Saraswatichandra 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud sleeping. Kumud hears a noise and wakes up. She says from where did this voice come. She says I will let Saras sleep, he is tired, I will see. She goes out of the room. Prashant waits for Kumud to come, as he makes a vase fall. She sees Prashant tensed and comes to talk to him. He asks her to go and sleep. She says I can talk to you if you want. He starts acting infront of her. She says I understand its your personal matter. Saras ‘s hand touches a water glassa dn it falls. He turns and sees Kumud not in the room. He gets up and switches on the lights saying where did she go. He comes out, Prashant tells about his life and how he lost everything one day, now he has nothing with him. He is about to hold her hand and Saras comes there. Prashant moves her hand away.

Saras says Kumud you here. Prashant acts sweet and asks them to go and sleep. Kumud goes with Saras and Prashant gets angry. Its morning, Kusum wakes up Danny else he will get late. He does not wake up. She thinks of Anushka’s words, and stops from putting water on him. He wakes him up sweetly. He says I won’t go office, my head is aching. She says I will bring medicines. He says no, make a cup of coffee. Anushka hears this and says Danny is taking leave, I will make a perfect plan, come with me. Kusum asks where are you taking me. Anushka says we will invite Kiran on lunch. Kusum gets annoyed.

Anushka says we will see who is she and her background, we will treat her so that he runs away from Danny’s life. Kusum asks how. Anushka tells her the plan. Kusum smiles and hugs her. Kusum calls her Mata ji as she is helping her to bring Dany on right path. Kusum says I will coffee for Danny as he has headache. Saras talks to Kumud and says I will talk to the society board for electricity. He calls them and says we don’t have light in our flat, why did you cut this. The man says its not cut from our side, its on here. The man asks him to check down the building. Saras tells this to Kumud. She asks Saras to check fuse box.

Kusum brings coffee for Danny. Danny asks do you want to say anything. She says yes, you said about your friends. He says yes, Kiran. She says yes, why don’t you invite, call at home today, call everyone, we will meet everyone. He says fine, I will invite everyone for dinner, as I want to rest for a while. She says fine, I will prepare for dinner. She leaves and sees Danny calling Kiran. She says let Kiran come, I will treat her that she will remember always.

Saras tries to find out about power failure. He calls Kumud and asks did the power come. She says yes. He says I m going office, you don’t forget to pay electricity bill. She says fine. The guard says don’t know whats happening, power was fluctuating and then power went at your flat. Anushka and Kusum cook food for dinner and they don’t allow Badimaa inside, saying they are making special things for Danny’s friends. Badimaa says fine, did you get the file. Anushka says no, but ID card is very imp. Badimaa says don’t worry, you will get it. She leaves.

Anushka works. Kabir looks at her and she says you, what are you doing here. He says I came to take water. She says wait, I will give you. He says but… She says no but, just go from here. She says maybe Danny sent him to see whats going on here. They cook. Anushka says lets make methi laddoo and haldi. Kusum says I ever had it, but lets make for Kiran. Kumud comes down to go for paying the bill. She says it may rain, I forgot to take umbrella, I will bring it. Prashant brings his car and stops. He asks where are you going. She says to pay electricity bill. He insists and says I m going that side. She says no, thanks.

He says I m not a stranger, but your neighbor, come. Kumud smiles and sits in his car. He looks at her and smiles. He stares at her hands, legs and face. He tries getting closer and says I was checking the door. He says I want to say sorry for yesterday night, I was emotional. She says no need, we all have any weakness, are you fine now. He says yes, I m absolutely fine. He brings her to electricity office. She says thanks and leaves.

Saras thinks about Kumud and thinks he did not spend time with her. He says anyone in her place would have done this, I can take off today. He calls Nikki and asks her to cancel all his meetings today. He smiles and thinks to go home. He says I will message Kumud and ask her to be ready. Prashant waits for Kumud outside and sees her coming. She is surprised seeing him. She asks you here till now. He says I need a favor from you, as I need to buy a gift for my friend, can you come with me. She says no, I have work at home, I m sorry. He says I don’t have female friends and guys don’t know what girls like, so we will go just to one shop and back home, please come. She says fine, but we will come soon. He says sure, come.

They leave in the car for shopping. She asks what do you want. They come to a cloth shop. She says lets see clothes section. The salesman asks what do you want to see. Kumud says we will see some salwar kameez. Prashant tells her that the girl is like her. She asks is she slim, or fat. He says she is exactly like you, perfect.

Saras asks where was she busy. Kumud says Saras actually. Prashant comes and gives her shopping bag and says Kumud was with me on shopping, I took her as she stays alone and bored at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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