and give them anesthesia. Give me every minutes’ news.
Siamr says are you a CID or doctor. He says we have to keep an eye on them. Well fro now I will like to have the food now. EH says th food is so tasty. Now I know why baa never comes to Dehli. Baa says she is the sunshine here. Sanju syas my mama is the best.

Scene 2
Roli and aditi are in the house. There is dust all over. They are looking here and there.Roli says there is so much dust here. Don’t know since when is this house closed. Aditi sasy look there and I will look on the other side. Aditi sees stairs. she steps up while roli is looking at random stuff. Suddenly she hears adtit screaming. She goes up and asks what happened ? Aditi says I am fine. I was picking this suit case up and list the balance. They find a diary. Adrir says sunnaina used to write a diary. Roli says this can give us a clue about her death. They feel like someone is coming. They go downstairs. Aditi says we should go from different wasy. You go from this window while I will go from the door.
Roli steps out. The man comes and holds her hand. EH says where are yopu going ? ROli runs. He follows her. Roli starts running. She hides behind some bushes. ROli says this means that there is something behind her death that he doesn’t want us to know. He shouldn’t get this dairy. It will help us in knowing the truth. I can hide it in the book stall. She goes to the book stall and hides the diary there. The man is asking for roli everywhere. She is hidden behind the book stall.
Roli calls aditi and ask are you okay ? She says yes. Roli tells her that she has hidden the diary somewhere. She is going in the home. Sid comes and asks what are you doing out ? Why you look so tensed ? is everything okay ?ROli says everything is fine. she says I was going to buy something bu then remineded that its Anjali’s meal time. They go in. The man has followed her to there and is satnding there.

Scene 3
Anjali in her room says mama I didn’t tell anyone that I met. I know you will come back soon now. Prem and surbhi come in and smile at her.
Prem gets quite upset. Surbhi says I will handle Anjali. sHe goes to Anjali and says we will eat together Anjali. Anjali says no. Prem says Anjali don’t behave like that. Surbhi aunty I like your mom. Anajli says she is my mom, pointing at siamr’s picture. No one else can be my mom.

scene 4
Sanju says good night to sima.r Karthick says she will sleep with me and will listen my stories. siamr says she will annot you. He says you care about bahiya I will handle her. SImar says actually she can’t slepe without me. SHe won’t sleep neither will she let you. Sanju says I won’ annoy her I will be a good girl. You can go. Good night.
Simar wonders what if karthik sees her going in the other room. sHe says now I have to go to Vikran’s room.

There roli says I better came ther at right time other wise Anjali would have said something about meeting didi.
She asks sid will you like coffee ? He says not if you make and if you are making then two. sHe smiles and goes. Her phone is ringing. Sid checks its aditi. He says never seen this name before. He attends the call. Roli comes there to ask for the tea as there is no coffee.
Roli wonder what was aditi talking to sid.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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