Ek Hasina Thi 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya coming to his room. Rajnath says Shaurya and he is surprised seeing him. Rajnath says I was waiting for you, I get it now. He says you don’t value me, that I do what you say, you don’t care about me and my peace which I lost worrying for you. Shaurya thinks wow, its good to see dad is concerned for me. He thinks to cry and get benefit. He says I m like this, I m just a fool, I always get into trouble and you always save me. Rajnath says what to do, I m your dad and its my duty to save you. He asks whats the problem. Shaurya shows him the pics and says someone is blackmailing me, now I realize when I was blackmailing you, how you felt, but you know me, I did this to get Durga, you know I want her, but I need your help.

He says please handle this blackmailer. Rajnath says Shaurya, I will help you once again. Shaurya thanks him. Rajnath says but on one condition, you will not meet Durga, please understand she is not good for you, don’t worry, I will let you meet such girl that you will forget Durga forever. Shaurya asks who. Rajnath says Urvashi and laughs. Shaurya says what? Urvashi…… Rajnath says cheers. The FB scene shows how Rajnath has called up Karan and persuades him to take Shaurya out ad enjoy life, at a new pub. Karan says fine, I will plan. Rajnath says Shaurya should not know we spoke. Karan says fine, don’t worry.

Rajnath then thinks how he called Urvashi and planted her in the pub. Shaurya says so it was your plan, you have sent her. Rajnath says if you can blackmail me, can’t I do this. He says you don’t know game rules, you were over confident knowing opponent’s weakness, but if you have to win the game, you should not have any weakness. He says if you are proud that there is no one better than you, then you are wrong, this is your failure. He smiles. He says I m happy that our secrets will be safe with us. He says its good understanding between us now.

Shaurya says you did not do this right by playing such game. Rajnath says you can’t understand that who is father and son between us. He says now talk to me with respect, in low tone, and most importantly, you will stay away from cancer project and Dev, nothing is important to me than business. He says whatever you want to do with Durga, you can, but always remember if this affects my cancer project, then you can understand what I will with you. He whistles and leaves.

Rajnath shuts the door. Shaurya throws the wine glass on it in anger. Rajnath messages Raima that Shaurya is taken care of, our secret is safe. Suchitra ties a thread to Dev and says this will protect you. Dev says your blessings will protect me, I pray that the truth I m finding, I get it soon, I have a meeting and have to go with Durga. She says Dayal met me in temple and Durga is really nice girl, I m impressed, I m happy that you are working with her. She leaves.

Dev thinks I don’t know whether she is good, but she is hiding something, which I will reveal. Shaurya comes to a pub and drinks. He says this can’t be my father. Dev and Durga meet Dr. Prabhakar and Dev is thankful to him for sharing his knowledge. Dev is really glad meeting him. Durga thanks him. Prabhakar says anything for Dayal and his daughter, looks like it will rain. Dev says lets leave, the way is long, bye sir. They leave.

They are on the way. Durga says I m sure you will be glad meeting him. Dev says yes. Dev sees Durga smiling seeing the rain. She thinks of Nitya and Payal. They used to dance in rain saying Trishti pode tapur tipur and laugh. She thinks rain is the same, but life has changed a lot.

Dev says its good I got to know something about you by rain. Durga asks what. He says that you like rain. She says everyone loves rain, it looks like Lord is giving us happiness in his joy. He says maybe, but I always feel that all the traits on earth, Lord sends rain to wipe all the bad qualities, so that people get fine and clean. She says we have to enjoy little things, like rain, its good to get drenched in rain. He thinks about Nitya. Dev was always restricted from rain. Nitya used to have kulfi in rains. Dev smiles thinking about her. FB scene shows Dev and Nitya having kulfi.

Durga smiles. Dev says is she real Durga, innocent like this rain, why is it touch to understand you Durga. Shaurya thinks about Rajnath’s words and says no dad, I will take revenge from you, as I m your blood. He thinks about Dev clinging around Durga all the time ad he imagines that Dev and Durga are spending time together, so he will take revenge from him and get intimate to her. He says why did Dev not come till now, what are they doing there. He calls Durga and gets her number off. Dev’s car stops. Durga asks what happened. Dev says I think I will check the car. Dev checks the car and says engine break down. He says we have to wait here. She asks for whom. He says maybe someone will pass by.

Shaurya says what am I thinking, no way, I won’t let this happen, Dev if you touch Durga, I will break your hands, this is so frustrating. He waits drinking. He says come on Durga. He calls her again. Dev checks the call. She says we are in highway, our car broke down, we are stuck. Shaurya says which highway, tell me I will come. She says no, Dev is with me. He is seeing what to do. Dev comes to her and says engine is hot, I will try to fix it up. Shaurya says Dev does not know, tell me where are you, I will come. She says relax, we will get someone to get lift, its not that bad, the weather is beautiful and Dev is with me, he will manage everything. She ends the call. Shaurya gets angry.

Sakshi meets Shekhar and sees Durga’s pic in his phone.

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  1. Poor shourya..!! JAL ke khaak ho gya..

  2. so it ws raj who blackmailed shaurya by the way who is shekhar? shaurya ws sooooo angry…. :p dev n durga rocks…. 😀

  3. Shekhar?? Who’s he??

  4. I think shekhar is real durga’s bf

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  6. Luvvvvvv u devv

  7. i think shekar is real durgaa ‘s freind

  8. Samaira, yes Sekar is real Duragha’s friend. Rasami thanks you for letting everyone know

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