Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The host cheers for Arora family. He invites more participants. He says there is something special about the 5th and 6th one. Lets cheer for mrs. Pari bharadwaj and mrs uma bharadwaj. Everyone in the house is shocked. Sujata says what is this. They didn’t inform any of us. Mata ji says calm down I sent them there. Sujata says thats good then. Mata ji says there is no reason to stop them. Simar says thats so good. Mausi ji says whom will we support now.

Th host says lets start the first task. I will give you 2 thousand and you have to buy household and you have deadline of 28 hours. The one who spends minimal amount will go through and the one who spends the most will be eliminated. We will meet you after 48 hours. Roli says pari bhabhi is wise as well. i think

she will win. Simar says this competition has brought smiles to our place. Khushi sees the keys with mata ji she says I have to get to them.

Scene 2
Roli says after so many days I saw everyone so cheered up. Simar say half of the neighborhood houses are empty now. Roli says there is no more kitty party and we couldn’t figure out what was it for. Simar says Khushi is behind all this for sure.

khushi comes to Mata ji;s room. She is sleeping. Roli says lets recall what happened at the kitty from the beginning.
Khushi is sneaking into mata ji’room to get the keys. She says its like putting my hand in a lion’s mouth. She slowly takes the keys and kisses them. She slowly goes out.
Roli says what should we do now. Lets call kinjal. Simar says yeah she came here to tell us something. Simar calls her. She says this is Simar kinjal we wanted to tlk about something important. What happened ? Why you left your house ? Kinjal says all i can say is that the people are not what they look like. they have kept an eye on me so I can’t talk much. Roli and Simar wonder whom was she taking about. Khushi comes in a room in the dark. She says why no one except mata ji is allowed in this room. She sees a locker there and tries to open it. She looks for the papers in it. There is a file she tries to read it. Its the papers. She is so happy. Suddenly the light turns on and Simar is standing in front of her. She sees the papers in her hands and snatched them and the keys as well.
She says how these keys came to you. Sid says why you stole these papers. Prem says will you speak up or we should call police. Khushi says we did nothing. Roli says we had a doubt on you since so long. Simar what was all that you plotted khushi. Khushi says i know kinjal has done all this. I never forced her sign any papers and juwala never warned her. Sid says we never said kinjal’s name. now tell us the whole story.
Khushi I did this all because juwala asked me. She chose me when she came in the kitty. She forced me to get signs from kinjal. She says I tried to convince her and says said she will kill me and my child as well. She was not listening to me. I was scared. Simar says so you got agreed to get this house to Juwala. Prems says she is still lying. Sid says lets tell everyone the truth. She says when you came into my house because of noise. It was her man who came to killed me. Rolu says you have to prove this. Simar says yeah do as we direct you. Prem says what will we do against juwala. Sid says lets plan something. Simar says its her party office’s inaugration lets talk to her there. She will say the truth. khushi thinks thank God half truth saved me. Simar says juwala says your truth will be before the public.

Precap- Roli says to juwala you said you care about your people then why you seize their house. Simar says yes this is the truth of juwala she takes people’s house from them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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